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Comment Re:Sounds like wrong approach... (Score 1) 163

Nah, when he was put in place, it was a backwater little desk posting, exactly like it should have been. He was literally in charge of cleaning up the physical mess left behind by the Cardassians.

Then they discover the wormhole, and Star Fleet wants to put somebody appropriate in charge, but they have to appease the locals, who now view The Sisko as the Emissary.

At least, that's how I remember it.

Comment Re:ever think why (Score 1) 252

There is no "mass piracy" going on. There are pirates who won't pay for anything, because they thing they are awesome and don't have to be functioning members of society, because they think they are better than all those "idiots" (everyone else). I know of a guy that pirates movies he never watches, because he thinks it is cool. He has thousands of movies in his "collection", more than any human could watch in a lifetime. He is a mass offender.

I assume from the tone of your post that you have contempt for this individual. I'm just curious as to the degree of harm this "mass offender" is doing society or the creators of these works? He copies but does not watch and would never pay for anything. How is the net effect any different than a different individual who does not watch or copy anything? I know someone who hasn't been to a theater in years and does not buy or rent DVDs. He just doesn't care about movies.

I suspect that a lot of people just harbor unfocused anger that pirates just don't play by their rules.

Comment Re:ever think why (Score 1) 252

I have a 14 year old kid and he can find any movie you can name to stream within a minute or too. I challenged him one day and he surprised me at his success. He says the kids all watch them in study hall. Google or not, once one kid in a public school knows the secret sites, they all know them.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 132

The Xbox used virtually bog-standard Celeron CPU and NVidia GPU; the only real special thing was a unifed memory architecture. The 360 was, IIRC, three PowerPC chips and a fairly standard AMD CPU.

The PS2, on the other hand, was custom silicon; the Emotion Engine and what not, while the PS3 was Cell architecture.

The PS1 and Dreamcast were both also fairly standard components, while the N64 was SGI custom.

Consoles are absolutely migrating towards being PCs with purpose-built cases, and backwards compatibility is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus, especially in this digital era, when you can get old titles from digital marketplaces.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 502

And this is also a problem I encounter a lot where people are engaged in black and white thinking.

I find it humorous that you accuse others of black and white thinking when I merely quoted you verbatim doing the same. You responded to the original parent who claimed

"The whole reason my company still has Windows 7 is due to having to support an application that ONLY works in IE9."

and you said

"Any company that developed their web application using home grown quirks mode javascript is going to reap what they sow. They better upgrade or be put out to pasture."

Those are your words, not mine. You have no idea the circumstances of why they are using that application or what alternatives exist. It is arrogant to assume you know more and can offer unsolicited, unilateral, and coercive advice to that one short simple statement. One of my clients was in a similar situation until late 2015 when they had to use an accounting package required by DoD for their contract work. The requirement was baked right into their contracts. The company owner hated that he was stuck running IE7 just so DoD could do tracking audits. There were NO ALTERNATIVES on the market at any cost at the time. The owner told me he would pay triple just to ditch their accounting system because he hated it so much. You see, the software company had bought up all the competition and shut them all down. My client had been a customer to one of their competitors prior to being abandoned.

I simply called you out saying that there are grey area cases you must consider before insisting on upgrade at any cost, but you replied to me stating:

That mindset translates to leaving a big door wide open for competition to come along and wipe you out. I can personally sympathize with your position but the free market doesn't particularly care. It's survival of the fittest. Get in the game or get wiped out.

Now I realize you have tried to backtrack and qualify your responses since to align more with what I said from the beginning. It must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Obviously, I hit a nerve when I noted your attitude. Why don't you step back and do a little self evaluation. Again; your words...

> You are being myopic. Look up that definition.
> I can tell from your arguments which have apparently become personal that you are inexperienced because people who are experienced don't talk like you.
> It's about track record. I have a track record of success. That's not arrogance. That's a fact.
> you might have an inferiority complex
> the difference between you and me is that I have a deep understanding of psychology

Now go reread the definition of arrogant. Pay close attention to the second entry. Better yet, have someone else read your statements and give you an honest opinion of whether or not they sound arrogant.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 502

You seem to consider more angles than most, but the fact is there are no straight line decisions to be made.

My point exactly. You on the other hand originally wrote:

They better upgrade or be put out to pasture.


That mindset translates to leaving a big door wide open for competition to come along and wipe you out.

which makes your original position seem pretty cut-and-dry in favor of upgrading in spite of other circumstances.

Be careful with ad hominem attacks and fundamental attribution error ("Don't be arrogant"). I'm well educated on the subject matter domain.

Definition of arrogant
1: exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner
2 : showing an offensive attitude of superiority : proceeding from or characterized by arrogance

Arrogance and education are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they often go hand-in-hand. Reason can often get clouded by proselytizing when the two intersect.

Any company that developed their web application using home grown quirks mode javascript is going to reap what they sow.

Sounds pretty arrogant to me...

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 0, Troll) 266

Don't worry alarmists, El Nino's are cyclic. A new shipment of scare is on backorder. Approx ETA ~ 2020.

Here's a graph of temp anomalies vs El Nino events from 1950 - 2012. Notice anything unusual?

Nope. It doesnt even have 100 years of temp data for a planet 4 billion years old. Thats called an insufficient sample size.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 0) 266

Don't worry, deniers. With 2015's El Nino now over, you can look forward to cooler temperatures in 2017, and then when 2018 rolls around, you can declare that 2017's lower average global temperature proves that global warming has ended (again). Patience is key. Good luck!

Keep crying wolf. Its worked out so well for your cause so far.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 277

There is no reasoning with liberals today. They live in fucking la la land where Hillary can do no wrong. Its pathetic. They've been on this course since the founding of where they employ the scientology tactic of "always attack, never defend". Obama has been a God send to the Republican party. He's lost 900 state legislators, Congress, the Senate and now the presidency. Not to mention Republicans now have the majority of the govenorships. Just a few more and they can ammend the constitution without a single Democrat needed.

I'm a Republican and even I don't want them to have that kind of power. It sickens me watching the Democrats implode like this to the detriment of the country. Nancy Pelsoi, Harry Reid and Obama have bee a fucking disaster.

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