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Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1431

you're an idiot.

How is it fake if you admit that he mocked the disabled reporter?
And he didn't mock like "like he did able bodied" people.
We went into a pantomime of the mans disability.
Yes, he mocked a man with disabilities.

As for the racism...yes, he's racist:
He has said and done racist things, and gone so far as to blatantly appeal to the white nationalist movement (AKA, Nazis and kkk)

A short and very incomplete list of completely racist things Trump has said or done:
-"theres one of my blacks"
-"mexico is sending us rapists"
-"laziness is a trait in blacks"
-"the judge is a Mexican"
-"they don’t look like Indians to me... They don’t look like Indians to Indians.”
-supports stop-and-frisk, as practiced by the NYPD (ie, unconstitutional and racially discriminatory), and wants it expanded nationwide, claiming it worked, contrary to all evidence
-Obama's birth certificate
-condoned the abuse and even beatings of multiple Black Lives Matter protesters and other minorities at his campaign rallies
-regularly engages in anti-Semitism
-treats his minority supporters as literal tokens
-treats minorities and racial groups as monolithic stereotypes
-thinks all African americans live in the inner city, are poor, without work, receiving welfare, and uneducated, and that the inner city is a hell hole
-saying 88% of white murders are committed by black folks
-repeating statements from white supremacists multiple occasions
-making blatant dog whistles to the alt-right, white supremacist crowd
-not condemning or distancing from white supremacists campaigning for him, including David Duke
-encouraged mob justice against the Central Park 5, and continues to insist they are guilty years after its proven otherwise, including spending 85k$ on full page ads in the paper advocating for their execution
-being sued by the federal government on multiple occasions for not renting to minorities

Hell, even when he claims to be trying to reach out, he's doing so in white communities and actually only repeating racist myths and stereotypes that are meant to appeal to white voters and make them feel better about voting for such overt racist.

His sons kept appearing on white supremacist radio programs..."accidentally".
Once may be an accident. Twice, you need to fire your booking agent. four times and counting? its no longer accidental or someone else's fault.
Donald Trump IS racist, regardless of the efforts of the ignorant to ignore it or explain it away.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 2) 1431

-I don't care what you believe.

-Citation provided.
-since race is an artificial construct anyway, it's as good a word as any to describe bigotry against a distinct cultural ethnic group a more concise term is coined
-debatable; migration rights are largely seen as a basic human right. and they still have rights under the constitution, particularly in the area of due process, the constitution being a document that describes not just the relation between the government and citizen, but more accurately the government and any person subject to its authority.

-torture is a war crime
-so is retaliatory executions, even the uber-conservative and generally delusional Washington times agrees
-so is the targeting of families

-your views on women, looks, and what constitutes hypocrisy don't even merit a response. but I will say, you should start by looking up the definition of hypocrisy

-citation already provided

-Yes he is, though I can see how its hard for you to see, when you willfully ignore and dismiss everything he's done, as you have in the above mentioned topics.

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