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Comment The stupid things you can read about sometimes.. (Score 2) 74

...sometimes it makes me wonder why I keep reading this stuff, and even more so why I respond?

I mean c'mon...someone "insert ceo/founder/idealist/rich-moron etc. here" donates money to keep A.I. civilized. Yay. As if that is gonna be a deciding factor, as if that is going to do anything. I smell tax excemptions here...

Comment Bitcoin is hilarious... (Score 2) 296

I've always seen bitcoin as I've seen Pirate Bay. Bitcoins biggest selling point afaik was that you could pay anonymously, and anonymous pay is good for the black/dark marked. For the same reason, I can't just walk down to my local bank and say "1$ bitcoin, please!".

The dilemma starts when you're selling something, and want the money into normal money you can actually pay your utility bills with.

Also, the bitcoin to me also seem like the "poor man's fake gold reserve", if you believe it is worth something, then it is worth what you pay, so essentially the value of the bitcoin could go fictively up and down all the time, and if you sell it at the right time (if anyone is willing to buy when the value is high), then what do you do with the money? In Sweden you'd have to prove where the money comes from if it is a sum over 10K SEK. Otherwise the bank wont heed it and say no to your money because it doesn't come from any known source to them. They claim this is to prevent drug trafficing, but we (the citizens) know all too well that this is a plot from the gov. to control all the money and tax even already taxed second-hand sales, whatever you sell - we want a cut.

So all regular citizens really can do - is to lean back and watch the online show called "Bitcoin raises/loses value/dives/jumps" whatever....

Comment I think this is fairly common in history... (Score 3, Insightful) 215

...ever since the invention of Photography.

How many young girls haven't been lured from the promise of a model career, but can't afford to pay the photographer or agents, and gets into the hands of fake agents and "hobby photographers" with professional looking gear.

Comment Re:The seas are NOT going to boil. (Score 3, Insightful) 364

They're not lost, they're just selective about their posts and when they answer one. I suspect the reason for this is age and experience. The longer you've been at a party - the better you know your guests, and you know whether it would be futile to participate or just wait until the other who are new to the party finish their little internet-arguments first.

For the same reason we get older, the older we get, the less we speak, because we know it's in vain unless there's something actually worth contributing with. Been there, done that - ring any bells?

Comment The future is in Unpaid Workers. (Score 1) 181

People writing articles - Unpaid.
People writing scientific papers - Unpaid.
People doing product reviews and testing - Unpaid.
Fan groups of products and software, modding stuff - Unpaid.

One day, everything is UNPAID. Why pay money to you if you're willing to do it for free?

Comment Ikea's Ingvar Kamprad is a star example... (Score 1) 406

The guy who started Ikea - super filthy rich beyond most peoples wildest dreams, walks around with casual clothes, sometimes people say that he looks like an old homeless person. But yet he has worked every day of his life, and STILL does at the age of 90.

The thing is - rich people don't work for the man - they're THE MAN, we're not talking about their kids who literally fell into daddy's riches, we're talking those who follow the philosophy of earning more than they spend. Everyone can get rich, it's all a matter of attitude.

This is exactly why lottery winners often end up poor again, because of poor money management skills. We had a TV show about a couple that won 4 millions in a super lottery, they ended up on a program called "The Luxury Trap / The Money Pit", these people thought it was now okay to spend more than usual, they didn't plan for the future but was basically thinking that with money like that - they had endless unlimited means, which...of course, they didn't. They in fact ended up with 2 millions in DEBT instead, and that was just after 2 years.

I actually like to brag a little, so I will - I'll take myself as an example. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to work, unless I feel it's super meaningful...in which case I don't even consider it a job, but as an example. I'm a real cheapo, I am stingy too. This lifestyle helps me get what I want. I live in a large 3 story house and sometimes I'm unemployed for long periods of time - no wellfare income, but I get the odd jobs here and there that helps me pay the utility bills. But I don't live a life of pure luxury, I don't endulge by visiting luxury restaurants or purchase the latest and the greatest. When I see something that can reduce my living costs like a new mobile-phone plan, or cheaper internet - I jump right on it and reduce my costs right away. I purchase food in bulk and save up. And I repair my own house, I never hire people. I save and penny pinch, but yet I got tons of cool stuff, my great lab filled to the brim with components bought from shops closing down or someone giving up their hobbies - the secret is - I don't ever purchase at full price, and of course - I never purchase anything by borrowing money from someone or the bank. I keep costs down, and that way...I don't even have to be rich.

Yet...I'm richer than most of my neighbors in the entire town, with their luxury cars, and jet-set lifestyle travelling all over the world, slaving away at a job they hate.

Comment Either Netflix is screwing with my mind... (Score 1) 162

...or I'm getting truly senile, hope not. At least I don't think so, but it seems to me that Netflix have a habit of removing my "rating" settings after a while, and presents the same movies I've already seen 1 year before on Netflix as my reccomendations.

What I have noticed though - is that they now change the POSTERS for each movie regularly so you essentially get tricked into believing that it's a new movie, but it's just the same movie with different posters and snapshots.

Comment Kind of obvious... (Score 4, Insightful) 274

Here in Sweden a typical Makerbot would set you back 18K Sek (that's roughly 2000$) and for what? A slow, primitive - made out of wood 3D printer that looks like it was made by a bunch of tech kids at a high school.

It also takes TONS of fiddling around, and the patience of a saint to even produce something useful with it. If you want something better like the Ultimaker 2 or 3, you pay around 4000-5000$ in Sweden, and most people aren't ready to fork out that kind of money. However, you can always gamble on cheap Chinese clones of the older makerbots, often made in plastic instead of wood or just coated wood for that matter, but the same enthusiast process involved, it is NOT just print and you're ready, it takes TONS of work. Lots of preparation, and you need to clean and prep. your 3D work before you hit the print button so to speak.

I'm a 3D modeler, I've been working with 3D for over 20 years. I've YET to see a useful home-model that isn't just "look - I - printed - a - stock - model - ma!" tech demo. You'll actually be better off with a good CNC machine if you want to make prototypes on the cheap.

But they're fun tho...if you have the time AND the money to burn on the countless rolls of ABS plastic you're gonna need.

Comment Re:Nausea. (Score 1) 42

Maybe it's fucking awful for you, but it's fine for a lot of people. When I first got my Vive, I'd say I suffered an average level of motion sickness from FPS type stuff, but after a few months of (not much) training, I don't get sick at all anymore. It can be trained out.

He ain't kidding...

I got motion sick as HELL when I got my vive and made my own Unity games in VR, and it felt like I wouldn't get over it.
Then Google Earth VR came, and I turned off the safety "blurring" and was just a little weirded out in the beginning, after a while - I could "fly" for hours without getting any motion sickness.

Comment Tinfoil hat party, here we come! (Score 1) 1321

I was wondering what kind of things that would happen if Trump won, one thing we can be pretty sure of is that the establishment doesn't let 30+ years of comfortable ruling go without a fight, and that means a fight to the bloody end, claws, fingers, nails and craniums. Bring out your tinfoil hat folks, and get ready to watch the show of the century unfold.

The hacker accusations is just the very beginning of the show, there's all kinds of stuff gonna happen now, I personally predict that they'll work 24H to dishonor him in some way so they can regain the power without angering the public, but it won't go down without a price. The "tinfoil hat" voters will have their theories verified if he either gets assassinated, dishonored enough to have to leave by any sort of disqualifications. And it has NOTHING to do with Trump, it's voting for none of the above that it is all about, and he was the lesser evil of the two.

I'm a bit scared too - you should be too, because we're in for a rough ride. Civil unrest will come as a result of this, whether he stays or the above alternatives happens. Mark my words - you're never going to forget this event in history.

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