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Are Silicon Valley's Glory Days Over? 335

Hugh Pickens writes "Pete Carey writes in the Mercury News that there are 'clear warning signs' that Silicon Valley has entered 'a new phase of uncertainty' in which its standing as a tech center is at risk and that decisive action by business, government and education is needed if the region is to retain its standing as the world's center of technical innovation. 'It could be that Silicon Valley has a different future coming,' says Russell Hancock. 'It's not a given that we will continue to be the epicenter of innovation.' Among the troubling indicators in the Silicon Valley Index (PDF): 90,000 jobs lost in the last two years; the influx of foreign science and engineering talent has slowed; venture capital funding has declined; per capita income is down 5 percent from 2007; and the number of people working as contractors rather than full-time employees is rising. Adding to the valley's problems is a malfunctioning state government that is shortchanging investment in education and infrastructure."

Submission + - Kindle fights back against Ipad (

An anonymous reader writes: After let an Ipad lead for a while (even it hasn’t been available yet). Amazon has starts to launch their “fight back on IPad” banner on their own website. This Kindle fight back banner display some points that Ipad can not do such as :

Submission + - Making battery replacement a thing of the past (

An anonymous reader writes: University of Michigan researchers have crammed an ARM Cortex microcontroller, a thin-film battery, and a solar cell into a package that is only 9 cubic millimeters in volume. The system is able to run perpetually by periodically recharging the on-board battery with a solar cell (neglecting physical wear-out of the system).

Submission + - NYC Launches Big Apps Competition to Find New Uses (

An anonymous reader writes: Bloomberg has posted a welcome message on the site and he notes, âoeToday, the City launched the inaugural NYC BigApps Competition to encourage talented application developers to create innovative online and mobile applications to serve New York City residents, businesses, and visitors. By developing these apps, you can help us make City government more accessible to all New Yorkers.â

There are 170 data sets that developers and entrepreneurs can work with. The data ranges from voting districts, school districts, citywide events schedules and restaurant inspections.


Submission + - Twitter Hit With First Phishing Scam (

babooo404 writes: "Micro-messaging service Twitter has apparently been hit with the first phishing scam today. The Twitter blog says stay away from any direct messages pointing to a url based in china. This appears to be different than the issues earlier in the week with another service that grabbed usernames and passwords. Looks like Twitter is now susceptible to the same security issues as other services."

Peter Moore Talks About His Experiences In the Gaming Industry 87

Over the past several days, the Guardian has posted a five-part interview with Peter Moore, head of EA Sports. Moore was also the president of Sega, and a vice-president at Microsoft, so his experience at the top levels of the gaming industry is extensive. He describes how he came to be employed by Sega, the development of the Dreamcast, and its subsequent flop when confronted with the Playstation 2. He also discusses his involvement with the development of the Xbox franchise, how the integrated hard drive "killed" the original model, and he gives his account of how the Red Ring of Death fiasco affected the company. The series ends with a look at EA Sports' plans for the future, and how they're trying to create a new business model beyond the micro-payments popularized by iTunes, which Moore calls "a rip-off."

Drop-In Replacement For Exchange Now Open Source 434

Fjan11 writes "Over 150 man-years of work were added to the Open Source community today when Zarafa decided to put their successful Exchange server replacement under GPLv3. This is not just the typical mail-server-that-works-with-Outlook, it is the whole package — including 100% MAPI, web access, tasks, iCal and Activesync. (The native syncing works great with my iPhone!) Binaries and source are available for all major Linux distros."

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 251

There is no shortage of comments about us selling out or running advertisements as stories. As you might expect there is no shortage of mail with the same theme. What I enjoy most about them is all the different corporate entities and sometimes political parties, that we are supposedly working for. If even half of them were true, I would have a stack of W-2s as long as my arm every year for the tax man. The truth of the matter is, nobody here sits in their Microsoft smart chair, talking on their minion iPhone, while playing in the Google money pool. (If someone knows how to get into the Google money pool, please send me a mail.) Conspiracy theories have been around as long as man, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Slashdot has a few of it's own. Read below to find out who is pulling our strings.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 348

daria42 writes with news that Mozilla has released the second alpha build for Firefox 3.1, codenamed "Shiretoko." The new build includes "support for the HTML 5 <video> element" and the ability to "drag and drop tabs between browser windows." ComputerWorld is running a related story about benchmarks shown by Mozilla's Brendan Eich which indicate that Firefox 3.1 will run Javascript faster than Chrome.

Submission + - Is Adobe spying on CS3 users? ( 2

henrypijames writes: For months, users of Adobe Creative Suite 3 have been wondering why some of the applications regularly connect to which looks a lot like a private IP address but is actually a public domain address belonging to the web analytics company Omniture. Now allegations of user spying are getting louder, prompting Adobe Photoshop product manager John Nack to respond, though many remain unsatisfied with his explanation.
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Submission + - CBS Offers Midtown Manhattan Free Wireless Interne (

babooo404 writes: Some awesome news out of Manhattan today. CBS Corporation has announced today that it will "light up" midtown Manhattan with the creation of the "CBS Mobile Zone," a wireless high-speed network enabling New Yorkers with Wi-Fi-enabled cell phones, laptops or other devices to access the Internet for free, and make voice over internet (VOI) calls.

The zone will be from Times Square to Central Park South and from 6th Avenue to 8th Avenue and is a test in partnership with the MTA. Will they be able to handle the holiday and New Year's Eve traffic in Times Square?!?

The Internet

Submission + - MySpace Hacked Using Simple HTML Exploit ( 1

babooo404 writes: It appears a new hack and exploit has appeared on MySpace — Alicia Keys profile is affected along with a variety of others to-date. The hack and exploit is pretty simple but very "deadly". Basically a user puts a link to the infected ste with just a simple href tag (no script tag) using some css to position the element anywhere that an element doesn't already live. So if you mis-click, you get sent to the infected site and it prompts you to install a codec to listen to Alicia's music. Of course it's not a codec, it's some sort of virus. Roger Thompson from Exploit Prevention Labs found the exploit.

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