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Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 458

No, what you're saying is that people with no expertise in a field feel that they have an ability to critique a rather specialized field they have no expertise in.

It's a fallacious appeal to authority, full stop.

You are claiming authority without evidence when you argue, but when they argue under the same circumstances, you claim fallacy.

You are engaging in a variant of the false equivalence fallacy called the false inequivallence fallacy.

You right, because you're right, and they're wrong, because they disagree with you, even though you are not an acknowledged expert, nor are you citing sources who are acknowledged experts. Full stop.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 458

So what you're saying is that a lot of people who have no expertise in a given field believe that they're unrelated qualifications make them an expert.

No, what I'm saying is that their ability to think critically qualifies them generally to make judgements as to whether *your* qualifiecations in unrelated fields make *you* an expert.

And you have been found wanting.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 2) 458

Well, that all depends on what the rest of the world was doing. The US doesn't exist in a vacuum. If things get only a little bit worse in the US, but much worse in the global economy, then the president has done a good job.

That's not actually true, if the rest of the world's economy is an amplified following function of the U.S. economy. Which it is, since the U.S. dollar is the defacto world reserve currency. Yes, there are other reserve currencies, but as long as the vast majority of oil exchanges are denominated in U.S. dollars, it's the only commodity backed currency. That makes it the benchmark.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 458

I can speak to any story on AGW, where every pseudo-skeptic poster shows up en masse to attack climatologists, so yes, the Libertarians and Conservatives here are a significant fraction of the posters.

I'm pretty sure half the problems are:

* so many of the people on slashdot are STEM educated, and realize correlation is not causation, which damages the narrative
* the people speaking in favor of GW tend not to be accredited climatologists with PhDs
* the people speaking in favor of GW portray it as having solely AGW origins, rather than humans as a contributing factor
* presuming (as I do) that GW is real, but not solely attributable to AGW, no one is willing to give a percentage breakdown on cause

It doesn't help that there is a strong following of conspiracy theories on slashdot, and the disclosure of the emails talking about investigators specifically squelching debate reeks of conspiracy.

It doesn't help that the GW == (AGW & GW) proponents tend to be rabidly antinuclear, and can't solve some of the basic technical problems -- most of which, BTW, could be resolved by placing the panels in orbit, rather than on rooftops.

It doesn't help that a lot of us think "So what? We'll just science the shit out of it".

You don't really have to be a libertarian or a conservative or a "pseudo-skeptic" (whatever the hell that is) to jump down the throat of an AGW proponent who's not an accredited climatologist. In fact, in this forum, it's kind of considered your civic duty, like serving on a jury, or going out to vote.

Comment Re:I suspect it's a Fake News crapfest reaction (Score 1) 65

Prisma connects to the Facebook through a special API key.

I'm aware how the API key system works.

The Prisma app supports videos from the cell phone,

Predominately adulterated video. Because otherwise, you'd use the Facebook App, because you wouldn't be using any of the Prisma features to make it "hip", "kool", "rad", and "gnarly".

so Facebook has revoked the Prisma API key. This blocks all videos from Prisma.

Yes, I'm also aware of how key revocation was used to block Prisma.

Your question is pointless. It doesn't matter if the video is altered or not, it matters who is doing the upload. No uploads from Prisma are allowed (probably because Facebook is about to release a similar feature).

The question is not pointless. Prisma's primary users are people who are adding "effects" to the video. Otherwise they'd be using the Facebook App. The entire purpose of Prisma in the 99% use case is to adulterate the videos, making them useless as news content.

Facebook has been getting shat upon, because apparently every Democrat in California was stupid enough to buy all the "fake news" content as if it was real, and then they went out and cast their votes for Trump. The only reason Clinton got any votes in California at all is apparently because she paid off Diebold.

Or in less inflammatory rhetoric: the Democrats are butthurt because Clinton loss, and they're blaming Facebook and anyone else they can, other than themselves, for running an unlikeable corporate tool.

It's entirely doubtful that Facebook wants a similar tool, since it would also mean that they could not sell crowdsourced footage of things like the Ferguson events to the likes of MSNBC.

Check the terms and conditions on your video uploads: the license allows you to sell them, because it's non-exclusive, but it *also* allows Facebook to sell them, too. As in: to news agencies. Prisma destroys their value as news content.

Comment I suspect it's a Fake News crapfest reaction (Score 0) 65

I suspect it's a Fake News crapfest reaction.

Riddle me this, Batman:

How do I tell a real video, adulterated by Prisma, from an already adulterated video, further adulterated by Prisma?

OK, now suppose I'm Facebook, and I want the video uploaded to be obviously adulterated/non-adulterated, so I can sell my services as the video equivalent of a Reuters or an AP NewsWire source... do we think MSNBC or Fox or ABC or CBS or Reuters or CNN will pay fro Prisma'ed content?

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