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Another Depressing List from Before It's News

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  • Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure.
  • The article in question doesn't use Obama's entry into office for the baseline. It randomly picks dates as far back as in the 1970s to compare against.

    Yes, people aren't better off. But saying "than 4 years ago" and referencing this article is dishonest.

    • But saying "than 4 years ago" and referencing this article is dishonest.

      Mildly... but the fact still is that under Obama - gas prices, unemployment, underemployment, the deficit, and the national debt have all skyrocketed.
      • by chill ( 34294 )

        Yes. But do you think it is his fault?

        I said back in 2008 that whomever wins the election is just volunteering to be blamed for the shitstorm that the next 3-4 years (at least) will be, economically. I still believe that we'd be in about the same position had McPalin gotten elected.

        The truth is, there isn't a lot the President can really do about the economy. Much less in the time-frame of 3-4 years.

        • Yes. But do you think it is his fault?

          Some of it is absolutely his fault.

          For one, the deficit / debt is entirely the fault of Obama / Reid / Pelosi. Had any of them read a history book, they would have learned that increased deficit spending did more harm under Hoover / FDR and prolonged the Great Depression.

          As far as unemployment: Yes - vetoing Keystone XL pipeline was a job killer.

          Gas Prices: Not Obama, but definitely the fault of the Democrats. Remember when Bush wanted to drill in ANWAR? THe
          • by chill ( 34294 )

            Well, Reagan started down the massive debt route and Bush kicked it into high gear. Obama did keep his foot mashed to the pedal, so certainly contributed his part.

            Vetoing the Keystone XL was pure politics. Both R and D want it built. The Rs couldn't deal with agreeing to the budget and debt ceiling raise without getting a zinger in.

            It'll get built. Hell, they've already started construction on the southern portion from Oklahoma down to Houston/Louisiana. I expect the northern section to be approved either r

        • Yeah, tell that to Reagan. Under his leadership, it took 2-3 years for the economy to rebound better than at any time since World War 2.

          No one put a gun to Obama's and Congress's heads and forced them to pass the trillion dollar "payoff to our supporters". And yet, unemployment went higher than they claimed would happen if we _didn't_ pass the stimulus. Obama himself admitted the "shovel-ready" jobs weren't. And while infrastructure work is needed, spending money on it doesn't create wealth so any econo

  • I am much better off since 2008. My cost of living is dramatically higher, because I'm maintaining two households in different states, but I'm making enough to do so and the company I started last year is doing well.

  • I think this recession and its long aftermath has been and will continue to be "40-somethings and 50-somethings hardest hit".

    We knew we were going to be in mounting trouble when the Baby Boomers began to retire, but we expected that to start happening gradually as they gradually began turning 65 or so.

    But like Jerome Greene from TFA, almost no one can afford to retire at 50. Nor can what number of lucky job holders we have left in this country afford to support his early retirement for possibly upwards of a

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