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Comment Youtube lost me to forced ads. (Score 4, Interesting) 235

There was a time when I really enjoyed browsing youtube videos. And I didn't really mind a little advertisement break here and there.

But what killed youtube for me - was the now forced (unskippable) ads that often last well into 30 seconds or more, just for checking out a video. I like seeing if I want to watch this or not, now there's a forced ad on every second video I decide to check.

Now, before my dear Slashdotters say "well, you can use adblocker" etc, please keep in mind that a lot of us watch youtube on our "smart-tv" devices, Nintendos, Xbox's Youtube app etc.

Comment Chinese shipping depends on how much you pay (Score 3, Informative) 62

I've been doing eBay shopping since 1998.

And if there is ONE thing I've learned, is that the lower you bid, the slower it ships. Doesn't matter if the two promises the same shipping times.
Also, the cheaper you go - the lower quality you'll get at the exact same product range. Because a lot of them will ship the lowest bidders the shittiest quality of the batch (kind of logical, don't ya think?).

And a above 90% seller success rate sounds nice, right? Wrong! You'd be amazed how many problems you'll have with sellers under 96% even at 97% good feedback. The trick is to look at their negative feedback, or / and their neutral feedback and see what happens for each individual product. The product is important here, because the same seller could earn a 100% feedback reputation on selling socks, but sell shoddy factory rejected production Arduinos with a feedback of 20% and less - and still earn a pretty penny. Many of the Chinese sellers just sells these by the thousands because it sells - they have NO clue what they're actually selling besides fake shoe brands etc.

The thing you need to watch out for - is the sellers that will tell you "please wait 40+ days because of your customs" etc... You know as well as I do that your customs don't give a hoot about your 2 dollar arduino, so if it takes 40+ days, and the seller says, please be patient, it's because the nickel-and-dime croock only wants to hoist good feedback while your complaint expires. Never accept this. Complain immediately. Down the bad sellers now, do not delay!

Comment For me as a service tech, this would be brilliant (Score 4, Interesting) 61

So many times I have to "google" a part number to find out what it does, oh...it's an 24 Bit AD converter, now let me find the datasheet.

Imagine if I could just look at the PCB as I do normally when searching and fault-finding, and have a Video-overlay with simple specs on each chip and device I am looking at, and perhaps with a few blinks just bring up the datasheets and quickly close them again.

Are you kidding me? This is SUPER useful!

Comment Well, not really comparable... (Score 1) 145

...Commodore 64 came complete with a keyboard, power supply and RF modulator / Video out/Audio out - and ready to use.

And it was sold at a much higher price point, plus it wasn't really a dev-kit like the PI is. The PI is cute, but it's on the level with Arduino (faster of course), and other similar "devboards". So, if we're there - I can imagine there's a lot more sold Arduino Nano V3 Chinese clones sold than all the PI's in the world.

Comment In Sweden, Netflix changed to the thumb up system. (Score 2) 97

I think it was 2 years ago, it's so long I don't remember it anymore, but I really hated when that happened.

I liked to see what stuff had one star rating, because it usually told me it wasn't worth watching, now I have a HUGE list of "continue watching..." that won't go away, simply because there's so much trash that Netflix "guesses" that I want to watch.

Bet the thumb system was introduced to stop people from complaining about too few movies and series, and watch "whatever" is available instead of being selective about what we watch.

Comment Soon to be categorized as a weapon (Score 1) 93

It won't be long before this device becomes illegal to own, import and operate.

The laser pointers where only illegal because hoodlums used them agains police, airplanes and helicopters. The same thing will happen with this device as kids will purchase them do do "mass revenge" or destruction in their schools.

Comment Re:asshole (Score 1) 299

does this asshole knows it's impossible o erase data from a memory card?

LOL, a memory card is non-magnetic storage, it's all electrical. You can fill up the entire card with other files, it'll write over all the old content. There is no magnetic residue left over like the old harddisk system with a spinning magnetic disk where you could find earlier data due to misalignement over the years.

Comment Re:I grew up with arcades in the 80s (Score 1) 184

Oh I don't do I?


Educate yourself AC!

A gender changer is exactly as you see them when you google them, a connection that changes into another connection, for example female-to-male connector, but it can also change from one type of connector to another, it can also change the pin configuration between two connectors.

This was indeed the professional term back then, my old schematics from many of the "mainstream" cabinets back then even used that.

Comment I grew up with arcades in the 80s (Score 3, Interesting) 184

And I even had a whole bunch of the arcade machines in my home (my parents weren't terribly happy about that, they saw it as gambling machines), but nonetheless they where a lot fun to mess around with, I used so called "gender changer" plugins to change PCBs from various manufacturers to work with my arcade cabines, oh the fun times!

That aside - I don't find the LCD panels so terrible as a replacement. I've just recently built my first own Arcade machine ever (it's mame based of course), but I built it out of the blue, no blueprints - just on the memories from the arcade halls, and it turned out fantastic. In fact, it is so good - that I don't really miss the blurry scan-lines and out of focus convergence RGB issues the old CRTs back then had.

And, I've buried the LCD deep into the arcade so I can't really spot the difference, it's not easy to see there's not a "curved" crt inside there, and it looks amazing. I instantly felt the nostalgia when I fired it up.

Comment Over my DEAD BODY. (Score 1) 266

I've been a tinkerer all my life. I mess around with whatever hardware (and software) I want. I like to build stuff, and I even like to modify stuff to work better than their original intention.

now, while I completely understand the manufacturers wish to control sales of ALL their extra parts, original parts and even future parts they didn't even think of - the hardware they sell to YOU are YOURS - period!

The minute the law changes on this, you have gone from a democracy to a dictatorship sort of regime where you can't do as you wish with even your own property. I can even support their wish to forbid reverse engineering with malicious intent to run pirated games on their consoles - fully understandable! But still - the HARDWARE itself is the owners property, the one who purchased the hardware in the first place.

A solution to this could of course be to RENT you the hardware, that would fix their woes right there.

I'm old enough to remember these hardware debates for several decenniums, and they are equally hilarious (and also a bit scary) each time because it's all about controlling the "idiot" consumers. Most of the consumers don't give a hoot about meddling around with hardware and won't even notice. But people like me and my buddies (and probably a lot of the Slashdot originally intended audience) are DIY'ers that love to mess around with their hard-earned hardware, my Atari 2600 is only out of date when I say it is.

Remember the TV with the V-Chip? Remember how the microprocessors in the future Intel generation should be able to be "switched off" if they didn't have some "policing" software that the gov. could control in order to "prevent terrorism"?. Remember when Linux readers/users used to be seen as terrorists and vigilantes?

Anyone - who is capable of doing things on their own - are potential terrorists and troublemakers according to the powers that be, because you have the power to tinker, you have the power to make your opinion HEARD, you have the power to think, act, reverse engineer, modify, learn and educate on your own, in other words - you have POWERS that they don't want you to have.

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