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Comment Re:Heads-up Texas Holdem (Score 1) 164

Uh, several more years?

Yes, years. Libratus uses 16 Terabytes of memory for just a 2 player game. The size of the game tree increases by at least a factor of 1000 when moving up to just 3 players. That's significantly more memory. Also the computations themselves take much longer when there's more than 2 players as something called "card removal" comes into effect.

Comment Re:Important milestone (Score 1) 164

That's not true. Poker does not require adapting to human behaviour. Just like in chess, poker AIs are always thinking about the best possible counter to their moves and trying to come up with a strategy to that (this process is repeated many times). No understanding of human behaviour is needed, an I expect that Libratus has no code in it whatsoever that adapts to the opponent it is playing.

Submission + - UK votes to leave the EU

roman_mir writes: The BREXIT referendum results can be seen here, so far 16,403,186 voted to leave and 15,328,123 voted to remain with the 'leave' side requiring 308,519 more votes to win and 51.7% of the votes counted so far.

The EU was never supposed to be a Federation, with the sovereign nations surrendering their own interests to a central government. Supposedly it was a 'free trade' zone set up to get around the problems created by corrupt national governments. Apparently the solution presented itself as an ever bigger corrupt government, trying to do the same thing to get different results never gets old.

Of-course now that UK leaves the EU the others will be looking carefully at their success, and it should be a success. UK will continue trading with EU just like all the other countries that are not part of the EU that are still trading with the EU, except now UK will not be dictated to by somebody who doesn't have the interests of UK as their main agenda.

Others will follow, the question remains: what will Germany be doing when it is the only country with a working economy left in what will become of EU. Germany and Greece is not really an entity that screams of balance.

Comment Honesty (Score 1) 727

Why do you consistently lie to the media about being a woman? You are not a woman. You are a man who has a mental disorder and you need help. It's worth noting if slashdot deletes this comment, I'm interested in knowing if SJWs are running the shop here.

Comment Tesla was not the first to offer this idea (Score -1, Troll) 116

Repeat after me: TESLA HAS INVENTED NOTHING NEW. THIS INCLUDES HYPERLOOPS AND ALL THEIR OTHER SHIT. STOP BUYING INTO THE FUCKING HYPE YOU MORONS. PS caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying. caps limit is somewhat annoying.

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