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Comment Re:US degraded from full democracy in 2016 ?!?! (Score 4, Informative) 277

According to the report they degraded the USA from "full democracy" to "flawed democracy" in 2016 due to events happening in the country.

This seems contradictory to Trump's announcement to clean up with the corruption in Washington, and to "dry up the swamp". Also, what is more like a democracy, a country where the mainstream media always totally agree with the government, or one in which the government has to fight the media? Isn't it a great thing that media stops believing and printing the statements of the government as facts and starts creating fact checking teams?

You see the "correct" cannidate lost and but would (might have hypothitcly) have won if the rules were changed different AND the cannidates campaigned the same. So Obviously it had nothing to do with the Correct cannidate being a uncharismatic unexciting corupt crook that would be a rerun of the same administration from the 90s without the womanising and charisma of their other half. So because NY and CA didn't get their way we are a broken democracy.

(I didn't vote for trump or clinton but I did vote)

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 489

Back in the day Apple had Human Interface Guidelines. And I understand that Microsoft did too.

IBM had "Common User Access" (CUA), and Microsoft had "Consistent User Interface" (CUI) guidelines, which were roughly comparable to Apple's. Following those guidelines might not be as visually attractive as some of the crap being designed today, but at least it meant that people could get acclimated to your product quickly and with a minimum of confusion. In the world of UIs today, there's way too much frosting and not nearly enough cake.

When I was taking some programming classes not all that long a ago the professor made a point of going over IBM and Windows guidelines that you mentioned, he also distributed pdf's of them, as I recall programs written by student were to use sensible UI's and be readable/accessible so it had to be colour-blind safe and visually impaired safe so contrast was required between background and content. In another course same professor on website design things also had to be standard compliant (everything had to pass a w3c html and css validator) and and to be simi-usable by a screen reader and text mode browser like elinks or w3m.

Great old unix hacker too. Retired now unfortunately.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

I love a powerful woman. I'm more than happy to let a woman drive, literally or figuratively. Not that one, though. Warren, sure. Clinton? No.

I would have voted for Warren if she had been on the ticket as it was I voted for Gery Johnson the Libertarian candidate because I could bring myself to vote for either the red or the blue sociopaths and the greens are too nuts for me (being against nuclear power, hydro-power, vaccination, and more). I do wish more people would vote independent of the big two. (If they did we might have gotten to watch John Macafe (Independent) debate and who would want to watch him on stage trolling trump)

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

I actually have thought about going to plan9 (or a plan9 from userspace with a linux kernal) it looks nice enough but I will probably do that around the time I finally decide to run gentoo (something I mean to do eventually someday when I have the time and dont need to have my main PC actually operable for a few weeks but never actually get around to doing)

Comment Re:Democrats are the enemy (Score 1) 555

I've decided that Democrats should be considered enemy combatants.

And what exactly are you gonna do about that, you fuckwit?

If you come, you better come heavy. Because Democrats have been dealing with poncy little whigs like you since Andrew Jackson.

psst... Just so you know Andrew Jackson was a Democrat (and is even considered by some the founder of the party) and a pretty horrible person oh and one of the worst presidents ever. "Trail of Tears" that was his doing. Yeah it was the Dems that presided over that little genocide, and flaunted an order by The Supreme Court to do it too.

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 2) 822

Not if ALL Hitlery voters moved to Stein. You'd then have a Dem-Green coalition up against Trump.

To get a Dem-Green coalition together you would probably need a Dem to lead the ticket maybe some one like Al Fraken, I can see it now
But the Midwest wouldn't vote for that they would just get the torches and pitchforks out...

Comment Re:"Internet took a turn for the worst this mornin (Score 1) 338

Did it really? I'm in the US and I didn't notice anything.

Me neither. I am on the West Coast, and I heard it mainly affected the East Coast, but my East Coast friends say they didn't notice anything either.

Did anyone actually notice this "outage"?

Nah but I use my own domain name servers. I just always install bind9 on all of my Linux computers and configure them to use it for lookups.

Comment Re:50% Chance of Rain (Score 2) 210

I don't need a weatherman to tell me it _might_ rain. I knew that when I woke up. I felt good about myself knowing I didn't have to go to college to know this.

Now I'm feeling really intelligent because I've long known AI could be bad (Terminator) or good (I Robot, Terminator) without all of the unnecessary academics.

Holiday Inn Express has done so much for me!

You do realise "I, Robot" was more a book about debugging errors in A.I.'s not about them helping or hurting humanity.

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