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Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 1) 509

I've often felt that the licensing hissy-fit (which may have been a valid argument in the past, though not anymore) was actually a cover story or excuse for a bunch of C programmers who really just hated C++ and didn't want to allow the Linux desktop to use an environment written in it.

That being said, Gtk+ kinda feels like what you'd get if you insisted on implementing a C++ style object model in C, just because.

Comment Re:Female CS Grads were only 18%.... (Score 1) 414

This is why I don't like the (media driven?) obsession with beating up a few select highly-visible tech companies over their hiring diversity statistics. The applicant pool is small enough, and the real energy needs to target the middle-school (or earlier) levels.

By pushing hard to improve these ratios, the highly-visible companies are just depriving the rest of the entire industry of any opportunity diversity whatsoever. Heck, the numbers feel so bad, that if they actually did drop the bar low enough and hire every single tech person meeting "diversity criteria," every other less-visible tech company would end up 100% non-diverse.

Comment Re:What a joke... (Score 1) 113

"niche market" is kind of an overstatement. In fact, your usage scenario -- according to statistics -- is the "niche market". Very very few people actually need the ability to get into an 8000lb truck and drive 600+ miles before needing to refuel.

But a very high percentage of people who bash Tesla in online forums seem to have this as a critically important use case :-P

Comment Re:If it looks like a phone company. (Score 1) 25

Except what layers of the OSI model do Vodafone and Orange provide, and what levels of the OSI model do Google and Microsoft provide? Perhaps the confusion you are experiencing is due to the fact that you are referring to Orange and Vodafone as "telephone companies". That is a legacy term which is, for all intents and purposes, anachronistic nowadays. Even TFS refers to them as "telecoms". But they are not the same as Google and Microsoft.

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