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Comment Re:Too bad we don't have 1977 technologies anymore (Score 0) 56

The probes these days do orders of magnitude more science per mission than the Voyagers ever did. And they do it at a much finer grained quality as well.

Yep, this is the kind of banal reply I predicted the GP would get. Don't you think everybody and their dogs already know what you wrote?

Comment Re:Too bad we don't have 1977 technologies anymore (Score 4, Insightful) 56

I know your post will get a lot of hate, but there's truth to it: Voyager 1 still took the most impressive close-up photographs of Jupiter. Shit like this
And the images Voyager took of Saturn are pretty epic, too:

In their shortsightedness, they will say these aren't of great scientific value. A more sophisticated mind understands that the scientific importance of these images was enormous, because it inspire hundreds, if not thousands, to do science as their calling.

Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 187

as the bible dictates the universe being created by God for man

I think that you're making assumptions about what the Bible actually says.

Earth was made for man.

I'm not a Christian but I know their book. It does not preclude intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, in fact, it might even suggest that there is. John 10:16 mentions "Other sheep" who are "not of this sheep pen(or fold)". Could those other sheep or the other fold refer to non-humans who are not on this planet? It's debatable.


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