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Submission + - H1N1 Vaccine Shortage- Electronic distributism? (

Marxist Hacker 42 writes: "60 Minutes this Sunday will be reporting on how the CDC has put all it's eggs in one basket, so to speak with H1N1 vaccine production centralized in one small town in Pennsylvania. They knew that production was going to be a problem as early as August 25th, and in fact only ordered 40 million vaccinations for a country of 300 million people.

In this day and age of the Internet, when recipes and information fly around the world at the speed of light, why is AstraZenneca and the CDC centralizing production of this vaccine? Are there not empty factories available in every state in the union? Is there a shortage of chickens and eggs?

Why the heck are we counting on ONE small factory in PA to produce enough vaccine for the entire nation? Especially after the first batch came out slow?

There should be a flu vaccine factory in every state in the union- this would reduce shipping cost (flu vaccines need to be refrigerated) AND enable us to ramp up production from 0 to 300 million in a month to keep up with new mutations and pandemics, which are only going to get worse now that Tamiflu is common."

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