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Comment Just keep them out of the schools. (Score 1) 616

Have you been to a school lately? Since growing up, that is?

Have you noticed how children interact with each other?

they're germ incubators. Everything gets shared. And shared. And shared.

If you don't want to vaccinate your kids, fine, but at least have the decency not to bring them to the public schools. That's all this bill is asking.

Comment My mama told me, you better shop around. (Score 1) 695

How about using the actual global means? Same site. Same interface. Global data instead of just the tropics (keep in mind the greenhouse effect does a lot more to the poles than the tropics.)

Comment Re:ahh we're all going to die (Score 1) 279

" But wait, what do you think the research funded by industry is like? The scientists buy diamond rings and go cruising on a private luxury yacht? "

Research grants from the private sector do tend to be looser, but in the context of climate change, deniers are not getting grants to do research.

They're getting paid to write propaganda. And that comes with no strings attached, at all.

Comment Re:ahh we're all going to die (Score 1) 279

If you were trying to make money from climate research and looked around to see which side would bring the most bucks, you would come to the conclusion that the global warmist side has the most to offer.

Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

First off, grant money from mainstream science organizations isn't handed with no questions asked. It's spent on gear (climate scientists neeed computers), and on tuition for the grad students.

But, if you're willing to lie about climate change, the deniers will pay you literally $5K an hour to go to a podium and deny. (Heartland Institute;s going rate)

Comment Re:ahh we're all going to die (Score 1) 279

those who think that the scientific community are all conspiring to earn big bucks from climate change,

Misdirection. Scientists are not the ones looking to cash in -- they are being used by those who are looking to cash in, which is big business.

So the scientists aren't pulling a con on us.
So they're right to tell us that CO2 warms the earth, and that warming makes the earth less hospitable to humanity.

Even if they are being used by malign interests, so fucking what?

Comment Re:Pshaw... it's just weather! (Score 1) 279

Pretty pathetic if all you can muster is what you were told in grade school. We are not "still coming out of the last ice age." If not for the greenhouse effect, right now we would be inching towards the next one. In fact, before the onset of the industrial revolution, we were indeed inching towards it.

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