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Journal Journal: Snow out of season 2

Here in Tokyo -actually I'm not there though, it started to snow untimely. Snowfall continues as of now 21:50 to three in the morning tomorrow. It piles up to 3 to 5 cm. Cold night..
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Journal Journal: Ms Clinton comes

Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton comes to Japan. She said bilateral relation between United States and Japan is essential and a corner stone to world politics. Japan is the first country for her to visit outside US and she invited Japanese premire to visit the White House as the first foreign leader.

Through Japan bashing, passing now is the time to Japan banishing. Assimilation has been in progress in such a degree.

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Journal Journal: Drunken proved

People who made a mistake under the influence of alcohol often make an excuse as they didn't drink much. This is the proof of their intoxication. They think they didn't have much because they had already much.
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Journal Journal: Buy American Act

Protectionism is so natural. Buy American doesn't mean Don't buy other than Americans. Coming the age of blocked economy.
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Journal Journal: Hidden story

Really daunting matters are not talked. True matters are talked few times or hidden completely.
Really shocking matters are not talked.

History consisted in what we were able to reveal, which is less serious. History is an accumulation of less serious record. Biographers, historians try to reveal those hidden story.

This is the reality of current history we know.

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Journal Journal: My destiny

In my youth, words appear one after the other. So in a class I was unable to bear anything in my mind, instead, I needed to take down what appeared in my mind. I shut down the entrance to knowledge. This was my destiny. I was obliged to be a writer without being given time to choose.

Hah, I was supposed to title 'My excuse' for this post.

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Journal Journal: Inauguration day 4

Tens of thousands of people are gathering to celebrate the inauguration of Mr President-elect Barack Obama.
Twenty years ago I spent a year in the United States. I was one of the most prosperous guy in my country. My pride was totally broken into pieces when I realised I was one of non-white.

Today I see tens of people in Washington DC. That's so panoramic!

I hope he can break the ice. He is one year senior to me.

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Journal Journal: Mer_panacea (1381133) x 4

In your message box is there a sign of x right side of your name as Mer_panacea (1381133) x ?
Does some one know what this x stand for? I saw it for the first time today. I mind it.

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Journal Journal: A letter from America 10

One of my close friends went to America, staying for a while. He sent me a riddle. Here's a part of his letter from America.

>After Noah and his family survived the flood, God now allows humans to eat animal meat (except the blood). But as you recall, there were only pairs of animals or each kind with seven. So if people would start eating animals right away, wouldn't some animals be extinct right away? No, because God provided a solution for these animals. The answer is in Genesis 9:2! Please check it out!

Genesis 9:2 from New International Version: The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands.

Is this answer?

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Journal Journal: My motto 2

Don't look around, but forward.
But now it's time to look around. Life is long.

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Journal Journal: Illusion 4

I used to post a comment in someone's blog that love gives us everything and deprives us of nothing or something like that. Now I challenge my previous statement. Love gives us illusion and deprives us of all.
Therefore we love?

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Journal Journal: Appearances of a beggar's village

At the very centre of Capital, hundreds of unemployed spent their year out and in in the hall of Ministry of Labour and Health. They became refugees. Can we call this country an advanced nation? Now it's so dubious.
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Journal Journal: Beginning of job

New work day starts to day. I like working, but I don't like to get along with people at work. I'm working as a dispatched worker there, that's a main reason. The rate of dispatched labourer in Japan is 37.8%, unusually higher than that in the UK as slightly more than 5%. I'm not working there with my pals and fellows.
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Journal Journal: The riddle of twelve o'clock high 3

I always become sleepy at twelve o'clock midnight and I always feel like taking a rest and eating lunch at twelve o'clock noon.
I call this phenomenon a riddle of twelve o'clock high. Probably it relates to the height or position of sun. This is a biological clock.

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Journal Journal: Happy new year 2009 3

Hello everyone!!This is my obligation self-imposed. I am one of the earliest people who welcome the year 2009.
Best regards,

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