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Comment Don't confuse stupid with malicious (Score 4, Insightful) 525

Hillary is stupid, not malicious. Let's assume for the moment that neither Donald or Hillary are actually as evil as we make them out to be.

Let's also assume for the moment that Hillary wanted to have an e-mail address with a domain name the added to her marketing value and she asked some egg-head if he/she could make it happen. Now assume that the egghead recognizes that she's the secretary of state as well as the former first lady of a two term president.

Now the egghead hears her ask for this and he's like "Well, I can't put that on our internal servers... what else can I do to make it happen?" Of course the egghead isn't a lawyer and he/she doesn't want to be cock-blocked by some manager and then go back to Hillary and tell her/him (still not sure) that he screwed up and now her dreams of having a her marketing slogan as a domain name for her e-mail will not be possible.

So... what does he do? Well, not being a lawyer or understanding what it would mean, he sets up a new mail server that would allow her to send messages to Bill like "Make sure you leave your cigars at your intern's house before coming home... oh and buy milk." without them ending up as public record.

I honestly wonder if the e-mail is the best thing they can come up with. Hillary isn't particularly exciting, but she's pretty awful at her job... unless you consider her job as Secretary of State as a personal self-promotion, optimal for ladder climbing... where in that case, she's great at her job. She has to have incredible amounts of crap they can use on her without even digging too deep. And the e-mail thing which I'm damn near convinced is basically technical incompetence as opposed to intentional malicious deception of the country.

Let's also consider that there's absolutely nothing related to the e-mail that will cause Trump to win. He's like the golden goose or the gift that keeps giving to anyone who opposes him. After all, I think that even Dan Quayle could have won running against Trump. Al Gore could have creamed him. Instead, the country leaves Hillary as the opposition and while she looks like she has a landslide, you know you suck when it's months before election and people can still identify a possibility that Trump could possibly win.

Democrats... what the hell were you thinking when you supported Hillary?
Republicans... what the hell were you thinking when you supported Trump?

You both had better candidates and you actually chose the most entertaining ones as opposed to someone you might actually want in office.

Comment Re: Heu.. ???? (Score 1, Interesting) 396

Odd... I tend to find that both are pretty awful and prefer to hire people with computer science education and programming experience with a solid understanding operating design, protocols and encryption. There are a lot of people out there with that skillset and what's best is that they generally don't care what language they are using for scripting but instead solve the problem, document the solution and develop deployment scripts for changes as well as rollback scripts and unit tests. Oh, and if there's a problem with the API they are calling, they write a bug report describing it and providing a reproducible test case to ensure MS can easily fix it.

Never hire IT guys if you can hire computer scientists instead.

Comment Re:Heu.. ???? (Score 2, Interesting) 396

While I'm not a huge fan of powershell, I've spent a considerable amount of time coding in it because there's simply no point to using stupid utils like puppet and chef when 90% of what you do is call powershell anyway. After all, install Windows... powershell... add user... powershell... install Hyper-V... powershell... install WDS.... powershell. So why the hell would I bother with something else when I have to use it anyway?

Now that I've figured out object orient programming, exception handling, type definitions, error management, etc... I think that PowerShell is pretty nice. It's an ugly language, but it's the only language I know of that is designed to handle automation so nicely. Whether I'm automating FreeBSD or Exchange Server, PowerShell is very capable. What's even better is that the help online is excellent. I almost never find myself wondering "Gee, I wonder how to do that" and that's been the truth since the first day of using it.

As for other shells... bash and other bournes are nice, but they handle data like shit and you spend most of your time coding new utilities for almost everything you need to accomplish.

I think that existing shell paradigms weren't good enough for handling these tasks. Most shells don't have the ability to call libraries without additional utilities. Most shells don't have the ability to employ data structures. PowerShell while somewhat grotesque to look at is really quite powerful in that sense.

I'm looking forward to powershell remoting linux.

Comment Re:Destined to REMOVE suicide from suicide truck b (Score 1) 101

I was thinking that Ford can't make the user interface of their car radios work (neither can GM) reliably. Mustangs are the only cars I've ever had to actually reboot. Shouldn't congress act quickly on behalf of the American people to stop this from happening?

The biggest problem with car companies making self driving vehicles is that they are car companies. I was just talking yesterday with some people about my BMW i3 which is an excellent example of the fall of a great company. While the things like the interior, motors and chassis are amazing in the vehicle. There are just SOOOOO many bugs in the design that they should hire Toyota (who has done electronics and software for decades) to fix it. Let's not even get into stuff like doors which don't properly close (checked the floor models too, design problem) or trunk covers which seem designed for a totally different car. And don't get me started on the touch sensor for the door lock. I drove a 2004 Prius for 11 years and the doors locked and unlocked instantly every time. The i3 requires touching, holding, rubbing... I swear, just to lock and unlock my car, I'm putting my marriage in jeopardy.

See, car companies have been more or less forced into modernizing with computers and technology. The problem is, they have absolutely no f-ing clue what they're doing. They could try and buy the tech but it wouldn't be integrated and would likely cost too much. They could develop the tech, but they have no idea how to build and maintain something that complex. You see it when the apps on the computers in the cars are the same ones a year later than they were when the car was first designed. You also see it when the API/SDKs for the computers are closed and require licensing. You see it when the computer needs to be reboot while driving down the road and it can't been done without stopping the car and powering it off. You see it when the iPhone app for the car needs 1-2 minutes to lock or unlock the doors.

I think that the real future for car companies is not to actually make their own cars anymore. I think that car companies will become manufacturing facilities for new companies with the skills required to design the next generation of transportation. I would much rather a Google, Apple or Microsoft vehicle drives me somewhere than a Ford or BMW. It's not that I believe that those three companies make good code. It's that I believe those three companies know how to maintain technology.

Oh... and so far as I know, the computer in my brand new, fully loaded BMW i3 is not able to be upgraded and likely will never be. So, while the vehicle chassis will likely never need changes, the computer which should improve and change with the times ... won't. The developers will at some point decide they need a better CPU or graphics and that will be end of life for my car.

Comment Re:Fallacy of MBA management (Score 1) 156

"Consider: Do you think a generic manager could step in and manager a newspaper without intimate knowledge of the newspaper business? How well do you think that company would do if it actually happened?"

The CEO of my wife's previous company which is the major business newspaper of Norway has no actual understanding of how a newspaper works. He buys stuff, mortgages stuff, he basically just talks to the board and plays golf and buys stuff. He remains successful primarily by buying other media which has a subscriber base and runs them into the ground by siphoning their profits to maintain the core newspaper.

I believe that since he's been there 15 years, it's extremely likely that a guy who's only real qualification is that he wears a tie can in fact keep a newspaper business running by doing little more than simply approving what the people beneath him say and schmoozing investors. ...

I actually agree with you about most of what you said, I just wanted to point out that your analogy was flawed as morons run newspapers too.

Comment Re:BRING BACK SYMBIAN!!! (Score 1, Informative) 87

Oh hell no!!!

Symbian may actually be the worst code base humanity had ever seen.

Symbian = What happens when you try to implement all the features of an operating system without actually writing a kernel or develop development tools... or even have a debugger.

Then there was the infamous clean-up stack which was Symbian's famous "revolutionary" method of implementing crash handling without actually implementing exceptions.

I have to agree that Series 60 UI wasn't too awful, and Nokia did implement some of the most amazing features ever in telephones, but let's be honest, Symbian was what killed Nokia. People claim it was Windows, but Apple simple just took their entire market because they developed an operating system that could attract developers. Developers tries Symbian and just left... it was the worse thing ever made.

Comment Re:I thought we wanted security (Score 1) 61

Wouldn't it be dependent on the project, the maintainers, the organization, the feedback mechanisms and the underlying structure of the code to begin with?

Or should we get into a "Which is better, Chocolate or Vanilla?" thing.

Open source projects managed by systems like GitHub and forums are often maintained very well. But there are hundreds of projects placed into the open source that are left floating with no support for every one project which actually has a support infrastructure.

Federal contracts work in such a way where the code will now be made open (at least within the federal government) and once the contract is half way done or delivered, the contractors will be moved to something else and the code will die a slow painful death with no support.

Closed code itself isn't more secure than open source. They are exactly the same. It's how well they were made and how well they were maintained that matters. What really matters is whether there's an organization that is supporting the product open or closed. If a company prefers their code to be closed and that they maintain it themselves, that's their choice. The government should however require that they receive a source license to all code they use.

Comment Re:Uneasy About Starting Without a Physician (Score 3, Interesting) 301

Odd, I highly doubt my credentials to capably identify how professional a practitioner of medicine is in the field of my needs.

I tend to think of them as being like computer technicians and computer scientists... just because you're practicing as a doctor doesn't mean you don't suck at it. Almost universally, "general practitioners" are the least likely people to go back to school for further education while remaining isolated in their own practice.

No thank you! I'd honestly rather read a book/web page and just risk it. Takes less time and if I break myself at least I didn't have to have some guy grab my balls and say cough

Comment Re:That's Funny (Score 1) 301

I don't understand... I can't for the life of me understand one word of what it is you're talking about.

Are you advocating apps which help kill people?

Are you simply trying to make a comment which draws in argument by offending as many people as possible?

Are you a member of a group of people who feels persecuted (we all do at some point)?

Are you suggesting that preventing conception is killing a baby?

Was your point able to be made without trying to use an entire catalog of offensive slurs?

Could instead of "nigger" which I assume is referring to people in rap music since that's the only place I ever hear of people calling themselves that word, maybe you meant people in general but chose "nigger" because it would draw more outrage?

I can't really say after this entire rant that you have said anything sensible.

I'll try to extract something.
- I think you might dislike "left wing liberals"
- I think you might believe that if someone doesn't agree with you, they must be a left wing liberal
- I think you believe that "left wing liberals" are cruel and hateful people hiding behind a facade
- I think your biggest problem is that you seem to think there are a lot of people on the left.
- I think you might be a half-white trash & half-black, southern, transvestite non-lesbian female living as a successful housewife descended from German Jews on your mother's side.

There may be a lot of people on the right or left. We call themselves idiots, fools and morons, you're of course included in that category. Left and Right is the new religions of America. There are many people who are neither left or right and address each issue one by one.

Comment Re: blah blah Steve Jobs blah blah (Score 1) 97

I have to ask... this is the second or third story I've read this morning with childish racist comments on the threads.

Slashdot forums are reserved for degrading the writers, the subjects of the stories and other commentors based on incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant information. We are a group of people who believe it's worth the effort to either show people we don't know how nifty smart we are (and generally fail) or to exert our passive aggressive behavior somewhere it's extremely likely we'll simply make fools of ourselves and not care about it.

You're ruining the comments by filling it with racism. If you want to be a racist, there are many forums available to you out there where you can be so in the good company of others who are like minded. Racists generally prefer segregation when possible and I believe that's a very good thing. I think it's generally best to keep racists away from civilized human beings. I don't think it's possible to cure stupid, so I won't try to fix you and teach you that there are far better reasons to hate other people than their skin color or nationality. I recommend you use me as a target. Instead of hating on people for something meaningless, you are welcome to hate me and I will respect you far more for doing so. I will even be proud of you for hating on me since I genuinely consider you to be meaningless and useless. In fact, I know I don't need racism since there are so many people like you to keep my hate quota filled.

So... either hate on people with good reason and have the balls to do it without the AC... or go join some white power group somewhere and talk with the other brilliant minds there about how "Yeh... that black guy (who I'm jealous of since I KNOW he must have a bigger dick than me) is such an asshole (because he's making millions bouncing a rubber ball for a living) and I don't like him." ... that's how you guys talk right?

Please in the future reserve this forum for comments on a high quality of crap. It's absolutely terrible when I feel the need on Slashdot to inform people that we prefer to maintain a REALLY low standard here and if there is such a thing as a bottom, you're crossing it.

To be fair... when I read the title of the article, I was wondering to myself whether the news was that we're trying to identify whether a professional athlete was actually able to read or simply had a really good memory.

You see what I did there... it wasn't about race or nationality... it was about how I feel regarding people who prefer to devote their time to bouncing a rubber ball instead of learning to read and write and use their brains for something more than thinking "duh...". You can hate on basketball players for so many things. There's absolutely no reason to bring race into it.

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