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Submission + - Dutch govt has no idea how to delete tapped calls

McDutchie writes: The law in the Netherlands says that intercepted phone calls between attorneys and their clients must be destroyed. But the Dutch government has been keeping under wraps for years that no one has the foggiest clue how to delete them (Google translation). Now, an email from the National Police Services Agency (KLPD) has surfaced, revealing that the working of the technology in question is a NetApp trade secret. The Dutch police are now trying to get their Israeli supplier Verint to tell them how to delete tapped calls and comply with the law. Meanwhile, attorneys in the Netherlands remain afraid to use their phones.
The Courts

Submission + - Judge: Fake Simpsons cartoon 'is child porn' (

McDutchie writes: "An appeal judge in Australia has ruled that an animation depicting well-known cartoon characters engaging in sexual acts is child pornography. The central issue in the case was whether a cartoon character could depict a real person. He ruled that the animated cartoon could "fuel demand for material that does involve the abuse of children," and therefore upheld the conviction for child pornography."

Submission + - UK ISPs censor Wikipedia page, serve fake 404 1

McDutchie writes: "Suddenly, access to Wikipedia from most major UK ISPs has become painfully slow. The reason: all your connections to Wikipedia are being transparently proxied through a single IP address, and the article about the 1970s Scorpion album, Virgin Killer, is blocked, presumably because of the cover image. The proxy serves fake 404 Not Found error page, so you wouldn't know about the block unless you were familiar with Wikimedia's regular 404 page. Wikinews has more on this."
Social Networks

Submission + - Second Life Auto-Bans Accounts, Keeps US$350 ( 1

McDutchie writes: "What happens when a Second Life user transfers 100,000 Linden dollars (about US$350 at current sell rate) from his alternative to his main avatar? That's right: both accounts instantly go "poof" with no warning, explanation or recourse. Linden Lab stonewalls its customer and keeps the US$350. With this kind of story as well as recently introduced trademark idiocy and the extreme and ever-increasing instability and unreliability Second Life has been experiencing for months now, I wonder if the writing is on the wall. For how much longer will Second Life be around?"

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