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Submission + - US ISP Blocking the Pirate Bay? (

Miladinoski writes: "Qwest customers complain about being unable to access the Swedish torrent tracker site The Pirate Bay, which was first reported by a user on the DSLReports forum and then confirmed by couple of others.

The reporting customer later talked with the tech support of Qwest which also said that were unable to access the site either. Is it just some technical glitch or has Qwest began blocking websites accused of infringement of copyrights, nobody knows, but it could cause their customers move on to another ISP if something like that happens in the future."


Submission + - First beta of Opera 10 is out in the wilderness (

Miladinoski writes: "Opera Software ASA today released the newest beta of their tenth version of the Opera browser. In addition to their already known features that made it famous like mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, voice navigated browser, mail and RSS included into the browser, speed dial and so forth, it now includes a Turbo mode which unclogs your connection to get faster internet, a new interface, a tabbed browsing update, customisable speed dial but continues to follow the web standards by getting 100/100 and pixel-perfect scores on the Acid3 test.

You can grab the beta available for every modern OS platform here."


Submission + - Opera Turbo, Web Proxy Accelerator (

Miladinoski writes: "The developers over at Norway have developed a technology which compresses bandwidth consumption similar to what Opera Mini does in the mobile market. This feature is targeted to users with slow connections speeds in which you can drastically increase the speed with which the pages open.

According to Opera Labs it works on a:

... server-side optimization and compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections by compressing network traffic.

It's still a lower than beta in quality release and builds are available for Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux."

Linux Business

Submission + - IBM gets hip with 'cool' Ubuntu PC deal (

Miladinoski writes: "IBM is expected to announce the expanded backing for Ubuntu in a desktop and collaboration deal to challenge MS's Windows and Office today. In exchange, Canonical, Ubuntu's commercial sponsor — has agreed to re-distribute IBM's Lotus Symphony productivity suite with its public Linux repositories. Ubuntu, according to the suits at IBM is described as:

a Linux operating system that scores high marks on usability and 'the cool factor.'

More details are expected later today."

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