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Comment Okay, then what? (Score 1) 354

The docs roughly say, "POSIX is crufty and a bad API, we're not afraid to not implement those parts in order to get a cleaner interface".

Okay, but what does this new API look like instead? Will the features enabled by these not-implemented APIs be reimplemented in some other, cleaner fashion? Or will that functionality just not be provided at all?

Comment Virtual memory? (Score 1) 148

Question from a layman: Do GPUs have a physical-virtual memory mapping? Ex: Could process A get space on the GPU, then when process B requests memory, the GPU would give process B the physical pages process A used to have (while copying the actual data over) to defragment the physical pages, leaving B with a copy of what A used to own? Or, perhaps process B requests so much memory that the texture space requested by process A gets paged out to main memory?

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

Isn't that the 80/20 rule? I know I'm guilty of doing the "exciting" stuff on little libraries, then when it comes to the bits like packaging/documentation/etc.., putting it off to "later". It's just not as fun to do those little maintenance stuff as it is the neat parts

Comment Idiomatic Java? (Score 1) 341

I learned Java way back in the 5 days. Obviously things have changed since then (and I was much less experienced). What examples are there of "the right way" Java applications?

For instance, is there a performant HTTP server/proxy that keeps pace with something like nginx whose source I could browse to see the state of the art?

Comment Re:Why to develop anything? (Score 2) 184

People don't magically create software where there isn't a gap to fill (fucking about user interfaces excepted of course).

Everything systemd aside, that's not true. The NIH-syndrome is alive and well. Instead of working on and improving existing software, a LOT of people want to start from scratch just so they can have their braces in the place they like to see them. For instance, I was poking around with protobuf earlier and saw that there are five javascript bindings.

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