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Comment Re:AI? (Score 0) 67

Because AI is this year's great new marketing term, like 3d printing was a few minutes ago, like cloud computing was a few hours ago...

All it means is someone can charge more for something, somewhere while us poor suckers get used to [my opinion] what most certainly will be dumbed-down lower-rez imaging.

Watch. In a few years they'll be pushing what, to my eyes, looks like 8-bit pixellated graphics as high quality and it will be accepted. But I'm a cynic.

Comment It is shit (Score 5, Interesting) 353

We're getting our 50 users off it. With the non-stop "Service" messages and the intrusive bullshit it keeps trying to push it has turned into a sinkhole.

For example, Outlook users get prompted to install a NFL calendar add-on to follow football season. When I called support they first told me it must be a malware we picked up somewhere. After getting even more irate they told me "oh, well, yes, we do push that and you can't turn those messages off".

Utter bullshit.

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 392

Decades ago I worked for The Phone Company when there was only one. I was hired as an Directory Assistance Operator. I was the only guy in a room of almost 100 women. The Phone Company had just started hiring men in traditionally women's jobs and vice versa. I signed on since I wanted to be a lineman or work in a CO. After a few weeks of the mindless work - and it was (and probably is) over a break I mentioned I was thinking of quitting. One of the old-timers who'd been there for almost 30 years told me - and I'll never forget this - "Yeah, I thought about quitting once and they had one of their psychiatrists talk me out of it."

I hung up my headset in my locker, wrote a note saying "Don't even look for me." and walked out never to return. They called every day for a month.

Comment "a new piece of content every minute." (Score 1) 87

And 99.9 percent of it is absolute crap that isn't worth paying for. The Graham's must be rolling over in their graves to see how hard the WaPo has fallen.
Back in the 70s they were the standard bearor - the Nixon stuff and all but now... they're no better that Yahoo or the NYPost or the Enquirer.

Comment Girl Shy (Score 2) 304

That's a silent film (1924) by Harold Lloyd. Funny as hell and a fantastic 20 minute chase scene at the end of the movie that still holds my attention especially when you consider he's doing his own stunts and it is as real as it can be 92 years ago.

Why? Because you know damn well it isn't CGI. You don't even notice it is a silent movie. It's available on Youtube. If you don't want to watch the whole thing starting at 56:00.

Lloyd has to stop his girl from marrying the villain so he's trying to get to the ceremony to stop it.

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