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Comment Kind of obvious... (Score 4, Insightful) 263

Here in Sweden a typical Makerbot would set you back 18K Sek (that's roughly 2000$) and for what? A slow, primitive - made out of wood 3D printer that looks like it was made by a bunch of tech kids at a high school.

It also takes TONS of fiddling around, and the patience of a saint to even produce something useful with it. If you want something better like the Ultimaker 2 or 3, you pay around 4000-5000$ in Sweden, and most people aren't ready to fork out that kind of money. However, you can always gamble on cheap Chinese clones of the older makerbots, often made in plastic instead of wood or just coated wood for that matter, but the same enthusiast process involved, it is NOT just print and you're ready, it takes TONS of work. Lots of preparation, and you need to clean and prep. your 3D work before you hit the print button so to speak.

I'm a 3D modeler, I've been working with 3D for over 20 years. I've YET to see a useful home-model that isn't just "look - I - printed - a - stock - model - ma!" tech demo. You'll actually be better off with a good CNC machine if you want to make prototypes on the cheap.

But they're fun tho...if you have the time AND the money to burn on the countless rolls of ABS plastic you're gonna need.

Comment Re:Nausea. (Score 1) 42

Maybe it's fucking awful for you, but it's fine for a lot of people. When I first got my Vive, I'd say I suffered an average level of motion sickness from FPS type stuff, but after a few months of (not much) training, I don't get sick at all anymore. It can be trained out.

He ain't kidding...

I got motion sick as HELL when I got my vive and made my own Unity games in VR, and it felt like I wouldn't get over it.
Then Google Earth VR came, and I turned off the safety "blurring" and was just a little weirded out in the beginning, after a while - I could "fly" for hours without getting any motion sickness.

Comment Tinfoil hat party, here we come! (Score 1) 1321

I was wondering what kind of things that would happen if Trump won, one thing we can be pretty sure of is that the establishment doesn't let 30+ years of comfortable ruling go without a fight, and that means a fight to the bloody end, claws, fingers, nails and craniums. Bring out your tinfoil hat folks, and get ready to watch the show of the century unfold.

The hacker accusations is just the very beginning of the show, there's all kinds of stuff gonna happen now, I personally predict that they'll work 24H to dishonor him in some way so they can regain the power without angering the public, but it won't go down without a price. The "tinfoil hat" voters will have their theories verified if he either gets assassinated, dishonored enough to have to leave by any sort of disqualifications. And it has NOTHING to do with Trump, it's voting for none of the above that it is all about, and he was the lesser evil of the two.

I'm a bit scared too - you should be too, because we're in for a rough ride. Civil unrest will come as a result of this, whether he stays or the above alternatives happens. Mark my words - you're never going to forget this event in history.

Comment Overall YES - but privately - no. (Score 4, Interesting) 260

And what do I mean by that? Here's how I see it (and I work in advertisement were we use paper more than most companies):

The newspapers (physical format) is struggling like mad, it's dying a hard slow death that the editors and older people desperately tries to fight rather than deny. Deny it - is what they tried to do 15 years ago, today they KNOW better, but really struggle with digital media. For this reason it will still live on, but only for a limited period of time (untill the old folks go to bed forever, cynical - but true).

My neighbors are roughly around 70 to 90 years old, they've lived here practically all of their lives, most of them have a computer but they confess they rarely use it, they basically use it to read mails from their kids and pay bills via online banking because they are too old and tired to go to the bank physically, if they had an alternative (someone drove them) they'd prefer that (yes, I'm basically the neighborhood IT guy so I hear them!).

Personally I absolutely HATE my physical mailbox. There are basically TWO things I find in there, one is more overpowering than the other and needs constant attention, namely ADVERTISEMENT in paper form. For me, they usually go directly from the mailbox to the paper-recycling dumpster can we have, I don't even bother to read them, they are more a nuisance than practical. But the OLD people love them, it's basically their only source of information (and I kid you not!).

At work we sometimes print copies because in advertisement we NEED to see if the ads look good on print, this is proofing and we can't really do without that process. But we use as little paper as we have to, the boss hate wasting print colour and paper, and we don't like the manual handling of the endless paper mountains either, so the less - the better.

At home I like to decorate the walls with my own printout collages of the 80s memorabilia, cartoons and video games, so it's basically used as a decorative wallpaper printer for me, other than that - I rarely if ever print anything. In fact...I print so little, that my Hewlett Packard color laser printer 2600n has only had ONE set of cartridges in it since I bought it 10 years ago, and gathers dust under a chair somewhere in the hall, I take it out if I need to send some hardcopy to the government (who are still super-old-fashioned in Sweden and wants everything in hardcopy prints).

I sometimes work for the school system as a substitute teacher when I'm out of graphics jobs at work, and at school we use the copier heavily, it gets a run all day long, that's because the teachers are in love with giving kids assignements on paper since it basically keeps them occupied all the time. This ain't going away anytime soon either.

Comment Yep, it will cost less to manufacture, but... (Score 2, Interesting) 428

...10 times more expensive to buy for the end users.

When the solar cells dropped in price from the hefty China manufacturing of these, people in Sweden tried to purchase a lot of these, then a heftyn anti-dumping 60% import tax "to protect other producers of panels" where quickly introduced to stop this "green madness", hah...

But good on him for trying, now if the governments of the worlds would like to dance to that tune, we'd all be in the green, but I can pretty much promise you, the ones earning $$$ on something else won't have it!

Submission + - Google Launches Earth VR for free on HTC Vive (

An anonymous reader writes: Google today revealed Earth VR, a virtual reality version of the company's famous Google Earth program that's built for the HTC Vive. The application packs the rich Google Earth dataset — which includes high resolution satellite imagery, elevation data, and detailed 3D modeled cities and landscapes — into a single model of the planet which users can view all the way from space down to the ground, walking among cities like a giant. The company tells Road to VR that "Earth VR is a product, not a demo," and that it's designed to benefit from improvements in the Earth dataset over time automatically, and it will see regular updates post launch.

Comment As an Early adopter of HTC vive, I concur. (Score 1) 1

I've been messing around with Unity too - and I think the problem is that it makes it far too simple to set up some simple "I-can-make-games-mom!" game overnight, everything gets served to you. It took me 3 hours just to set up a relatively simple build-what-you-want with bricks sort of game with Unity, VR-Toolkit and a little scripting from youtube tutorials. This makes it tempting for any one-man-graphics-codernoob-wannabe to think that they can skip the entire multi-person game company team and just do it all alone.

And yes, Unity makes that possible, but as a result - the games usually stink to high heaven. I've bought dozens of those 2-5 dollar games off steam that promises to be all-that, but it's just a bunch of Unity learning process releases from bedroom-indie devs that probably didn't even bother to learn to code C-sharp properly, and just stitches already made scrips and assets from the asset-store together, look ma! Game! I can-do-VR!

But give it time, it's still new, overpriced and for the first time in history - actually within reach of the average citizen, not to mention actually playable. Raw-Data is an excellent example HOW AAA games could look in VR in the future, but that team consist of 16 people and a million budget. We need more like that, but we need to be patient instead of screaming with demand.

Adobt the technology - and the games will come abundant!

Comment Re:Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 1) 64

> Even linux games on steam are 30-50% slower than on Windows

You've not tried Linux the last 3 years, have you? I've been a registered user since 1998 and while that used to be true because of all the windows/graphics handling needed and all the library emulations, driver wrappers etc. While it still holds true for certain 2D games, this certainly ain't the truth for 3D games. I can pretty much tell you that CS GO runs exactly the same on Linux Mint 17.3 as it does on any windows, of course you need proprietary kernel with Nvidia drivers for this, if you run the Noveau drivers, then you'd be right.

3D software like Blender 3D actually runs faster on my Linux box than any Windows installation I have/had. It all depends on the software, you can't say things like "games run faster on windows", that doesn't make any sense anymore.

Submission + - Virtual Reality Startups Are Producing Too Many Bad Demos, Insiders Say ( 1

Wave723 writes: Virtual reality experts said too many startups and developers are producing demos that make people sick or fail to impress customers, IEEE Spectrum reports from a recent VR conference in New York City. They say this issue could spell problems for the industry, if potential customers turn away from the technology. Representatives of Framestore, RYOT, major media companies, and several venture capital firms discussed how to avoid this problem, including limiting camera motion and incorporating UX designers from day one.

Comment Re:Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 2) 64

I'm not sure what causes this. My specs are: Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2133 MHz ram (32 GB, 8GB x 4). The motherboard is an MSI X99A Gaming 7 LGA2011-3. 8DDR.4PCI-Ex16.2PCI-Ex1 M.2, the processor is an i7-5820K 6-core, and finally the graphics card is an GeForce Asus ROC 1070 GTX 8GB. The SSD disk is an onboard M.2. Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB.

The windows is a storebought OEM windows 10 USB edition, updated to the anniversary edition with all the latest drivers for every bit of the hardware.

Any useful suggestions greatly appreciated.

Comment Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 1, Interesting) 64

This has been a nightmare from start to so far. I'm a long time Linux user so I'm more experienced in Linux than I am on the windows platform.

The only reason I run windows 10 on my computer (and I have to admit, totally against my will) is for the HTC Vive and Steam VR games. Windows 10 has been nothing but a sorry experience of me, numerous security kernel crashes, freezes, lockups and whatnot. On the SAME computer I had NO freezes or lockups on the Mint Linux 17.3 platform.

The Minute I can run Steam VR and Anyland on Linux with my Htc Vive - bye bye windows 10, hope to never see you again.

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