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Comment Re:How about focus on setting a static IP? (Score 1) 23

And when I complain about such things, the usual reaction I get from people is something like... Haha! Why the heck are you even doing VLANs at home? I don't have any problems. Your use case doesn't matter, why should anyone waste time on it?

Seriously, I'm sick and tired of people saying such things. I do have multiple VLANs on my network, and you know what? For everything *except* SONOS, it actually works just fine. All I needed to do was run a few services on my router to make sure things connected (e.g. an mDNS daemon).

Comment Re:the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 2) 213

Don't even get me started on medium format digital prices either. They are just insane.

This is one important part that everyone else here is oblivious to, since they probably think that all photography derives from the 35mm format.

It is *much* easier to make a larger piece of film than it is to make a larger digital sensor.
There are cameras that take film that is larger than 35mm.

Sure, at the 35mm level, you can probably argue that there's not much reason to bother with film on the quality/resolution front anymore. But the moment you go to medium/large format films and cameras, film can give you something that would probably cost the same as a small car if you tried to find a matching digital camera.

There are also a lot of interesting camera designs from over the years, in the world of medium format photography. None of these designs have digital equivalents.

Comment Re:ENOUGH of the dick-measuring already! (Score 1) 121

That's why we need these companies to get to the point where they can diversify their product lines. So they can make normal cars with sane performance, while also having a dedicated sportscar line for bragging rights. It may not happen until Tesla's next-gen roadster, or projects like the Rimac Concept One turn into mass-production vehicles, but it'll hopefully happen someday.

Comment Re:Four years isn't so bad. (Score 1) 88

Considering that everyone keeps acting like Flash is no longer required or relevant or should be cared about...

Oh wait, every other website across the ENTIRE INTERNET still seems to at least attempt to use Flash. Seriously, turn on Firefox's plugin prompting setting and just try browsing the web.

At least most of them no longer break if you are missing the plugin, or don't let it run. But they still try.

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