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Comment We already lost that war... (Score 4, Insightful) 110

... with the introduction of smartphones with a camera or 3.

The thing is, this is unstoppable. So we might as well look at the advantages instead of running around like headless chickens all the time. Officers need these to prevent violence towards the officers AND the public to avoid unnecessary police brutality, now everyone IS accountable for their actions, I can't see this as a bad thing.

It's also highly unlikely that all video data will be stored for eternity because EVEN though we do have massive storage capacities, just imagine 7 million cameras with gigabyte storage all having to be centralized in some giant network, it would still take ages for any data processing to go trough that with image recognition, and there will probably be enough errors to keep an army of workers busy going through all of that.

And an extra little thing... ...the gov. constantly WANT to add survellance powers but TAKE away our retaliation powers (counter survellance, or private survellance) as we need to trust the powers that be 100%, I for once - never did, and history repeats itself over and over again with officers breaking the law by browsing gov. citizens data bank for personal use and not professional use, this is because they're ALSO human - as corrupt and curious as the rest of us.

The only thing you can rest assure of, there are those in the public who also have survellance capabilities, heck...I had this back in the 80s and kept a close eye on those I wanted to keep a close eye on, including the law enforcers - and they were as clueless then as they are today. If you want to stay out of trouble - stay OFF the radar, because they already have ALL the dirt on anyone of you, they just don't know you exist - yet!

Comment That's not good... (Score 5, Interesting) 97

Considering who the platform was meant to help in the first place, this is not good news.

Imagine this scenario, you're an informer on the run, you have to hide because you've got a secret that must eventually get out to the public. You have no access to modern computer, but could possibly scrape together some old computer parts to make one, perhaps an old disgarded 32 bit laptop somewhere in the dumpsters in an opressed country where even old computers are gold.

And you can't install it because it requires a 64 bit processor, well - bummer.

Any other day I'd agree with that decision, but in this case - I think it should be as compatible as possible with as much hardware as possible, focus less on modern things, and focus more on safe communications.

Comment Multiple Screens (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I remember it was (at least in the stores) hyped that separate screens (like the controller that comes with the Wii U) would be sold separately and we would be able to have 4 screens on it. Well that never happened.

Another bummer, was the fact that the launch came with an horribly slow OS and it took like forever to switch games. Plus the fact that the update was gigantic, so even on a 12 Mbit line it took like a good 5 hours to download the firmware update. This was a major setback, not to mention extremely annoying for kids expecting to play the games straight out of the box.

Just as a nail in the coffin, the good games didn't come out before 6 months after the launch and we where starved of good stuff, to top it off the Netflix application had a lot of bugs in it and rendered my Netflix viewing useless for 4 months. The Youtube app was hugely flawed as well, and the much anticipated Nintendo TV (which my unit kept promising would launch soon) never launched, but was an app...that never uninstalled - but gave us a message "No service in your area", enough to disharthen you every time you checked it out.

And the nails in the coffins kept coming, no new Zelda game, just raking in money on old-refurbs (Windwaker became Windwaker HD, followed by the next in the series, but still just HD remakes). Mario Maker was exciting the first 2 weeks, until I discovered that people just made simple "press-and-run" games that made all the good games "hidden", just to get scores so people could upload MORE levels themselves, of the same kind...and haul more votes. Mario Kart 8 was great, but I quickly got bored with it after a few weeks too.

Personally, the best games on the Wii U (for me) was Splatoon and Super Mario 3D world. It had awesome replayability and I ran trough it twice. Splatoon I kept playing every day for a month.Good times, as long as it lasted.

Personally, I don't think there's much wrong with the platform itself, the switch is gonna suffer the same fate if they keep people waiting for the big titles, and charge 60$ for 10 year old wiimotes. No more relaunches, we want fresh titles, and keepem coming if you want us to fatten your wallets.

Comment Mobile VR mainstream? (Score 1) 215

Heh...quoting op: The article points out that mobile virtual reality is "on the verge of becoming mainstream

Yeah...right, here we have HTC Vive and a monster computer that would make any high end gamer proud just to run it, and he's talking about those little goggles you put on a mobile phone as Mainstream VR?

If it wasn't so sad and a blatant lie, I'd laugh uncontrollably.

Comment The stupid things you can read about sometimes.. (Score 2) 74

...sometimes it makes me wonder why I keep reading this stuff, and even more so why I respond?

I mean c'mon...someone "insert ceo/founder/idealist/rich-moron etc. here" donates money to keep A.I. civilized. Yay. As if that is gonna be a deciding factor, as if that is going to do anything. I smell tax excemptions here...

Comment Bitcoin is hilarious... (Score 2) 296

I've always seen bitcoin as I've seen Pirate Bay. Bitcoins biggest selling point afaik was that you could pay anonymously, and anonymous pay is good for the black/dark marked. For the same reason, I can't just walk down to my local bank and say "1$ bitcoin, please!".

The dilemma starts when you're selling something, and want the money into normal money you can actually pay your utility bills with.

Also, the bitcoin to me also seem like the "poor man's fake gold reserve", if you believe it is worth something, then it is worth what you pay, so essentially the value of the bitcoin could go fictively up and down all the time, and if you sell it at the right time (if anyone is willing to buy when the value is high), then what do you do with the money? In Sweden you'd have to prove where the money comes from if it is a sum over 10K SEK. Otherwise the bank wont heed it and say no to your money because it doesn't come from any known source to them. They claim this is to prevent drug trafficing, but we (the citizens) know all too well that this is a plot from the gov. to control all the money and tax even already taxed second-hand sales, whatever you sell - we want a cut.

So all regular citizens really can do - is to lean back and watch the online show called "Bitcoin raises/loses value/dives/jumps" whatever....

Comment I think this is fairly common in history... (Score 3, Insightful) 215

...ever since the invention of Photography.

How many young girls haven't been lured from the promise of a model career, but can't afford to pay the photographer or agents, and gets into the hands of fake agents and "hobby photographers" with professional looking gear.

Comment Re:The seas are NOT going to boil. (Score 3, Insightful) 364

They're not lost, they're just selective about their posts and when they answer one. I suspect the reason for this is age and experience. The longer you've been at a party - the better you know your guests, and you know whether it would be futile to participate or just wait until the other who are new to the party finish their little internet-arguments first.

For the same reason we get older, the older we get, the less we speak, because we know it's in vain unless there's something actually worth contributing with. Been there, done that - ring any bells?

Comment The future is in Unpaid Workers. (Score 1) 181

People writing articles - Unpaid.
People writing scientific papers - Unpaid.
People doing product reviews and testing - Unpaid.
Fan groups of products and software, modding stuff - Unpaid.

One day, everything is UNPAID. Why pay money to you if you're willing to do it for free?

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