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Comment Re:Timing (Score 1) 7

The biggest account farming, obsessive compulsive, sock puppetting troll here is damn_registrars Steven. He's behind it all. He also knows about the MRI Cannon, as he worked on it. Email him at

Post his response, if he sends one, and I'll help you deconstruct it if he starts lying. He'll probably deny it all.

From your friendly neighborhood whistleblower.

Comment Re:odd (Score 1) 7

Yes, the slashdot user who uses the nick damn_registrars is an obsessive compulsive troll, who uses AC postings and sock puppet accounts to further his means.

This account is a sock puppet as well, though I don't really log in as red4man these days.

I point out damn_registrars sock puppet accounts because 1. he won't admit it 2. he's an asshole to people.

I'm a troll, I'll admit that... but my shenanigans are harmless. His shenanigans are cruel and sadistic, and shouldn't even be called shenanigans.

Lately, damn_registrars has been posting replies to *every* single one of my posts again, trying to discredit me by making the claim that this account is one of his.

So... I set a trap. A while ago I got him and APK to feud, and the beautiful thing is... while they were engaged in a several day flame war - everyone else was left the hell alone. It was beautiful.

So, I'm trying again. See if I can get Stevie and DR to play.
User Journal

Journal Journal: damn_registrars steps in it again... 7

Once again damn_registrars starts following me around with the same tired act claiming that this account is one of his sock puppets. To teach him the error of his ways, I posted a reply, that Stevie will read, and will likely do something about.

Comment Re:Please provide background (Score 1) 5

Yes. I am damn_registrars, and you can email me at .

In fact, while I'm confessing... Steven, you're absolutely right. You're right about the mummy babies, you're right about the debt, you're right about the surveillance seagulls, you're right about the gang stalking. In fact, I, damn_registrars, can prove it all and have all the evidence you need to finally get this resolved to skullduggery.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me at as soon as you can. Let's wrap this up, Steven.

Comment Re:Please provide background (Score 1) 5

Yeah, the dude who pretends to be Homeless and writes this account has offloaded the journal creation task to a bot trying to avoid spam-filters...

HILJ is a complete fraud - and this is pretty well documented.

Of course, whenever I (or someone else) points this out, the JE's get deleted.

Comment ERMAHGERD! (Score 0) 2

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Comment Smackin it slappin it smacketey smack (Score 1) 1

I'm gonna' jack it where the sun always shines.
  (He's gonna jack it)
  Been spreading the word and now I need to ease my mind
  (jackin' it, oh)
  Been planting apple seeds, and while the apples grow
  I'm gonna go out jackin' it in San Diego.

  Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackety-jack
  Spankin' it, jackin' it, spankety-smack.

  I don't need no shirt no, gonna' take them pants right off.
  (he's about to jack it)
  On such a bright day, who needs underwear or socks?
  (jack it, jack it, ho!)
  Been around god's country, and there's one thing I know,
  There's no better place for jackin' it than San Diego!

  Jack it, jack it, jackety-jack
  Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackety-smack.
  Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackety-jack.
  Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackety-smack.



  Come to San Diego
  There's so much to see...
  From the sparkling waters of Mission Bay,
  to the warm tortillas of Old Town.
  And after a day of sightseeing,
  why not try spankin' it on one of our city streets?
  San Diego, come, take a load off.

  Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackety-jack.
  Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackety-smack.
  A-whackin' it, whackin' it, whackety-whack.
  Spankin' it, jerkin' it, smackety-smack.

  The cars are passing me by,
  they honk and say hello.
  (Hey, that guy's jackin' it!)
  From his window there's a guy shootin' video.
  (video of them jackin' it)
  And if the good lord Jesus comes knocking on my do'
  Just tell him that I'm jackin' it in San Diego.

  Jackin' it, jackin' it, jackety-jack,
  Spankin' it, spankin' it, smackety-smack.
  (He's about to jack it)
  Jackin' it Jack, jackin' it Jack
  Whack, whackin' it, whackin' it.
  Whackey, whackey, spank spank, smackety-smack.

Comment Re:Civil Disobedience... (Score 1) 8

No, the government trying to step in and tell me what I can and can't eat and can and can't feed my kids is pretty important.

I'm all for breast feeding. It's what's best for the child, formula isn't even close.

But I don't want some nanny-state jackass like Bloomberg stopping anyone from giving a kid a bottle of formula.


+ Not every woman produces enough milk, and some HAVE to supplement with formula
+ Some women have had mastectomies and CAN'T breast feed

So, yeah, telling a nanny state to fuck off is high on my list of priorities.

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