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Comment Bad "instructions" or bad (bought?) science (Score 1) 319

From the article, it seems like people are trying to write things in a way to make them prettier... and less accurate. Quote: "The trouble is that gives you a rose-tinted view of the evidence because the results that get published tend to be the most interesting, the most exciting, novel, eye-catching, unexpected results. "

This is slightly on topic... take the wording from wikipedia that seems to be designed to appeal to the masses and probably has misinformation (looks like big pharmacy got their hands in this entry, phobia of skin thinning is mostly unfounded?) and then the words from an Indian dermatology website with lots of actual biology verbiage and sure seems to support the fact that steroid use for your skin is bad.

Indian Journal of Dermatology:

Random thing I found about scientists having problems with bad wikipedia entries:

Comment Wolf to Friendly Dog, Human to Evil CEO? (Score 1) 159

I am willing to bet that gene editing will lead to more evil humans. Why? The rich that could afford and want to edit genes are going to want to give their kids the things they admire.

What they admire is easy to guess regardless of decade we are in... they'll want their kids to be like them but "better", and most rich people run businesses. They'll want height, competitive drive, greed (they won't call it greed), alpha dog attitudes, and other qualities that lead to "being a better business person". And of course genderwise, muscles on guys, curves on girls. So what are you breeding?

A whole new race of miniature psychopath CEOs that have zero empathy towards the rest of their race.

The Wolf to Friendly dog thing is highlighted by a Russian study of wild foxes. It took a few years for the foxes to be bred into animals that look a lot like dogs... curly tails and whatnot. The genes that make the fox less mean to humans connected to genes that basically made the fox less mature and more pup like. They may have tried to breed some of that back out, but look at the TV show that goes into some detail about this.

Comment Re:Don't use a PPI (Score 1) 102

I saw three doctors about acid reflux that suddenly got very bad out of nowhere. Found out I had a hiatal hernia. One doctor told me I'd have to take one of these type of medicines the rest of my life. It kept making my digestive system extremely uncomfortable, plus I am scared to death of side effects of anything long term.

Turns out, all I had to do was not eat dinner (or anything) at 6:30 PM to solve 95% of my problems. Other things I do to manage the 5% of it are avoid alcohol (especially after 6 PM), avoid large meals (eat 4 smaller meals), avoid a lot of yogurt (not sure why, but it really triggers my acid production it seems), avoid sitting in a recliner type chair reading (something about the bending forward), and avoid sleeping on my left side. Right side or back is normally fine. I also drink more water, especially if I have a sinus/thick phlem problem which really aggravates the reflux problem.

Comment Re:The point (Score 4, Insightful) 532

You are right. It is totally fine for someone to kill themself in their own home... if nobody lives there with them... and if they never come near me in public and smell like smokey shit. And if they don't throw their fucking butts on the ground in my neighborhood, out the car window to and from work... etc.

So in reality, the government has to be the one to step in and kill smoking b/c there is not one smoker that doesn't step all over every other person's rights. And they don't care about their own body, why would they care about anybody else?

Comment Re:Least effective too (Score 2) 231

These charts have to be misleading. I'd stake my life that they take 10,000 old known malwares and test against them. Not surprisingly, every vendor detects them. Then they take a dozen or so new malwares, and 2 vendors catch them. Eventually you have the 99.1% vs. 98.9% type results and they all look about equal. They are certainly not equal.

All it takes is one of those new malware threats to bring down your business for a day. If you want a chance at catching them, you go with vendors that do a good job at the new stuff. In my experience, the free MS stuff doesn't ever catch the new stuff. Ever.

Comment Almost 20/20 vision still leads to bad experience (Score 1) 435

Mostly, nobody wants eyestrain or headaches over a period of 2 hours. A short 10 minute film is "good enough", but otherwise no thanks.

One of my eyes has near perfect vision. The other is slightly blurry at a distance, but not enough to need glasses. This makes the 3D experience terrible b/c everything appears off... the 3D effect turns into an eyestraining near headache inducing event.

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