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The Internet

Submission + - AC = Domestic Terrorists? 3

Miang writes: "A video from a recent FOX 11 (Los Angeles) newscast has surfaced on YouTube. In the segment, reporter Phil Shuman investigates so-called "Hacker Gangs" comprised entirely of anonymous users. The segment, which focuses mainly on users at 4chan, 7chan, and 420chan, seems to confuse /b/ raids and motivational poster templates with a genuine threat to the American public. For added FUD, the FOX team inserted an unrelated video of a van blowing up — twice! Presumably, one is intended to equate anonymous posting with domestic terror. The story and video can be found on the local FOX website, so it does not appear to be simply a clever parody."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Sales Surge

head_dunce writes: "Red Hat reported on it's third quarter earnings, and it did quite a bit better than expected even with the Oracle and SuSE/Microsoft new kids on the block.

From the conference call:
CFO Charlie Peters said that the company is "cautiously optimistic that competitive efforts by some of the largest technology companies in the world are actually expanding our opportunity."

Trip Chowdhry, managing director Global Equities Research, said Oracle has misread the market for open source software. "Oracle thinks Linux support is a cost issue; it isn't. It's a business issue."
So it looks like all these companies trying to be like Red Hat has only validated Linux in big business. And all it takes is one tech support call to Microsoft to understand the value of support. Congrats to Red Hat!"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - The Linux Games of 2006

An anonymous reader writes: Linux Gaming World, a new website, has a list of all the commercial Linux games published this past year. Highlights include Galcon, a game developed in the new Pygame language (based on Python), Tribal Trouble and Bang Howdy which are both IGF 2006 finalists, and the Kachinko title created with GarageGames's new Torque Engine. Maybe not such a bad time to be a Linux gamer after-all. A nice reference for some of the more obscure titles.

Submission + - Microsoft answers IP questions of open letter

Hans Kwint writes: "Mid November, Steve Ballmer said "Linux"uses our [Microsoft Corp.] intellectual property" and "Microsoft Corp. wanted to "get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation." Many people didn't understand what he really meant, among them the LXer editors. Therefore, LXer sent an Open Letter to the Waggener Edstrom Rapid Response team, and two weeks later, the answers are in (no pun intended). Check the full story for the answers a Microsoft Spokesperson gave us, which hopefully can answer some of our questions."

Submission + - Deep-sea shrimp defy heat and cold

digitalhermit writes: Just a dose of interesting science for the day: SCIENTISTS have discovered species of shrimp, mussel and clam living at temperatures near boiling point three kilometres down in the equatorial Atlantic. I was particularly impressed by this line: "Scientists who have eaten them say the shrimp are foul-tasting because of the amount of hydrogen sulphide in their bodies." Link is here.

Journal SPAM: Shuttle Launch 4

Saturday was my daughter's birthday. We planned to cap off the day with a drive to Titusville to watch the space shuttle launch. It ended up not working out, so we were home in the evening.

A little after 7 I turned on the NASA channel to keep track of how things were going. I didn't know what the weather was like at the cape but it was beautiful at our house. Not much wind, no clouds, very nice. As I watched the countdown progress I could feel myself getting really keyed

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