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Submission + - How do stop Windows 10 from upgrading to the Anniversary edition 1607? 2

MindPrison writes: Dear Slashdot, I desperately need your help. Im a 3D artist who have recently invested in HTC Vive (Virtual Reality) and a very expensive computer to run it all smoothly, this little box of mine cost me a total of 3500$ and the entire setup is now threatened by Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade 1607 that essentially breaks Vive support and freezes the HDM display randomly.

Ive been on MS support forums for a long time begging for help, but the help I get is the usual scripted answers like scan your harddisk for corrupted files, update your drivers etc. All of that has of course been done. 100s of people are having this new freeze issue already, but MS is in denial about it. I reverted to the previous version of Windows 10 — and everything worked perfectly again.

But just 1 day later, Windows asks me if I want to upgrade to 1607 today or wait 5 days. I have searched high and low on how to postpone that MUCH longer than 5 days, I dont want to have weeks without VR that works again, Im desperate, what do I do? Any suggestions? My Windows is Swedish so it can be pretty hard to find the same configurations. Any help appreciated!

Submission + - Scientists suggests with 97% accuracy we're heading for a Mini Ice Age in 2030. (telegraph.co.uk)

MindPrison writes: Solar activity will fall by as much as 60 percent by 2030 according to the Solar researches at the University of Northumbria. According to them, we will have conditions similar to the maunder minimum Code, a time back in 1645 and 1715 where Europe and North America experienced very cold winters.

Submission + - OTTO - a LoMo hackable camera (kickstarter.com)

MindPrison writes: There is plenty of cheap chinacams out there in every shape and form, but they're all commercial & not that open. Well, this one has been produced commercially, but with a difference — hacking welcome. Meet OTTO the GIF camera, it's all LoMo, weird, bulky and odd looking, kind of like a camera made out of Lego, well — at least the materials.

It has a hand-crank, pretty much like the old-school cameras have, and it sort of use it in the same way as you roll to set the next frame, except — you're making a GIF, ready to use — right there and now. And to top it all of — this camera is based on the Raspberry-PI. And it has WiFi too.

Submission + - How do you plan for your ultimate geek retirement? 4

MindPrison writes: Let's face it. We're not getting any younger, and I was thinking here the other day, I've been working forever with computers — and although I make a pretty decent living, I'm a wage slave like most of you. The pension doesn't cut it as I'm a bit of an international citizen that moves between the different countries, and investments seem unsafe these days. Banks doesn't pay much interest, so what is a Geek to do? Invest in gold? Hide my money under the mattress? Buy land?

So I ask you, the Slashdot audience, what do you do to ensure a rock solid Geek retirement?

Submission + - How to get back at the noisy nextdoor neighbor 2

MindPrison writes: After a long time with that annoying downstairs neighbor playing too loud music, I've been contemplating HOW to deal with it, being a teenager AND a female — you know the drill — asking nicely is NOT an option, teenagers usually get angry because you should NOT tell them what to do etc...so I came up with a quite devious way to solve the issue, and the trick is fighting fire with fire, for once :)

Here's how I did it:

I made a small low-frequency microphone amplifier, hot glued an electret microphone to the floor, and made sure there were no leaks around the microphone (to avoid audio-feedback). I connected this to an active subwoofer (this is a subwoofer that has an power amplifier built in, typically the thing you have in your average surround amplifier, and placed the subwoofer in the room next door to the mike (to avoid feedback!). Now — it's very important to disconnect any surround speakers as you ONLY want the BASS to distribute into the structure of the building itself, this makes it IMPOSSIBLE to locate the sound from YOUR flat, and the penetrating middle-tones that comes from your noisy neighbors stereo — will reveal that it is YOUR NEIGHBOR that plays the loud music.

It worked flawlessly, the entire building shook with the sound of the neighbors stereo, and the teenager had to turn down the sound several times due to multiple complaints from the ENTIRE neighborhood.

Revenge is SOO sweet ;)

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