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Comment Re:Is anyone surprised by this? (Score 1) 145

Sure: Florida Stat. 501.204
"Unfair methods of competition, unconscionable acts or practices, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful."

The definitions section of the statute lists what practices "may" be considered violative of the law (and the ones listed are extremely broad), but it does not restrict them to the ones listed.

Comment Re:Dumb terminals shouldn't be considered PCs. (Score 1) 131

I really wanted to like my chromebook but the Chrome OS is just too annoying. The filesystem is accessible -- sort of -- but if they could just go to the standard Win/Mac/Linux directory system and enable click-and-drag it would be so much more useful. I mean, you would still have the annoying everything-runs-in-the-browser part but the system would be significantly less annoying.

Comment Re:Don't underestimate his role. He was like Hendr (Score 2) 116

"While his software accomplishments may be looked down upon by some, it was his role as a free thinker and a spiritual leader of the open source movement that was his greatest accomplishment"

Well, the problem is he has spent a long time bragging about his software accomplishments, trying for decades to craft this image of himself as an effortless universal programming genius who understands it on a deep level, when his actual achievements don't merit that image in the slightest. Which wouldn't be so bad by itself if he wasn't just a nasty, arrogant, racist, misogynist, islamophobic guy as well who also tries to paint himself as this supermacho badass; some of his self-congratulatory writing is so over-the-top that it suggests a need for mental health professionals intervention.

Comment uhhh (Score 1) 116

"But the blog post also answers the inevitable question. What archetype is Eric S. Raymond?"

Uhhh, no, that just answers the question "what archetype does Eric S. Raymond THINK he is?" Come on, the man is a narcissistic self-promoter with vile political views and a very flimsy "hacker" resume.

Comment Re: Sounds like you're the problem (Score 5, Informative) 262

Finance companies are required by law to make their employees take 5 days in a row off, specifically for this reason, to ensure continuity of business processes in case you get hit by a bus. If you're the only one who knows how things work for day to day processes, there's serious flaws in your organization.

Comment I've already bought a VPS in germany (Score 1) 154

Just going to tunnel through germany openvn back to the states. Fuck it. If comcast wants to sell the information that there's an encrypted pipe going to germany they're welcome to. VPS with 1TB data is $5 a month these days. You could probably setup your own TOR network in 5 regions for $25 a month

Comment None of that sounds appealing as an adult (Score 1) 370

32 oz of soda? That much sugar and caffeine are probably a big reason why people like going to the movies, who wouldn't feel good after absorbing that much calories and caffeine. No thanks.
If you live in/near a major city the theater is a goddamn trainwreck; the theater experience is nice if you live in/near a rich suburb. That's it. I just make a mental note to check if a movie is out for rental a couple months after release... If I remember.

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