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Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

I actually have thought about going to plan9 (or a plan9 from userspace with a linux kernal) it looks nice enough but I will probably do that around the time I finally decide to run gentoo (something I mean to do eventually someday when I have the time and dont need to have my main PC actually operable for a few weeks but never actually get around to doing)

Comment Re:Democrats are the enemy (Score 1) 554

I've decided that Democrats should be considered enemy combatants.

And what exactly are you gonna do about that, you fuckwit?

If you come, you better come heavy. Because Democrats have been dealing with poncy little whigs like you since Andrew Jackson.

psst... Just so you know Andrew Jackson was a Democrat (and is even considered by some the founder of the party) and a pretty horrible person oh and one of the worst presidents ever. "Trail of Tears" that was his doing. Yeah it was the Dems that presided over that little genocide, and flaunted an order by The Supreme Court to do it too.

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 2) 822

Not if ALL Hitlery voters moved to Stein. You'd then have a Dem-Green coalition up against Trump.

To get a Dem-Green coalition together you would probably need a Dem to lead the ticket maybe some one like Al Fraken, I can see it now
But the Midwest wouldn't vote for that they would just get the torches and pitchforks out...

Comment Re:"Internet took a turn for the worst this mornin (Score 1) 338

Did it really? I'm in the US and I didn't notice anything.

Me neither. I am on the West Coast, and I heard it mainly affected the East Coast, but my East Coast friends say they didn't notice anything either.

Did anyone actually notice this "outage"?

Nah but I use my own domain name servers. I just always install bind9 on all of my Linux computers and configure them to use it for lookups.

Comment Re:50% Chance of Rain (Score 2) 210

I don't need a weatherman to tell me it _might_ rain. I knew that when I woke up. I felt good about myself knowing I didn't have to go to college to know this.

Now I'm feeling really intelligent because I've long known AI could be bad (Terminator) or good (I Robot, Terminator) without all of the unnecessary academics.

Holiday Inn Express has done so much for me!

You do realise "I, Robot" was more a book about debugging errors in A.I.'s not about them helping or hurting humanity.

Comment Re:Corporate IT in a nutshell (Score 1) 187

Glad to see it isn't just the cubicle drones that have to put up with this crap.

Yeah but the drones aren't allowed to abuse/distroy the hard/software or equipment in a fit of rage. I know some systems I would like to do that with. (especial the f#cking automation software that shits itself every daylights savings time change, Oh sure the firm that makes it claim they have fixed for reals this time, twice a year.) but I digress...

Submission + - SPAM: Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russian spy 1

Okian Warrior writes: Earlier today the website DailyKos reported on a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia. An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.

Here is the description of the plot from Mr Assange’s legal team.

Link to Original Source

Comment Re:Here's a better question (Score 1) 204

why do cops have a Credit Card reader in their squad car? I'd heard stories of some cops taking payment for tickets when they pull you over and threatening jail time if you don't pay then and there...

Doesn't the back of your drivers license have a magnetic stripe on it? Every state license I have had for the last 10+ years has had one. The data is typically Latin-1 ASCII encoded binary data across multiple magnetic tracks. The data was probably readable on the card, the officer just didn't understand what it meant.

Washington State does not

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox launches experimental ( 1

lister king of smeg writes: As part of Mozilla’s Test Pilot program, three new experimental features have been launched. Mozilla’s test pilot program gives users early access to some amazing features which is still in development phase and would be launched in future as part of official installers.

In the beginning of this year, Mozilla launched this program with some great features such as: Universal Search, Tab Center, No More 404s, and Activity Stream

Along with the above, another three features is introduced now:

Page Shot —

Mozilla introduced on-the-fly page-shot while you are browsing the web. Just with a click of a button in a tool bar. So you don’t need to reply on the operating system’s screenshot feature. Page Shot gives you option to select an area for the shot and you can directly share the image via social networking sites. The Page Shot uses for storing the images.

Min Vid —

Min Vid features allows you to play tube videos in a smaller window on top of tabs so that you can continue watching the videos while browsing other tabs, do other work. This neat feature currently works with YouTube and Vimeo only and plans are there to extend to the popular sites.

Tracking Protection —

Currently he tracking protection is only available for Firefox private browsing mode. Now with Tracking Protection experimental feature, it is available for general browsing and for all websites. You can however, enable/disable it site-to-site basis if you want.

Comment Re:Embarrass the kremlin? (Score 1) 352

Embarrass the kremlin leadership? Shit, their job's already been done for them :P

This is a country where the dictator regularly posts simi-homoerotic shirtless pictures of himself. Go ahead and try to embarrass him. Just remember when the DOD tried to launch a online anti-IslamicState social media campaign they actually ended up encouraging more people to join.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 183

You don't use programs that have Undo?

Ed doesn't have undo.
Ed is for those who can remember what they are working on. If you are an idiot, you should use Emacs. If you are an Emacs, you should not be vi. If you use ED, you are on THE PATH TO REDEMPTION. THE SO-CALLED “VISUAL” EDITORS HAVE BEEN PLACED HERE BY ED TO TEMPT THE FAITHLESS. DO NOT GIVE IN!!! THE MIGHTY ED HAS SPOKEN!!!

When I use an editor, I don't want eight extra KILOBYTES of worthless help screens and cursor positioning code! I just want an EDitor!! Not a “viitor”. Not a “emacsitor”. Those aren't even WORDS!!!! ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!!! TEXT EDITOR.

When IBM, in its ever-present omnipotence, needed to base their “edlin” on a Unix standard, did they mimic vi? No. Emacs? Surely you jest. They chose the most karmic editor of all. The standard.


Comment Re: This is why I'm no longer in tech. (Score 1) 200

For coffee it's cool to just set the time, because if it sits for some time it's no biggie, but for tea (or if you use a French Press or Aero Press), where the kettle will eventually become cool, and need to be reheated.

I'm not trying to claim it's some earth shattering breakthrough, but having a kettle of perfect temp water when I walk down stairs is exactly the type of mild convenience I would hope IoT provides 1000 different little ways a day.

Do I need it? no. Will it mildly improve the quality of my life? yes.

my parents have that without the "smarts" a coffee maker that goes of at the time you set and has a vacuum thermos for the carafe. keeps the coffee hot untill you wake up

Comment Re:Define "free" (Score 5, Interesting) 87

You know full well that in this case free just means they aren't charging any money for it. It doesn't mean that they are giving away their rights on these books and so they don't have to make them available for a straight anonymous download. They do these sorts of deals to get potential customers to their site. If you could just at hand out anonymous links to the books then it would fail their goal.

If you don't want to give them you details then don't get the books. Easy!

Or use a disposable email account and junk info like I always do for crap like that, I wonder how much crap info VMWare Cisco or others has in their DB's from people like me giving fake info they demand everytime you download VMWare Player, or cisco drivers

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