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Comment Lefties? (Score 1) 10

If not being heartless is being a leftist, then I'm leftist. Letting children die so you can become even more filthy rich is just pure evil.

This is a drug that costs less than ten bucks to manufacture that stops children from dying a horrible death from a severe allergy. Charging six hundred bucks for it is beyond criminal and wel into Evil with a capital E. Satanically evil.

Comment Taxes are punishment? (Score 1) 4

If taxes are punishment then the rich need their taxes tripled after all the unpunished evil they've done so far this century. The poor are being punished enough - by the rich. If having to pay for roads and bridges is punishment, then having to pay for food and water is, too.

As a Christian, I have no problem with taxes (Mark 12:17). Of course, if you worship mammon rather than God, taxes would indeed be punishment.

Comment Re:Do we have to let the winner out of the arena? (Score 4, Insightful) 49

Kind of boggles my mind that the google thinks they made $22 billion profit on $31 billion revenue from Android. Talk about magic money? Some kind of projection of the effects of Android's success on their stock prices? Already we're dealing with fantasy here.

Why does it boggle the mind? Most of the Android revenue is licensing. Google doesn't have a lot of cost when it comes to licensing.

However, my two primary reactions were sadness and amusement. The sadness is at the loss of the google's innocence. I used to think they were sincere about the "Don't be evil" thing, but now they are just another giant EVIL company and the corporate motto has become "All your attention are belong to us." I can't decide whether I was a gullible fool or if the transition was just inevitable under the rules of the American business game as encoded into law by the most cheaply bribed politicians.

Again, why? Sure Goggle has done some evil things but you're saying making money is inherently evil. How do you think Goggle can afford to be not evil as a company. Some money has to come in from somewhere.

Comment Re:I'm an immigrant (Score 1) 839

You can't leave the border wide open

Clearly you've not taken geography or civics or history. The US border with Mexico is 3,201 kilometers (1,989 mi) long with much of it over rugged terrain. The Canada US border is 8,891 kilometres (5,525 mi) long. The Atlantic coast is 2069 miles. The Gulf Coast is 1631 miles. The Pacific Coast is 7,623 miles. The Arctic coast is 12,383 miles. So how do you propose to "close" the border? My rough estimation is almost 30,000 miles of border to close. That's just geography.

So which countries maintain a closed border? Only the totalitarian ones like North Korea, East Germany, etc. The vast majority of countries have open borders because the logistics of closed borders is too much to handle. That's history and civics.

Comment Re:A defect is a defect (Score 1) 204

So, you don't consider cancer or diabetes to be diseases? Non-communicable diseases cause far more deaths worldwide than communicable ones.

First of all I NEVER said any of that. Second, a phone is not a biological entity. It can't get a disease. It suffers from a defect.

Comment Re:Apple is jumping the shark pretty hard now (Score 1) 495

There is no excuse to eliminate an audio jack from a phone, much less a Macbook.

Apple has their reasons and you may disagree with those reasons but they have them.

Too many complications with wireless headphones and microphones, and peripherals to add the functionality back just add to clutter for a portable device.

While I agree that generally wireless headphones are sometimes troublesome to set up, it only Apple worked on a set of wireless headphones where they optimized the setup. If only they developed a whole new chip just for this application. . .

Comment Re:Apple's suicide (Score 1) 495

Those were all technologies that were in some way vastly superseded in quality or functionality. The standard audio jack is currently extremely high quality (yay push-pull transistors) and universally standard and will remain so, outside of the apple-verse, for decades to come.

I don't know about "high quality" when it comes to a standard headphone audio jack. Now for the MacBook Pro as well as some other laptops, the headphone jack is also a digital audio out port as well. So ditching that would affect those customers like DJs and sound professionals that use that port as a digital signal.

Comment Yerkes Dodson, performance. (Score 1) 110

The yerkes Dodson law as well as how people perform might be a big part of what drives this kind of thing. People perform best when there is uncertainty in when they will receive a reward, plus Thai need a certain arousal state to do something well.

If your performance and profit is all that we are going to measure keeping one's job by, then this thing will continue to happen for ever. We need to recognize that profits should not be everything

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 6

The trouble with long-term use of them is tolerance. The longer you take them, the less effective they are. That's why so many overdose right after rehab; they used the same amount of drug as before, and that dose which would barely give them a buzz is now fatal. Lately, research is showing that long term, their use is counterproductive.

The reason why "the left" is telling doctors to stop prescribing them is because the Oxycontin junkies have become heroin addicts. Why not just prescribe heroin in the first place? Oh, yeah, fewer profits for big pharma.

I do have friends with chronic conditions taking these medications and I worry about them. I have arthritis, and have had since I was a teenager. When I was stationed in Delaware the pain was so bad I had to literally crawl out of bed (worst possible weather for arthritis there) and spent a LOT of time in sick call. Odd, they never prescribed that junk back then.

It isn't about alleviating people's pain, it's about filling pockets and purses with more gold from the infirm and it's disgusting.

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