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Comment Reading and Writing is Better Of Course (Score 1) 219

This has been know for a long time, but yeah it's good to bring it up again. Watch a few videos for fun, but generally you should go for facts. When voting, try not to watch anything on the candidates (hard to do, but try) and just go look at their voting records. That's the only concrete thing you have.

Comment Re:Good then bad then good (Score 1) 171

This post by Rei just has so much smart thought put down in writing for the general public to consider, I had to post this saying so. Some common sense items that I never considered: rats probably like sweeter food. Rats probably don't like general lab food. When they do these tests, do they sweeten the food or the water?

Thank you for the post!

Comment Simple Solution (Score 1) 291

Anything connected to the car's bluetooth now only allows voice commands and no keyboard input. Passengers just need to get off the bluetooth (they probably aren't on it already) and they can do whatever they want. This should work fine with newer vehicles since most have bluetooth I believe.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

Criticizing somebody for not voting is obviously phony. What you mean is everybody should listen to you and vote your way... that way "your vote counts" b/c 100 people followed you. Well, people have the right to not vote in the US... and the right to not like who is elected or whatever anyway.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

God damn right, get an education so your engineering, IT, whatever job can be outsourced after your barely get your feet wet out of college! Seriously though, future kids might as well go into blue collar labor... it's harder to outsource that, then again Mexican immigration is fixing that in the US right now. Of course, you might die or get cancer from the job anyway.

Comment Re:Modern kids are retarded (literally) (Score 1) 403

Flame bait, OK. My kids are doing things in elementary school that I did in 7th and 8th grade. I personally teach them to not trust commercials (IMO very important when ever other one is to buy legal drugs that have deadly side effects), so they don't just trust anything thrown at them. At the same time, I don't want them to distrust the whole world... just to be wary/distrust people trying to sell them BS, whether that is a physical product or an idea.

As for the "stupid"... my sibling has an IQ over 150, has a masters degree... and still can't manage money. It's easy to say people are stupid... but the truth is, people are just spoiled and greedy and then close their eyes to the reality around them because they get overwhelmed. 90% of the problem is the credit cards and banks screwing over the masses.

Comment Re:Leftism as usual (Score 1) 454

Taxes... government tax rates are meaningless without taking into account how much money you have after other deductions at your paycheck, etc. So this quick off the top of my head list is what are taxes that people never take into account:

1. How much your employer keeps for himself and doesn't pay you. If there are 100 people in the company, and one person gets 90% of the money, that's just like a really big tax.

2. Insurance costs. We're forced to get car and health insurance. Maybe these are good things, but still keep them in mind.

3. Inflation. Yep, wouldn't it be nice to save money and not have to invest it in something that every 10 or 20 years gets blown away by Wallstreet problems. You can thank inflation.

So if the government charges a ton of taxes against the rich, and the rich are just "taxing" the workers, then it's sort of like the non-rich classes being double taxed. Of course the rich would rather take 99% of the money and also pay no government taxes. The people without all the money still have voting power... we just need politicians who aren't bad people. Good luck will be needed.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 367

None of that matters if the public doesn't trust automated cars. And trust won't happen if...

A. These cars require frequent software updates because they are buggy.
B. And if buggy, they are dangerous. So they'll need very quick software updates (which seems to be the norm in modern software dev).
C.That means they'll be networked for updates, and if they are networked, they will get hacked. Then who knows what will happen.

Any one of those reasons is probably enough to prevent broad public trust of these cars in my lifetime. People trust personal machines when they are the ones that have control over them... when they bond with their machine. If it is a public machine, it needs to be big and predictable. Trains, airplanes, bridges, electricity. Something everybody uses and is so big and costly that you know the ones running the machines are doing all they can to protect that thing. Then people get into the herd mentality and jump onboard. But self-driving cars... that's like asking people to trust their google maps on their buggy phone to always get them to the right destination 100.000000% of the time.

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

Last time I was in Switzerland, we found a place to eat that was off the tourist beaten track. They served what we thought was beef steak... only it turned out to be horse meat. I ate it anyway, I'm adventurous. But is that normal and is it considered undesirable in Switzerland? In the US, I don't think anybody eats horse meat... it'd be like eating your pet or something I guess.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

OK, that is a fucking lie. Sucrose is not essentially the same damn thing!!! It's probably just as bad, but it tastes precisely 1000 times better than HFCS!!! If I'm going to die, I'm going to die eating great tasting stuff, not nasty HFCS! Hell, I can't even drink softdrinks, sodas, or cokes anymore with all the high fructose corn syrup destroying the flavor.

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