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Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

Older Infiniti. If the names on the quick list are easy to say, it might pick them up... but I have a lot of odd names that is has problems with. I considered renaming my contacts to single digit numbers or something equally simple, but... nah.

And at least before the most recent firmware upgrade (maybe still like this), it was bad about calling the wrong person without confirmation... so if it got it wrong, bam, you were in the middle of a call to somebody else. That stress was not worth it! I found myself watching the screen more in case it called the wrong person, which defeated the whole purpose of hands free.

Comment Re:They could have done better with the data (Score 2) 344

I'm slightly skeptical. The study was only of 20 younger and 20 older people, so probably not enough to be conclusive. From 2004, so I wonder if the results would continue 13 years later when more people were used to using cell phones.

Still very interesting, and I feel it has to be mostly correct if less exaggerated. Personally, I absolutely find myself halting/pausing conversations on the cell phone while driving when I'm at a major intersection that requires full concentration or I'd get T-boned. I even tell the other person "hold on a minute, I have to turn here". I'd do the same for people I am talking to. I also find myself losing concentration when the kids are being noisy in the backseats. So yeah, there has to be something about those distractions.

But then again, the way my brain works I have to concentrate very hard to have a verbal conversation with most people. Maybe some gab machines are so good at talking that it requires less concentration on their part. Hmm, I wonder.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 3, Funny) 344

Agreed. Cell phones are too prolific... hands free tech should be in all modern vehicles. I will say that dialing should be made better. In my car, I click a button the steering wheel then with another button on the wheel I scroll and pick one of my 6 main contacts. If they aren't on that list, I can't be bothered with it. Voice activation is nice in theory, but never works for phone calls in my car the way it should. Strangely enough voice navigation works well enough to use.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

First, I seriously doubt 90% of people are reading text messages while driving 50 miles an hour. More likely when they are at a red light or something. But for those that are trying to kill their fellow humans by being really distracted, screw that.

And looking down at a phone is much worse than many ordinary distractions other than sleepiness. Reading/typing anything has a magical way of distracting you from all your peripheral vision and turning off your ability to judge time so you tend to look longer at a phone than other distractions.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 480

I like your summary, but I have a few observations.

IMDB skews toward young male audiences.

Metacritic is also useful sometimes... it will skew low for scifi, horror, or fantasy in general, unless it is an independent movie that happens to be great.

Rottentomatoes is pretty good, but I remember reading it skews high or low due to it being a simple thumbs up vs. thumbs down. Easier to get a 99% on Rotten than other sites.

Comment Re:Star Wars (Score 2, Insightful) 1222

Star Wars easily. If you saw it back in when it was released, it was a life changing event!

So many other great ones out there too, I'm enjoying the majority of the lists so far. But nobody has mentioned the original scary monster space movie:


And I don't think I've seen any of the big Japanese anime films mentioned so within my top 2 or 3 is:

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Finally, my favorite during my college days, even the trailer blew me away:

The Matrix

Comment Parents? Take Adv of It - Stay Home With Babies (Score 0, Troll) 238

Take advantage of the situation if one parent gets paid less than the other. Stay home and raise kids for a few years! If you aren't near older relatives or neighbors that you can hang out with, find another like-minded stay at home parent and you can have adult conversation time every other day as well.

Screw getting a bigger house, a more expensive car, or whatever at that point in your life. Take two to seven years off to raise your kids... one income is fine if you don't go nuts spending money. Besides, daycare costs a fortune and your kids will love those people almost more than you. Is that normal or healthy? F*ck no! Babies need their parents (mom especially) 90% of their waking life. Buy a smaller house than your friends and you'll have the freedom to do whatever you want.

Comment Speakers set to destroy volume levels are bad (Score 1) 370

I can't stand it when the background audio... i say background... the non-center speakers... are set so loud it starts to hurt your ears. I've had to go ask workers/managers to turn it down over and over again, sometimes to no avail. This keeps me out of the theaters more than anything.

Comment Re:A race to the bottom (Score 1) 467

I thought the same as you when it comes to tools I won't use frequently... why buy something expensive? So I buy a cheap phillips head screwdriver thinking I only use it a couple of times a year. Well, the second or third time I have to use it, the metal on the tip shaves off so much it becomes useless. What a complete waste of time and money.

Riding lawnmowers... I decided to stick with my parents' advice. Neighbor bought some oddball brand, it lasted 5 years. I spent probably $300 more on a John maintenance other than oil/oil filter/battery replacement, and it is still going 12 years later. Well worth the extra money.

All the battery operated power tools are guaranteed to stop working in a few short years though. I really hate them and their built in obsolescence.

Comment Re:Amazon will have the upper hand (Score 1) 467

People should watch out for Walmart meat. It's full of water and salt and ... yeah. Google it, there were some slashdot articles a while back too. I bought a big piece of meat and it looked too fresh... inside it was spoiled. Some of their meat is something like a month older than regular places b/c they do not have butchers anymore and it comes from far away.

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