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Journal Mer_panacea's Journal: Snow out of season 2

Here in Tokyo -actually I'm not there though, it started to snow untimely. Snowfall continues as of now 21:50 to three in the morning tomorrow. It piles up to 3 to 5 cm. Cold night..
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Snow out of season

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  • The other day we had a big blizzard go by, normally being in the very northern part of Georgia we would have gotten it, six inches it was, but for some odd reason it swung south because of extreme north winds and went below us. I really miss getting a few nice snows a year. The rest of the time here winter is just cold drizzly mud season, snow at least makes it pretty, plus it is big fun to go out tracking and see how many and what kind of wild animals are around the property.

    • In my opinion snowfall at its marginal area is most beautiful on earth.

      If you live between latitude 34 to 35 degrees area of the northern Georgia, you must have several -three or four snowfall days in a year. I live slightly below than latitude 34 degrees so we have a few -two or three snowfall days.

      Tokyo is located at latitude 35.5 so they have more snowfall days, but anyway less than a week.

      One of the cities located at latitude 33 usually doesn't have any snowfall.

      The city located at latitude 37 always ha

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