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Comment Re:Yeah, but non-swappable battery and no stereo j (Score 1) 100

>It's probably going to be the LG G5.

That's a pretty fucking sad state of affairs. (I owned the G3 and G4...I couldn't stomach more of the same but in a clunkier package)

Do tell more. I haven't heard anything negative about the G5, but I also have not done a super-thorough research, either. Any and all accounts would be of value to me.

Comment Re:Banish cars from the city center (Score 0) 214

Sure just put endless amounts of free parking easily accessible out side your city. Then make magical transporters to get everything larger than one grocery bag home, oh and don't forget those who travel outside a city but live in them, let them pack their cars with 20 trips of public transport.

As I said, in Europe we can conceive of an existence where you don't need to hop into a car every time you have to go from point A to point B. You, obviously, can't. It's remarkable to see your mental block at work, and I hope you answer this post as well.

Comment Banish cars from the city center (Score 5, Interesting) 214

Allow service vehicles, public transportation, cabs and bicycles, and everyone will be happy.
This will be unpopular with North Americans (US and Canadians alike) who live their lives in cars, but in Europe we can conceive of an existence where you don't need to hop into a car every time you have to go from point A to point B.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 283

They aren't that fragile. My Dad has my old iPhone 4, it's never been kept in a thick plastic or silicone case, and it still looks nearly as good as new despite now being 6 years old (and on its original battery!)

My iPhone 6 which replaced it, when it came out, has never been in a case. It rattles around in my pocket with everything else in there. It's now 2 years old and still looks practically brand new despite never having been in a case and having been dropped once or twice.

They aren't anywhere near as fragile as people think. They are actually pretty tough.

Comment Re:How can they know? (Score 1) 232

How can it be determined that any given Reddit user was "toxic", when the CEO or other Reddit employees can edit the users' posts?

Basically, Reddit is so fucked...

I wonder if people really think this is limited to Reddit.
Don't they realize that any forum, comment section or social network can be edited by those who run it?

All of them allow for editing, but there is a strong implicit social contract that the content of a post cannot be edited except by the poster. It is somewhat accepted that they can be completely removed or hidden. but not "put words in their mouths", so to say.

Comment Re:So basically.... (Score 2) 150

Well, the renal failure often associated with ecstasy isn't exactly cheap on its own. Seriously, the stuff has most of the side effects of meth. Unlike weed, it is one of drugs that is most definitely worse for you than alcohol is. The argument is, do the benefits outweigh the harm. But make no mistake, only an idiot would say it's not dangerous.


Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1055

Nobody is talking about banning speech. Twitter is talking about banning users who violate their rules. That's it.

Do you seriously not see how banning someone is equal to banning their speech, or are you just trolling? I hope for the latter, because the former would be straight out of 1984.

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