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Journal Journal: Why am I a fan of some Slashdot users

If you are reading this page because you wish to know more about the user who became your "fan", here is my reasoning:

My tendency is to browse articles down at 0 to +1, which makes for a long list of comments. I try to notice the usernames of those authors whose offerings are exceedingly intelligent, insightful, and who demonstrate the best of the spirit of this web site. I haven't used the Relationship feature much, even though I've been around since last century (off and on), out of shyness I suppose.

This is where I should insert my disclaimer to those who are ambivalent about my having made a choice for/about you without permission:

Being made my Friend is for My convenience only; I can spot your greenness whilst browsing a spirited discussion, thus saving some time in separating the wheat from the chaff. I do not seek any further contact and no inference should be drawn further than I have found your comments enlightening, funny, inspiring, brilliant or any combination thereof.

I seek no reciprocity, especially since I'm an just old sysop with little to offer. No longer program or play games, but love science and participating in the Zeitgeist as it unfolds.

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