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Comment Re:Not obvious (Score 1) 151

There are a few games that are *awesome* in VR. The obvious ones are cockpit games - flight sims and the like.

I'd agree that cockpit games do exceptionally well in VR. Likely in no small part because your "real position in the real world" most closely matches your position in the virtual world. I.e. Sitting in a chair with your hands on a joystick/throttle. Also, once you get used to the advantages realistic of head tracking in such games, you'll actually find it difficult to go back to non-VR for such games.

However, until VR resolution (and close focus ability) dramatically improves, there will be an enormous bias towards spaceship-cockpit games that can place their visible controls and displays in optimal virtual locations. The best example of this I can think of is "Elite: Dangerous". Realistic airplane cockpits are difficult because you can't easily visually resolve all the tiny controls due to resolution limits.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

You appear to be conflating religion and ethnicity. Muslim is one who subscribes to the Islamic religion. A Christian is one who subscribes to the Christian religion. However, this is unlike with Jews: a person can be a Jew if he is only ethnically Jewish (born of Jewish lineage). You can be both Jewish ethnically and Jewish religiously, or you can be only Jewish ethnically. (You can't be Jewish only religiously - if you are accepted as religiously Jewish, you are automatically considered to become a part of the ethnicity. And there are genetic markers for being Jewish ethnically: most notable is probably the Cohen y-chromosome haplotype, which can at least designate Semitic origin.) There is no Muslim or Christian equivalent because those religions span a multitude of cultures, ethnicities, and regions of the world. In fact, the most populous Muslim country is not at all Arabic.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 920

I'm the submitter. I don't care if he stomps kittens in his spare time, and I doubt I've seen three of his videos before today. The dishonesty and cynicism here shown by allegedly reputable mainstream media outlets here is astonishing.

Ya know, if everybody would JUST IGNORE crap like this, maybe the "dishonest, cynical, allegedly reputable mainstream media outlets" would ALSO ignore it? It seems very evident to me that even you wish to continue perpetuating it, as if gives you something to complain about. It's crap like this that gets us The Donald as POTUS. And as much as I complain to people to just ignore things like this, I'd actually be a LOT happier if I didn't have to point this out even on occasion. And it'd be great if we could have some more actual tech pieces here rather than tabloid faux-drama pieces.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

Being against the Israeli gov't does not per-say make one anti-Zionist. It makes them anti-current-gov't-of-Israel. Being anti-Zionist means you don't support the notion of a national Jewish homeland which happens to cover major portions of the historical homeland. And don't forget that there's a lot of antisemites out there that use (misuse?) the notion of being anti-Zionist as a cover to their actual antisemitic views and tendencies.

Comment Re:But Crackberry (Score 1) 91

Back in the days of the BlackBerry Curve, they basically did something close enough to that. Unfortunately, once BlackBerry 10 came around, they totally forgot the importance of having a cheap-low-end even if its not profitable. You basically need those junk devices to build your platform's userbase to the level that people care about it enough to support your better devices.

Microsoft understood this back when they were more seriously pushing the various Windows Phone incarnations. Unfortunately, they failed to provide a compelling platform for anyone who wanted something more than "the cheap thing the phone store was offering for scraps." This kept things going for a while, and did result in a larger (if still unimpressive) userbase than BlackBerry 10 managed, but wasn't enough long-term.

Comment Re:They're screwed (Score 1) 118

Um... side projects aren't "jobs to qualify experience" when talking to HR.

For the right kind of company, they can certainly help. Especially if its a small company and/or startup that looks at you as an individual, not just as a name in a stack of resumes. But for the normal way you go through "the process" earlier in your career? I wish someone would have noticed.

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