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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Want a REAL reason to oppose pork? 3

I'm tired of all the people who think that we can recover the economy on private-industry jobs alone (where have they been the last 6 months when 3.5 MILLION private industry jobs disappeared?!?!?). However, there's still a good reason to oppose pork: The jobs the federal government creates, well 20% of them don't pay a living wage, leaving one in 5 federal employees in poverty (and I'll bet most of them, despite bipartisan "support for the troops" are soldiers).

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Want a REAL reason to oppose pork?

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  • When I was in the service, I was an NCO, and still qualified for both WIC and food stamps. I had two children, and my wife didn't work (couldn't as I was stationed somewhere fairly remote, and there wasn't much in 'town' for her to do).

    When we asked for raises, the Republican Controlled congress told us that since we didn't use the WIC and Food Stamps that we were eligible for, we must not need a raise.

  • >However, there's still a good reason to oppose pork: The jobs the federal government creates

    In well-developed countries, public enterprises contain a lot of needless investment. Because infrastructure was already well-built so there's scarce place to dig up more.

    In the case of U.S., however, there's a lot of hinterland to develop. I think it works well if done under well-prepared plans by a superior leader.

    • Unfortunately we don't have a superior leader. And thus, we get a stimulus bill that costs $200,000 to create a non-living-wage job for a year.

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