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Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 0, Troll) 732

California, as a part of historical Aztlan, is culturally an occupied territory with an extremely different culture than the rest of the United States. The fact that they allow undocumented immigrants to vote, unlike most other states in the union, can explain the majority of that 3.4 million.

Comment Re:Do greenhouses create their own heat? (Score 1) 502

Why should they invest in seawall technology when the predicted increase is now only in centimeters per century? Or haven't you gotten the latest updates to the model yet?

A more complete history of the planet suggests than 400ppm CO2 is actually quite close to the mean still. Talk to me about cutting back when we reach 800ppm and need a machette to get to the car after a day of work.

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