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Comment Re:So much for biodiesel use... (Score 3, Interesting) 136

They pollute more, even as they consume less.

This is not really true. The type of polution from engines is heavily influenced by politics. And politics determined that minimising CO2 was more important than the consequences for NOx. Diesel engines used to run without making ANY NOx. However, because of the political need to reduce CO2, they were modified to minimise CO2 regardless of the consequences for NOx.

Totally separately, if you don't have a particulate filter, the particulates are pretty bad. The type of filter that has been widely used depends on burning off the particulates. It is quite easy to design other kinds, but, AFAIK, this type is mandated by law. And it has major problems.

Petrol (Gasoline) engines are significantly worse with regard to all types of emissions but the clean-up solutions in use work a bit better.

Banning diesels will not turn out well. Banning older diesels instead of fitting them with an effective particulate filter is what has caused the current problems. But there is no way the world's politicians will admit they caused the disaster when they can blame the auto industry. And no way America will admit gasoline is worse than diesel.

Comment Re:Or Facebook could just pay taxes (Score 0) 58

I am 100% against all forms of taxation, have been 100% against all forms of taxation. I am not against charity though and this is charity.

I wonder why you don't see that this type of charity is much better than any form of taxation for the purposes outlined in the story? So if FB had to pay more taxes than it managed to pay (legally, but I don't care, I think everybody needs to hide 100% of their money from all forms of taxation legally or illegally, whatever) why would it be better for your position? Why would it be better to take money from a company and use it for all the things that government uses it instead of using it specifically to attempt some form of charity that government pretends it's doing?

Let's say FB had to pay 10Million USD in income taxes (I don't know the numbers, could be many times that) so why wouldn't it be better to have that money go directly to the cause they are supporting instead of funnelling it through any form of government at all?

Is it because you cannot stand the idea that there is no oppression by the mob involved there?

Comment You really do not know who the beds are for? (Score 2) 72

Also one or two full-size beds will be included inside the vehicle's enormous cab.- For who?

Have you really no clue about what trucking does or how it works?

Yes trucks will be self-driving in the future. But the truck driver is not just a driver, he is also a GUARD. Do you really not understand what a fantastic target fully automated trucks would be, when they would obviously be programmed to stop for any blockage in the road?

As for the gas angle, natural gas is OK but has nothing on Hydrogen, which will be the mass replacement for the gasoline engine.

Comment Re:Science Deniers (Score 1) 266

Don't deny the science. The earth is 1.8 degrees hotter than the last 100 year average. Not sure why I would relocate over a 1 degree change in average temperature, but I just follow the science not hysteria.

This is primarily referring to areas of the tropics and coastlines.

But, to put that temperature change in perspective, -2C below the 20th century average is enough to plunge the world into an ice age. It takes a lot to move temperatures, but it doesn't take a lot of change to significantly alter the climate.

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 266

There's plenty of land. There will also be plenty of useful farmland - it just might not be the same land that makes good farmland today.

That's a bullshit lie you're pulling straight out of your ass. The amount of arable land in the world is limited. Not even considering how one would easily and cheaply move major agricultural infrastructure, where do you see all the "useful farmland" magically appearing? Where are these virgin, nutrient, non-parasite laced soils? Do these areas just happen to have diurnal cycles that match the crops too? The right pH? The right amount of rain and drainage? Solid aquifers to provide water during lean years? Are they easily accessible? Are the native species conducive? Will any species brought along by such a transfer suddenly grow wildly out of control due to no natural predators to keep them in check?

There are thousands of factors at play, and there a few regions in world which actually permit the large scale operations we use currently to produce most of the world's food.

The problem isn't really an overall resource shortage, it's that which land is valuable will change.

Yes, the problem will be shortage. If areas where current production is done dry up, there aren't any other areas that can take their place in any reasonable time frame.

Wars have certainly started over just that. People will need to move, likely across current borders. How will that end up?

No need for some flood of refugees, though. This is a slow change, by human measure. Plenty of time to work on moving, perhaps emigrating, to where you want to be.

The changes aren't slow by human measure. It took decades of building up the support and infrastructure necessary to support current agricultural operations. Assuming these magical untapped farming areas exist (which they simply don't), you'd need to put the same infrastructure in place there to support operations (likely more).

It can take years to relocate, but we have years.

It would require decades, not years. We also haven't established where the best areas to relocate would be, and now we certainly won't with a bunch of scientific illiterates at the helm.

Make good use of them if you believe in all this.

If your worried about a flood of refugees ruining your home area even though you found a good place, promptly, well, join the club.

When a million starving desperate people are heading straight for you, you get out of the way. When people have nothing left to lose, they don't really care about laws and morality. That's why the military and intelligence organizations are very much interested in climate research. It's not only so they can have effective plans for dealing with the impacts here, but also to identify likely areas of socio-economic unrest that could flare up with potentially bad global impacts.

Comment Apple maps searches still better (Score 1) 44

Searching for locations works the majority of the time. But it's still not uncommon to get results randomly across the country

That happens sometimes but it also happens in Google Maps.

Apple maps is still better for searching though. Try a search for "Arby's" - Apple maps zooms out to a view at city scale with the map taking up 3/4 of the screen, he two closest results in text at the bottom. Google maps zooms out to city scale too, but in a map that takes up the top 1/5 of the screen, basically unreadable - then has a list of arbors with distances and addresses, but you can't really tell which ones are nearby or which directions the ones on the list are unless you are familiar with the app...

Apple Maps traffic in Denver seems every bit as good as Google maps. Both are inferior to Waze though, which is pretty amusing since Waze is owned by Google...

I've never had an issue with Apple Maps giving me bad directions, across most the the US. (I've driven coast to coast).

Comment I use them (Score 0) 111

I can buy 3 for the price of one genuine Apple charger. I can tell you firsthand they run HOT. I don't charge unless I am present, but I don't know that they are all that dangerous, either. They are about as durable as an Apple charger, and I am going to make it a point to buy some ASAP before I can't.

Comment Re:John Doe warrants are the problem here (Score 1) 201

When the IRS or any other agency wants discovery of evidence in a case, it should be demonstrating interest in a specific person, partnership or corporation being investigated. The whole idea of John Doe warrants is an unconstitutional fishing expedition. Let's hope that now we'll get some new Supreme Court appointees who don't rubberstamp the government's every whim.

You do know who was elected right? You're aware of the types of people he's filling his cabinet with and listening to?

The same person who tweeted flag burners should be thrown in prison and have their citizenship strip is the same person who will be sitting in the Oval Office. If you think for one second someone like Trump, his cronies, or pretty much anyone in the alt-right gives one shit about your privacy and warrant limitations then you are going to be in for some eye opening surprises over the next four years.

Comment Sorry but Apple Maps has already surpassed Google (Score 2, Insightful) 44

They don't have the engineering talent to catch up to Google's lead on maps

Apple maps at the outset did not have as good base data as Google. But even then it gave better directions than Google did - it directed me to my house via the route I already drove already because I knew it was the bast (that's the best way to judge map apps, but asking for directions for places you already know well and seeing if you agree).

Nowadays Apple maps data is every bit as good as Google has, and I would say they repair errors found much faster than Google. The past five incidents I've reported (bad roads or wrong information about places) I received a notification that the errors had been corrected in a day or two.

Apple also has surpassed Google in transit directions, offering directions that include how to go through the station...

Google may have started a lot earlier but you are totally forgetting the funk and lethargy that large organizations fall into over time. Apple has a very different corporate structure that is letting the Apple Maps team advance much faster than Google has been improving...

Apple may not be ahead with Siri but I don't think they are that far behind either. What makes you think Google has engineering chops no-one else does? The massive successes of Google Plus or Hangouts?? They are both pretty much at the start of a very, very long race there and it is anyone's game...

Comment Re:This is why.... (Score 2) 201

I say lock up everybody who pays taxes to the government instead of avoiding and evading all taxes. The people paying taxes are directly responsible for the government oppression being perpetrated against individuals, groups, all the war and economic crimes. Governments are the culprit marauders, destroying individual rights and all must be judged and executed AFAIC.

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