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Comment Rudd? Working on becoming Cameron's successor? (Score 1) 111

Seriously, Cameron was awesome when it came to finding blunders and jumping right into the middle of them. Actually the Cameron is the SI unit for the minimum distance between two blunders.

Is Rudd really trying to outdo the grand master? It's not easy, but she's very obviously ambitious and willing to put her mind to it. Or ... well, whatever substitute she has.

Comment Re:What do you get with a TV-celeb as prez? (Score 1) 306

Fortunately I didn't notice that. Then again, I don't know the first thing about eating healthy, working out or working in the big blue room with that hot, yellow light on top and no air condition to boot, so I can't really comment on how sensible her efforts were.

I can comment on this one, though. And it is prime cringe material.

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