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Comment Re:Even if it is money, I get it.... (Score 1) 79

I believe the correct answer is not only do you not change the money, you are obliged to contact the police and report the person.

Yes and no respectively. But if the cops ask you, you have to answer honestly or you're an accessory... unless they're asking about your spouse, then you don't have to answer. Whee!

Comment Re:Pegg's Star Trek is an abortion (Score 1) 102

Science fiction is a reflection of today's society.

So why is there so little gay crew?

ST:TOS made TV history in the 1960's with the first interracial kiss when the civil rights movement was ongoing. I'm sure critics called that pandering as well.

I'm sure they did. But the difference is that Trek isn't breaking any ground here whatsoever, and they're going against the wishes of both the original, revered creator (who envisioned the character as straight) and the actor who made the role famous. Put it all together, and it spells fail.

I am not offended by gay characters. I am offended by this senseless pandering. Not because it's gay, but because it's senseless.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 102

Obviously 99% of the crews of Star Trek ships could've been automated away, but who wants to watch a TV series about machines?

It's not that obvious, if you take the Trek universe as a given. There's a bunch of times when the people kept working when the machines didn't, so they clearly were not redundant.

Comment Re:scvhost.exe full CPU oddity (Score 1) 250

See this page and follow the instructions there if you haven't tried them yet. If you have the most recent Windows Update client, which you probably already do, there are a handful of KBs to install manually that will get Windows Update running normally again. Install KB3168965 first, this one alone will do the trick on some machines.

Comment What about Cats and Dogs? (Score 1) 2

I see them talking about rats but Cats and Dogs are not native to New Zealand but are predators. I do not thing that will go over very well with the population IMHO.
Sure get ride of the rats. Every nation on earth would like to get ride of their non-native rats including all of North and South America but we want our pets.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1, Offtopic) 181

We are subsidizing Obamacare for almost everyone.

The middle class (taxpayers) are subsidizing Obamacare for the poor, while the rich are opting out because they can afford to. Which is why over 10% still haven't signed up. They're part of the middle class, and they can afford rent or insurance but not both.

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