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Comment I switched to PaleMoon a while ago.. and like it (Score 1) 95

Firefox was just getting too heavy for me. I'm on Linux, (Mint 18 XFCE) and it was taking 30-45 seconds to become responsive after launching. It would just sit there. Even if I launched it from the command line with a url, it refused to do anything for that time period was up. CPU and memory were not taxed or even being used by FF. I have an older processor, but plenty to handle a damn web browser. (Intel Core2 Quad Core, 8GB of RAM) Unless I open a ton of tabs and GIMP, I barely ever get past 4GB used. I have used FF almost exclusively since at least 1999. I went to Chromium for about a year a while ago, but came back to FF.

  After a few months of putting up with its freezing issue, and hoping updates would fix it, I just had to quit using it. If I left it open, I would notice that the CPU would spike for several seconds on occasion, and hang out around 20% for a while. While no page was loaded. I could only put up with it for so long.

I have a few other browsers installed... Don't really like Chrome or Chromium. I like certain specific things about FF that other browsers don't have, at least not in the way I like them. Then I found Pale Moon , and it seems to fit the bill. There are still a few things I would like to be able to customize better, but so far it's the winner in my book. That may change, I don't know. But FF seems to just keep pushing me away.

Comment Re:The questioner reveals their own dishonesty (Score 1) 358

No, the government is at fault for propagating dietary guidelines that are not based on science. Just like the low-fat craze that is actually the opposite of healthy, based on real science. And since this article was about whether the government's data can be trusted, it's just further evidence that the answer is NO.

So come back with some quip to make yourself feel better, but by all means, don't actually educate yourself.

Comment Re:The questioner reveals their own dishonesty (Score 1) 358

The food pyramid was laughably unscientific when it was created. Need I go on?

And it still is. Today's guidelines are based on that purely "made up" pyramid. Wonder why we have so many sick people?
Lots of info out there, but this is a good one. The Limits of Scientific Evidence and the Ethics of Dietary Guidelines

Comment table partitioning? (Score 1) 154

I admit, I've mostly done it for speed purposes, but my understanding is that the record limit is per partition, so you could also use it to deal with record limits.

They could either partition based on user IDs (might be faster to select by for the bulk of the queries), or by date (making it easier to manage autonumber fields).

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 1) 277

People are afraid of our legal system, and things are usually about making sure you can defend yourself against a lawsuit.
I had a friend who got a million dollar umbrella insurance policy when he put in a pool - just in case of a tragedy where a neighborhood kid drowned, he didn't want to be sued. The fact that you and a lot of others probably think "that's not a bad idea" means that lawyers have weaseled their way so deeply into our society that it's now the default behavior.

Just think about that. And watch things in your daily life. Our legal system is built to sustain the profession of lawyers. And do they actually make things better for everyone else, or just themselves?

Comment Re:why didn't they do this to start with? (Score 1) 21

This site is news for nerds,

If you don't know how to adjust resolution settings in your phone, then hand in your nerd card now Same if you can't actually tell the difference when using VR.

However, if you cant tell the difference when not using your normal glasses and not doing VR, this is probably a big win.

Comment Re:New SPARC? (Score 3, Interesting) 123

or one of the BSDs - OpenBSD, FreeBSD or NetBSD

or one of the BSDs - OpenBSD

FTFY. Only OpenBSD supports Sparc64 on modern Sparc64 - ie with T-series processors. And even that does not support the hardware crypto kit (cos Oracle wont let it).

Oracle need to think again FAST! OpenBSD on the new hardware could be a world beater for serving secure websites (something the world actually needs AND wants). However, they are currently engaged in supporting it in the Ellison traditional manner - with multiple stabs in the back!

Comment Re:World domination right on schedule (Score 1) 123

World domination right on schedule More like world domination has gone of the rails

OpenBSD is the only OS apart from Solaris to support Sun/Oracle Logical Domains (LDOMs), and the OpenBSD support is extremely limited - for example I/O is restricted to the primary Domain - as there is no way to create an "I/O" domain in OpenBSD.

If there is going to be new silicon and no new Solaris, then presumably Oracle will have to release some of their hardware documentation - and possibly fund some OSS developers!

Currently, FreeBSD and Linux no longer support hosting LDOMs at all, and support as a guest O/S is very limited.

Disclaimer: I have used OpenBSD on Sparc64 since the Sparc64 architecture has existed, while consistently hating Oracle's guts.

Comment If only... (Score 1) 187

If only there were some sort of central repository of information that you could query to quickly find the answer to your question, ideally in less time than it took you to click Reply, type in your question with extra unimportant information, click Preview, then click Submit.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 2) 277

Maybe that's because the majority of slashdotters don't need to worry about waking up black or female. Waking up old, however, awaits us all...

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

And I strongly disagree with the GPs assertion that there is "nothing inherently wrong with bringing attorneys into it."
That seems to be such a pervasive sentiment that it has made our society one that actually believes we need lawyers to behave like reasonable people. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that has been created by - you guessed it - lawyers.

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