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Comment Re:Even with the PS2 hardware inside... (Score 1) 108

Most PS2 games make use of the rumble feature of the dualshock controller as a part of the gaming experience. And until the PS3 has a method of using the old controller with the old games you will be missing out on that experience, when you play your PS2 games on your PS3.

You mean like the many PS2 Controler-to-usb adaptors?

(Score:3, Informative my Arse)
United States

Submission + - Scientists say Louisiana has less than 10 years

editor.b writes: "According to a new series by the Times-Picayune, south Louisiana has much less time than expected. Scientists say that coastal land is now disappearing at the rate of one football field every 45 minutes. In ten years or less New Orleans will be in the Gulf of Mexico."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft Patches Xbox 360

mjdroner writes: ZDNet reports that Microsoft has patched the Xbox 360 to disallow users from running their own apps or OSs on the platform. The article states that the patch fixes a hole in the tamper protection mechanism. It also notes that Microsoft did not describe the update as a security fix, but rather, an 'operating system update.'

Submission + - Windows Vista WGA Still Plagued By Problems

An anonymous reader writes: IWeek blogger Alex Wolfe writes that Vista is Still Plagued By Windows Genuine Advantage "False Postive" Problems. Along with his own experience (a support person hung up on him), he cites numerous cases on Microsoft's own forums where users have be forced to reactivate their copies of Vista and told there's a problem with their license.

[Messages like this: "After running vista for a few weeks, I rebooted this morning to find that my purchased copy of vista is no longer genuine."]
Based on the volume of problems, Wolfe characterized Microsoft's downplaying of false-positives last month as "spin control." Right now, the only "technical" solution when you run into this is to type "slui 4" into the command line and then go through phone activation. Have you had a problem with WGA? Do you agree with Wolfe that WGA should be shut off until Microsoft can resolve the 'false positives' problem? More importantly, do you think this could seriously undermine adoption of Vista?

Submission + - Sex-ed the Tex-ed way

zoltamatron writes: The SF Chronicle is running a story about the Bush administration's abstinence only sex-ed program and how there is no evidence to show that it works any better than the comprehensive education it replaces. Still, California is one of only three states that does not participate in the program that pushes the Texas born curriculum. From the article:

"California took a very progressive approach," [Douglas Kirby] said. "Texas pushed abstinence and made it a little more difficult for teens to receive contraceptives. Pregnancy did go down between 1991 and 2004, but Texas had the second-lowest decline of all states, 19 percent. California had the second-greatest decrease, 46 percent."
The article says there is more than $1 billion in federal money going to these programs.

Submission + - Cartoon Network "Bombs" Sell for $1000

An anonymous reader writes: Shortly after the bomb scare in Boston, the "bombs" themselves are being put up on ebay. While many were confiscated, or put in locations unreachable without a ladder, a select few got into the hands of the public. After the media frenzy over the alleged "bombs," the items began to appear on Ebay for prices upward of $1,000.
A link to the auction can be found here: re-Aqua-Teen-Hunger-Force_W0QQitemZ300079642847QQi hZ020QQcategoryZ201QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
The Internet

Submission + - Walmart downloads reject Firefox, Apple browsers

babooo404 writes: Last week, Walmart launched their online video download service. Immediately there were posts that the service did not work with the Firefox or Safari browsers. There was a collective, "WTF" when this happened as this is 2007, not 1997. Now it appears that reports are out that Walmart has COMPLETELY turned off the ability to get into the application at all by Firefox, Safari or any other browser it does not like. microsoft-no-to-firefox

Submission + - The Wii: What exactly can and can't it do?

Ishaan writes: "The debate as to whether or not the Wii is significantly more powerful than the GameCube has been going on for a while now. Some people have compared it to the original Xbox, saying that the Wii is about 1.5 times more powerful. Despite this, most Wii games still look like crap.

There's also a ton of controversy regarding just what the system is and isn't capable of and it's a little disconcerting to see that a lot of game developers seem to have no idea what they're working with. i-controversy-continues.html"

Submission + - Windows XP Activation in the Future?

bigredswitch writes: Now we're on the verge of Vista being released, how are we going to activate XP when Microsoft drop support, either when performing a reinstall or resurrecting old hardware? It's not going to be a problem now or for the next few years, sure, but what's the future going to be like (flying cars aside)? Getting an older machine back into action to pull files off, run machine automation, etc., is easy with Win2k and everything that went before (I've worked at places running Gem on 286s still for in-house stuff) but is this at an end with XP and onwards? How are other people looking to handle this?

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