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Submission + - Piwik 3.0.0 released

MyFirstNameIsPaul writes: Piwik, a PHP-based free and open source web analytics application, announced a major update today with the release of version 3.0.0. With 287 tickets closed by 27 contributors, the new release includes a much improved and faster UI, API changes (if you're a developer using Piwik, be sure to check out the API changelog), security improvements and enhancements, MySQL 5.5+ and PHP 5.5.9+ are now required, and much more. If you're still using Google Analytics, happily feeding that beast with all of your user's browsing habits, consider testing out and migrating over to Piwik. The vast majority of webmasters will find all of the tools they need, and depending on use-case, even more with the built-in Marketplace feature (formerly called 'Plugins', but redubbed to indicate support for paid plugins).

Comment Re:Maybe TCL will make an Android Bold? (Score 1) 48

I realize I'm getting really nit-picky here, but I also want the trackpad. That is another invaluable tool, especially when used for editing. I have yet to see an interface that is as effective at manually editing. I find most people who try to debate me on this topic have never had a job where actually had to respond, in a professional manner, to a high volume of emails. Everyone else I've discussed this with who has such work experience is in agreement that the touchscreen keyboards are a step backwards in productivity.

Comment Re:Maybe TCL will make an Android Bold? (Score 2) 48

Right, which is why it takes considerably longer to type the same email, as I was indicating with the word "quickly". By my estimate, it takes up to five times longer to send a reply on touchscreen than on BlackBerry keyboard, with the biggest time waster coming from the pathetic editing interface that's used for, you know, corrections from proofreading. The sig entry coming because there are still problems. Nothing sloppy about it - respond to 100 emails a day on your touch screen and guess what happens despite proofreading? Stupid spelling errors, and I long ago turned off autocorrect because it never seems to know what word I'm actually trying to type.

Comment Maybe TCL will make an Android Bold? (Score 3, Insightful) 48

As a salesman, I sorely miss the physical keyboard. For those of us who need to quickly bang out good looking, professional emails, I have not found a single touch-screen keyboard that holds a candle to the physical keyboards of the classic BlackBerry phones, especially the Bold 9900. I had to add back in to my sig "sent from my phone" because of the persistent typos.

Submission + - Prenda Copyright Lawyers Arrested and Charged ( 1

the simurgh writes: Prenda Law extracted millions of dollars from alleged BitTorrent pirates, through threats of embarrassment and leaving misery and poor defendants made poorer in its wake, and authorities asking how to stop their flagrant abuse of the system. FINALLY, The duo of Paul Hansmeier and John Steele finally have been charged with the crimes of conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and perjury. Today, this and other evidence was presented in a criminal indictment filed in the Minnesota District Court.

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