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Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 150

Can't even remember the last time I used Windows.

I can - it was two weeks ago. I booted Windows for the first time in about 18 months to open a .doc a family member had been sent by a government department that would not format correctly in LibreOffice.

Turns out it would not format correctly in Word either! It needed Word95 or something!

Comment Question of bulk (Score 1) 241

True that landfills are pretty good ways to keep even dangerous trash long-term. But there are two good reasons to recycle some things anyway:

1) Bulk. Nice not have to have create a new giant clay pit, so try to fill up the existing one as slowly as possible. Especially CRT's are very bulky.

2) Easier access to rare materials. It's nice to be able to reuse various materials from electronics that are either somewhat rare or expensive to obtain. Of course the process of extraction when not done right creates a whole lot of really nasty pollution so you have to be careful making that choice. That is again why I prefer to pay more for a process that is probably not sending the electronics somewhere that will create even worse pollution than just dropping it into a landfill.

Comment Wrong again (Score 1) 241

You can throw it into the river yourself. Then you are guaranteed it is NOT recycled.

Part of what I do as a hobby is take disgusting trash out of rivers and throw it away in a more appropriate way...

If I saw a monitor in a river then in fact I would pull out the thing and take it to a recycler myself.

This is not out of any love of nature as it would not cause that much harm on its won just sitting there slowly decaying, purely aesthetics.

So even there you cannot be sure of what will happen to the monitor.

Comment They are more likely to do what I want if I pay (Score 4, Insightful) 241

What do you think the recycler does with them?

I have no way of knowing.

I do know that if I put a monitor in the trash it's going into the landfill with a 100% probability.

If I take it to some some cheap or free place I know there's a pretty good chance it will go into a hellhole in some other country to decay and pollute everything.

If I take it to the place I pay a decent fee there's the highest probability that something as good as possible may be done with it. That probability will never be 100%. But pay paying a reasonable fee I maximize that probability.

Is your answer truly to just give up and not even try because you cannot know?

Comment Re:Facts don't agree with you (Score 1) 77

If you had bothered to read my whole post you would have seen I mentioned specifically Robot wars.

And you are not hearing what *I* was saying, which is that Robot Wars got decent (I'll admit they were not great) rating EVEN ThOUGH IT WAS BASICALLY JUST RC CARS.

That's inherently more boring than having real AI compete against each other, at much higher speeds and with the dramatically more interesting destruction that comes as a result of speed...

Besides, it's not like spectators cannot be killed!

Comment "Differing Hardware" (Score 1) 77

Robot wars used differing hardware.

Pretty much it was the same few designs. So all of the fun was watching to see which approach ended up working.

The same is true of racing AI, especially to see different approaches in passing or speed management will be interesting. The thing that would kill it is if the AI's are not aggressive enough to be interesting.

Comment Not at all (Score 1) 241

Ahhh, how I love the smell of Virtue Signalling in the morning!

I hate virtue signaling as well. This is not an example of that; it is merely to point out that if you may to recycle some of the worst items you increase the odds they will be handled correctly, if you cheap out you may end up with the thing you are trying to keep out of the environment actually end up somewhere really bad.

Comment All it does is improve the odds (Score 3, Interesting) 241

Why does you paying them make them more honest?

I don't, nor did I say so. Please read my post again.

How much fuel do you burn driving there and back?

As much as I would taking the monitor to any other place that would have taken them. I try to do electronics in a batch. But honestly you are missing the point entirely by saying anything about fuel use, which is a totally different vector than recycling. I don't care how much fuel I burn for anything (except of course for the cost of it which is real).

Like most recycling, this seems to be more about "feeling good" rather than actually helping the environment.

No it's exactly unlike feeling good. I take it to a place I think offers the greatest percentage of the monitor no ending up in a river somewhere which is good for no-one.

Except for all the resources that went into building the warehouse.

Irrelevant comment; see my comment re: fuel. Resources do not matter as much as residual pollution does.

Do you know how much CO2 is generated to make concrete?

Again, not relevant since CO2 is not pollution and the argument against CO2 is a totally different one than against real pollution. Nature loves and uses CO2 (do you even know how plants live???)

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