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Comment Almost 20/20 vision still leads to bad experience (Score 1) 435

Mostly, nobody wants eyestrain or headaches over a period of 2 hours. A short 10 minute film is "good enough", but otherwise no thanks.

One of my eyes has near perfect vision. The other is slightly blurry at a distance, but not enough to need glasses. This makes the 3D experience terrible b/c everything appears off... the 3D effect turns into an eyestraining near headache inducing event.

Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 1) 766

With all my blockers turned on, Amazon's page starts getting slower and slower as I open a couple of tabs of it. Eventually crashing my browser. When I use my "not blocking very much" browser it runs very fast. It pisses me off every time and (luckily for me) probably prevents me from surfing and buying junk on there I don't need.

Comment Re:Agreed. Volvo gets it. (Score 1) 255

I like Volvo's attitude about this self-driving topic, but I had a class in college that pointed out the "stat" that Volvos were safer was mostly BS or unproven due to other factors. What factors? Well, at the time something like over 90% of Volvo drivers in the US were boring middle-aged people that didn't like to drive fast. The drivers were safer, they are supposedly also "more safety conscious" and so buy Volvos that tout being safer... and you see what potentially happens in this self-fulfilling prophecy.

Comment Jurassic Park That Much Closer? (Score 3, Interesting) 70

Either way, what a huge find, this is awesome! Colors, positioning, type of feathers. The feathers on this tail are more floppy like the display, not flight, feathers in modern birds, showing that sexual display likely came before flight in evolution. Colors probably were important early on some are saying.

Bird-like dinosaurs just got a whole lot more real.

Comment Reading and Writing is Better Of Course (Score 1) 220

This has been know for a long time, but yeah it's good to bring it up again. Watch a few videos for fun, but generally you should go for facts. When voting, try not to watch anything on the candidates (hard to do, but try) and just go look at their voting records. That's the only concrete thing you have.

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