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Comment Playstation Network Account (Score 4, Funny) 84

I don't have a Playstation, but this may be the push I need to take over the PSN account someone named Jared set up using my gmail address. (Apparently Sony's account setup process doesn't have a "Click the link we emailed you to verify you actually typed the address correctly," step.)

More disturbingly, neither does (Disturbing due to how your inbox looks 4 hours after a 62-year-old woman signs up for a dating service using your email account.)

Comment Re:Serial (Score 1) 615

Or the modern equivalent:

White orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown.

Yes I know this is different in the USA.

Not at every job I've ever worked. I did work at one place where a few of the wall jacks were punched for the other standard - (white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown) and some idiot had made a bunch of adapters instead of just re-punching the jacks.

The other trick to remember is that using one standard at each end gives you a crossover cable.

Comment Notable missing gadget (Score 2, Insightful) 168

From the summary:

Police also found a Nest thermostat, a Honeywell alarm system, wireless weather monitoring in the backyard and WeMo devices for lighting at the smart home crime scene. Officers have also seized an iPhone 6S, a Macbook Pro, a PlayStation 4 and three tablets in the investigation.

All those gadgets, but this guy didn't have a security camera?

Comment Re:Fuck you! (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Yep. KeePass is open source and stores your password database locally (or remotely via something like WebDAV). Another alternative is to use a password hasher that regenerates all of your passwords based on a master password so that there is no stored database to be potentially compromised at all.

There is no reason to trust LastPass or any other proprietary, third party solution with your most valuable data. Also, didn't LastPass recently get hacked?

And if you want to sync passwords across devices, just keep the KeePass database in a cloud storage account. In the event that your cloud account is breached, the database is still encrypted

Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 1) 425

Aside from your points, the wording of the 2nd Amendment is clear. Those in favor of gun control point to the beginning where it refers to a "well regulated militia". A lot of 2nd Amendment supporters will say things like, "What part of 'shall not be infringed' do you not understand?" But look at the middle: "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms..."

Not the militia, not the police - the people.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

Quite a few Democratic politicians have firmly stated that they want to confiscate guns, including Hillary (look upthread for citations)

If you look at the dissenting opinion in the Heller case, the 4 liberal Supreme Court justices were quite clear. They believe individuals do not have the right to own guns.

Comment Re:Linux ISO discs... (Score 1) 385

Creating a bootable USB stick under Windows is pretty easy, providing you're wanting to boot to Linux. UNetbootin or YUMI both work really well under Windows, with the caveat that they require Admin privileges.

Creating a bootable USB Windows installer, on the other hand, has been very hit-and-miss for me, particularly using Microsoft's USB creation tool.

Comment I better act quickly, then... (Score 1) 42

...if I'm going to hijack the PSN account some guy set up using my gmail address. I wonder if Sony's bothered to start sending a test message to confirm email addresses on new accounts yet.

A few months ago, I commandeered a Twitter account that was linked to my email. I did manage to resist the temptation to screw around with some 64-year-old woman's account. Doesn't anybody check these things?

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