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Comment Re: I'm not saying this is going to be abused, but (Score 1) 292

Once someone breaks the encryption on these things, they will make clones of the devices. Get the device small enough to fit on a drone and you have a recipe for mayhem, lol. You program your drone to fly around and cause havoc til the battery dies. If someone is looking to cause problems such that people may die, they won't worry about recovering the drone, so no controller to track it back to. Just make sure no fingerprints on the parts and you're good.

Comment Re:Tomorrow will be interesting... (Score 1) 62

Potentially, if you had a wide enough reach and enough bots, you could take over a specific router somewhere and ddos lots of other points funneling traffic through your compromised pipe. On small scale this could be used to steal data, mitm attack, etc. The internet is fairly predictable at small scale where it will route packets around a road block you create.

Comment Re:Because others can't? (Score 1) 97

Pretty sure the issue here is that they do no signing of the binary installed. Sure google can do that through the play store, but you probably don't have to worry about the guy sitting in the corner at Starbucks tricking your phone into installing a root kit and backdoor to your phone.

Any centralized update mech (and there are tons) has this capability. Just imagine what happens when somebody finally hacks wordpress' servers and keys and gets 80% of the wordpress installs out there to update to a nice new version that now controls the site from Estonia.

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