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Comment Re: This is extortion (Score 1) 228


Why not search within page there for the word vengeance and see what turns up. You don't get to selectively choose on

I have read quite a few bibles actually. The topic of vengeance and revenge hidden under the title of retribution is what originally made me adverse to being a member of religion.

I think the beauty of religion is that we all have our own interpretations of it. I spent 13 years of my life praying to a god that he will come down and take vengeance on my oppressors and enemies. I read those prayers over and over and over year after year. It taught me to hate anyone who was an enemy of my religion... which by further definition meant anyone who was not of my religion because if they were not an enemy of my religion, they would be a member of it.

I was also taught that everyone everywhere wants to kill me because I was unfortunate enough to have been born a member of my religion. I was taught that in 3800 years we were always the victims of the hateful infidels. And one day, the lord would send us a messiah who would allow us to have our vengeance and seek retribution.

Visit a Jewish temple sometime on a Saturday and listen to the little children sing the pretty songs in Hebrew... and then read the translations as they sing them. They have no idea what the words mean, but they all love those songs and how special they are that they can sing them. I think you'd be absolutely shocked and horrified by their meanings.

But I guess you're all knowledgeable about all religions and your interpretation is right. Religion gives us the word retribution as a means of making revenge sound so much sweeter and nicer. It's not revenge if "we're only getting retribution".

Let me tell you something, retribution is nonsense. We go to war and kill people for retribution. Need proof? Most of the western world hauled ass to Afghanistan to find retribution against people who killed themselves by crashing airplanes into buildings. Do you know how many good and innocent people died in our hunt for retribution? Do you know how many good and innocent people died as the western world went out there with massive weapons and leveled villages and cities? And while we did it, the world leaders stood and declared "God is with us!".

So, before you make embarrassing statements about how well you understand the bible..

First rule... there is a lot more than just one bible

Second rule... the King James Bibles is a highly selective lovey dovey version of the old testament. To be fair, the Torah is a deep, dark and damn near hateful book which makes the darkest parts of Quoran look warm and fuzzy in comparison. Read a proper translation and reference that instead.

Third... openbible.info is a REALLY REALLY politically correct interpretation. It's practically "fake news". It leaves out most of the really good stuff... especially the stuff about violence and systematic hate.

That said, I have absolutely nothing against religion. Only against zealots. Both my kids are baptized and my son is being confirmed in September because we want to show respect to our religious family members and their faith and it just doesn't hurt to eat a cookie and have a drink. My son is even attending training for his cookie eating ceremony every week for 6 months.

In the future, when you jump to the conclusion that someone may in fact have an interpretation of religion other than your own simply because they are uneducated, you might be wrong. It could be that they simply see things differently than you.

Comment Re:Nothing is changing (Score 1) 40

Well, in case you actually are reading the response... it's not a threat as much as a joke. She makes jokes in return about socks left on the floor. It's called humor. You should buy a book on the topic.

Before you buy the book, consider also learning about how punctuation works. It will make the book far easier to understand when you do sit down to read it. Sasha Cohen did a great skit in the movie Borat about how punctuation effects jokes.

The question is why she should have to use a PVR since there's absolutely no value in recording something which can be centrally recorded and then watched from a central location. She shouldn't have to record it to watch it whenever she wants without commercials.

If you go back and read my previous post with this new insight, it will have an entirely new meaning.

Let me ask something, on your planet (I'm assuming it's somewhere in or like Texas based on your behavior) are there people who would actually interpret "I have told my wife that if I didn't love her so much, I would divorce her because I have to pay for her cable TV thing." as a threat? Do the people there also believe strongly in their second amendment rights and exercise them? Do you see how this could be scary to some people?

I wonder, how do people there deal with sarcasm? I can only imagine that people there start using terms like "libtard" because anyone who says something confusing must in fact be a liberal.

Now, if you want a really good laugh, where I live there's no such thing as alimony. That's something that only exists in places where women are inferior to men and are incapable of taking care of themselves. Where I live, the women are much smarter than that. Hell, they even tend to pay for themselves on dates.

P.S. She actually pays the cable bill. But, if I say told you that to begin with, it would add a second dimension to the required thought process to appreciate the joke. I can tell by the confusion the second part of my previous post caused you that this would just be cruel to inflict upon you.

P.P.S. I put a great deal of effort into use small words with minimal syllable counts for you. I also made every effort to avoid excessive use of punctuation you may find confusing in this post. See, there are people who care about you.

P.P.P.S. - P.S. means Post - Script. After you finish your punctuation lessons and humor education, I recommend looking up this term. It is very interesting and useful. It may however be too advanced at your current level.

Comment Extreme temperatures (Score 2) 139

To quote the paper :

"the dipoles can be rapidly aligned at 100&#176;C by an ac applied electric field and frozen into alignment at 25&#176;C < Tg. "

Has consideration been given (experimentation as well) within the laboratory environment to the behavior of the glass substrate within extreme naturally occurring temperatures. While, my personal property values increase proportionately with the effectiveness of global warming and hope at some point to own luxury resort beach front property here in Oslo, Norway, it's not uncommon to operate an EV within sub -20C temperatures and with -50C temperatures further north.

Current Li based cells suffer badly within these climates. In addition, in the past working together with Lee (Elias) Stefanakos Ph.D. from USF, we experienced in Florida certain behaviors in higher unregulated temperatures (with regards to lead-acid cells.. circa 1993) behavioral degradation of chemical electrolytes at +37C (if I recall correctly).

How does your and Maria's solid-state substrate behave within extreme temperatures. While I certainly am no material's scientist, I am curious whether there are behavioral symptoms displayed when performing under such naturally occurring extremes.

In addition, fluid electrolytes can often "self-repair" under these circumstances as a result of "reflowing". If these negative behaviors are apparent in within the solid electrolyte, are the damages sustained (structural fractures for example) or does the substrate display typical expansion and contraction under naturally occurring conditions?

For a bonus :) If the substrate reaches 100C again, what appears to be the behavior? Does it depend on a rapid decrease or "flash freeze" to 25C to stabilize the structure? Will it render the cell absolutely useless? Will it simply continue "business as usual"?

Comment Re:Nothing is changing (Score 1) 40

I watch about 10 hours of video a month... I might watch 20 if I find a TV show I want to binge on. Video sucks because you can't watch it and work at the same time... I prefer :

audio books
    You can listen while doing pretty much every other type of work... and driving... and pretty much everywhere. On the rare occasions I have to go to Church for a wedding or confirmation or any of the other silly things church people invite me to participate in, audio books are my hero.

braille books
    You can read while testing code, reading documents, sitting in meetings, etc... I've been working on making a phone sized braille display that doesn't make noise and also has touch input... for 10 years now... I'll get it done someday.

Comment Re:Nothing is changing (Score 1) 40

Hey kid... I have told my wife that if I didn't love her so much, I would divorce her because I have to pay for her cable TV thing. And what's worse is that she never ever watches anything live, she always uses the PVR.

What I don't understand is, why does she have to use the PVR? If the cable TV provider allows her to actually record TV shows on equipment she pays rent for... and probably most everything that they stream is being recorded by someone somewhere... shouldn't they just record the streams and let their viewers open up the catalog of TV shows and click which ones they want to watch?

Oh... and we're not using actual cable, we're on fiber... and it's not GPON, it's IPTV. So, the fact is, it wouldn't cost them that much in bandwidth. I know their network design (been involved) and it would cost them nothing.

So... why are we paying for streaming... or box rentals, etc...

Comment Re:Volume (Score 2) 40

Do they still do that? They started that just about the time when I stopped watching TV and moved to DVDs and alter streaming.

It's pretty cool, I haven't seen a commercial... except maybe on TVs in restaurants in 16 years.

Of course, I have no idea who AMC is and other than the occasional t-shirt, I have no clue about "The Walking Dead" which I imagine can exclude me from certain pop cultural references, But somehow I don't think this has been a problem for me.

I think it's quite humorous that my kids have been raised since the age of 4 or 5 without TV and it doesn't seem to impact their standing in society at all. Once they moved to iPads and YouTube, they simply never looked back.

My son recently said that he doesn't have much interest in TV shows or movies because they don't align with his viewing methods now. I can only imagine that this is more common that we'd think.

Comment Re:Again the dreaded law of thermodynamics (Score 1) 250

I have read parts of the paper, but with regards to the chemistry side of pretty much anything, I'm generally hopeless. It's just not my cup of tea.

Hmm... let's pretend for the moment that I read the whole thing but might as well have been reading latin... which I don't speak.

Are there claims being made about "profitable energy" in the sense that it's producing more energy than it's consuming?

Is there anything special about the substrates involved which requires advanced techniques of production like silicon or nano tubes? What I mean is, when it comes to energy storage, I was generally under the impression that solids could often be produced which can yield better results than liquids if they were produced in specific molecular patterns. It sounds really cool to me, but I don't fully grasp the concepts as I don't understand the chemical reactions.

Is there anything in this claim being made about the cost of conversion? Is there something being said that there is no loss during conversion?

I was pretty sure that the fundamental points of the paper weren't centered on "Free energy" or voodoo of any sort, but instead was based on some sort of solid glass like substrate that could provide similar or better yields than liquid for storage and drain. Am I far off?

Comment Re:Hhahahahaha (Score 1) 250

I thought I heard of that title before.

Isn't that one of those books on "Free Energy" which tend to go nutty on things like government conspiracies and how the oil market hunts down and assassinates anyone who tries to tell the truth?

I'm pretty sure that Goodenough has better sources if that's the case.

Comment Re:Comment breakdown (Score 1) 250

I worked as an assistant to Goodenough's peer in NiMH and sometimes lead acid for about a year.

When I see Goodenough's name, I feel sadness because I know that the name jokes will dominate the comments and finding anything written by a chemist or physicist of any sort that has actually read the paper is hopeless.

I spend most of my time on Slashdot looking for that diamond in the rough where a real expert with real knowledge is willing to engage in an intellectual discussion and help me improve myself.

The rest of the time I'm on Slashdot, I make bad jokes, flame people and wonder if I would be better off spending my time on PornHub.

Comment Re:Comment breakdown (Score 1) 250

Hmm... I just used the word snark for the first time in my life and I wanted to document this for posterity so that at some point I can look back on this day as the day when I evolved into a person who would employ the word snark.

Now I need to ask some Englishmen whether I used the word correctly as I'm not convinced after rereading my comment that I have.

Comment Re: Newton had these problems as well (Score 1) 250

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I said "almost outright attacked Newton for making his own mathematics to explain his theories,"

They didn't accuse him of using Liebnitz's mathematics as they didn't give him an opportunity to explain where he got the theories and principles from for his papers. I assume that if they knew the mathematics had credibility and wasn't his personally hack and creation, they would have had to simply pick on his hair or boot buckles. But from what I read within the forward of the translation of his "Principia" which, while I don't feel like digging for the exact quote at the moment, should be found in the forward of the first translation here https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Mathematical_Principles_of_Natural_Philosophy_(1846), states something along the lines of "The mathematical and scientific community accused Newton of developing mathematics for his own means to describe his theories and that his theories lacked any foundation in reality if he must reinvent math to describe them".

I think the point was they felt Newton's theories lacked merit because the only proof of their merits was in "his" mathematics and "his" mathematics lacked merit because the only proof of their merits were in his theories.

There were obviously later disputes which came up. I don't think I've dug deep enough to identify whether Newton was accused of "Stealing" Liebnitz's work, whether Newton claimed to make the same discoveries as Liebnitz or whether he simply gave him credit where credit was due. These types of arguments and debates generally always bother me since I tend to publish most of my ideas for other people to steal whether they give me credit or not. I also tend to find that more often than not, the community and history like to aggrandize some great battle between two colossi with weapons of such greatness as has yet been seen. Sides are chosen and damsels are deflowered. More often than not, people who are intelligent would rather just share their stuff with the world and don't necessarily mind who gets the credit... and even if they do... bygones. I know I'd rather move onto working on the next theory or next idea rather than debating and fighting over who did what first.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

Agreed.... honestly, for that price, why not hire a tutor and get 30 hours a week of personal training and assistance to become a master at a topic?

Best part is that as jobs dry up, it will create more jobs.

Of course, there's the issue that often times, different educational tracks require expensive equipment.

Also, it would seriously impact the student's ability to work as part of a project.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

You're going to become a project for me.

In the US, you have resources like Khan Academy, you have chat channels, you have endless resources available to find assistance with your academic needs without resorting to paying anyone. I haven't heard of any school systems in relatively populated areas that don't have free and generally good quality assistance programs to help kids who ask for it.

Talking with school teachers in the US, there seems to be a fundamental difference between Europe and the US. In Europe, if a child does poorly in school, it's the burden of the parent to ensure that the student does better. In the US, if a teacher gives a bad grade to a student, the teacher knows that the parents of the child will be sending mails, making calls, etc... to argue with the teacher regarding the grade.

This is a shortcoming in the US system which says that if you don't get perfect grades throughout your entire primary and secondary schooling, you should expect to ask "Would you like fries with that?" for most of your professional career. This is because you will not have access to good financial assistance via grants, loans and scholarships if you don't have a totally flawless childhood.

Here in Norway, kids don't even get grades until they start in middle school and then, the first two years of getting grades doesn't really count other than placement in later grades. If you spend most of high school drunk and delinquent, when you're done, you can do a year in the military or two years in civil service, get assistance from the government with college prep and then move onto other careers.

It is actually far more difficult to get into programs for trades following a misspent youth here than to get into the university. A few tests is all it takes to get into the university here. If you pass those with sufficient grades, they'll give more or less anyone a shot. Trades however tend to start education in the 10th or 11th grade and if you miss your chance when you're that age, getting into a program that can assist with an apprenticeship can be difficult.

As for universities in the US, anyone with enough money that can pass an entry exam can go to a junior college. Of course, most of Europe (so far as I am aware) don't have junior colleges. It's university or bust. And while you're not likely to be admitted to study to become a doctor after a certain age, most other options are in fact available to you.

This is simply because the government (at least in Norway) will do pretty much absolutely anything to help you into higher tax brackets.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

Out of curiosity, are you asking poorly formed questions or are you just copying Donald Trump and randomly making shit up with no real knowledge of what you're talking about assuming someone will fact check and correct what you said for you?

P.S. I recommend doing some research to find out what the job position CEO actually means and also looking up what Europe is.

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