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Comment Then I'll just have to opt out of Watson. (Score 1) 439

We've reached a point where AI in medical diagnosis is more accurate then human doctors.

Non-Watson-based citation needed.

I wonder what the (snark-free) medical symbol would be for communicating "AI Not Authorized for Medical Treatment/Human Treatment Only". I'd be more than happy to have one on me until AI is a strict companion, not a replacement.

Comment Leftists are the bigots. (Score 2) 439

It's a lost cause for America, anyway.

Only for leftists bent on screeching "Hate! Bigotry! Shut up!". For the rest of us, it represents a second Reagan-like morning in America.

bigotry and misandry and globalism.

All things that the left teaches, and to do so violently towards non-leftists.

Besides, nationalism isn't a bad thing after all.

Rome burned and people still live there.

Unchecked moral decay caused Rome to burn.

Evangelical Christians get their way

The country is more than just Liberty University. On the other hand, it'd be nice to see university rioters get the Gov. Reagan treatment again.

Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 178

Before you go for my throat, I was simply proposing a way to put the kabash on low-latency stock trading. I don't actually have a strong aversion to it, and though I'm pretty ignorant about the whole thing tend to agree with you. But if stopping the low-latency guys is your goal, it's pretty straightforward.

Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 178

How will you decide on order priority within the one-second batches?

I wouldn't do it - people who do this sort of thing for a living would. If I'm just spitballing and you won't make fun of my naivety I could try to come up with some solutions. I'm not sure why FIFO wouldn't work just fine - simply fill the buffer until the next transaction window fires. It's the same system that is in place now, with larger quantum steps.

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