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Journal Journal: Moderation..

Is bullshit. I have decided this. You mod an obvious troll/flame down, and when some other dork decides that it was in error, you get a karma penalty. I am beginning to realize why the Mod system has been so screwed recently. I just will refrain from moderating any more. (I thought moderation was about your opinion.. guess it isnt. if "poor moderation" is any indication, its mob rules more than anythign else.)

Sour Grapes? Maybe.

I like the sig file about 1K monkeys and 1K typewriters and /. not being like shakespeare.. its _so_ true.

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Journal Journal: War!?!

Wow. I'm 33 years old. I'm an American. I have never really been through a "war" that I recall. Never had one in my country, in fact. I wonder how people from countries where wars have raged consider this conflict? I have been a student of WW2 and Vietnam, both accounts and films, but "live video" is kinda hard to find.

I think the war is going predictably.. and anyone who thought this would be a three day thing was sorely mislead. Of course I never got that impression from the government either. Somehow the news organizations did.. they keep saying "it may take longer than we first thought!". Who is "we", CNN? When did you decide how long this was going to take?

I have to admit the "embedded journalists" is a really interesting thing. Live, in your face, video.. of Iraqi (I assume) person running out of a bulding on fire, and being put out by american troopers. (As opposed to other wars, where he probably would have been shot several times and left to burn.)

Protesters! Ahh, isnt this fun. Read the signs closely during some of these protests. You will note that this seems to be a protest of everything under the sun.. from Bush's election, to the opressiveness of white-male superiority in the US, the war, US foreign policy, recruitment efforts for the american Marxist, communist, and fascist parties.. I suspect a lot of people need something better to do with their time.

Anyway.. /rant off.


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Journal Journal: confusion, sadness.. 1

What a way to wake up! Today (2-1) is my wedding anniversary. Got up, to spend the day with my wife.. have some fun.. laze about.. phone rings.. "shuttle blew up! Turn on CNN!"

Watched things on three or four different channels.. saw Howard Stern's pet monkeys make a prank call to Dan Rather.. jackass. (the caller, not Rather) Cant you morons put it on hold for a tragedy?

I've loved the space program since the day I was born.. well.. shortly after.. I distinctly remember watching the last moon landing on television. (I was born in 69, the first landing was pre _my_ landing.). I remember reading the "Spinoff" magazines at my house when I was six or seven.. learning all the neat things that the space program had invented and discovered.

Went to the hobby shop.. picked up a 1:72 scale shuttle model, to build.. I have tons of glossy prints and mission patches that have been kicking around my house in a manila envelope for years.. they are finally getting framed and hung.

This just sucks.. but Bush seems to be interested in the Space Program.. if you can believe CNN, he saw it on Nasa select before he even got the call.

Love that now, at 12:53 am on the 2nd, we already have CNN Vultures at the familys houses and peoples schools and stuff. Are we this dependent on "breaking news" that we have to watch peoples grief disturbed for "the scoop"?

This sucks.

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Journal Journal: Inconsiderate clods

Hmm. Have been reading the "most electrifying Cell Phones in Sports Entertainment Today" thread and realized something.

People have just plain gotten rude. It used to be if you were heading for a door with your hands full, the guy in front of you would at least hold it open so you can get your foot in it. Now you get it slammed in your face. Or when you _do_ attempt to hold the door open for someone you get a weird look, like "What are you setting me up for?"

I have a tendency to say thank you.. for just about anything.. I was brought up that way. And use Mr, Ms, Ms. at the appropriate times. When I was growing up, you _never_ simply referred to someone as their last name.. now it seems commonplace, especially in the "office environment" which puts so much stress on politeness. Edit that... on political correctness.

Can we take the streets back from rude insensitive clods? The kind of people who think nothing of leaning on your 25K$ new car and scratching the hell out of it, or skateboarding into it? It really pisses me off.. I have had my Vue for less than two months, and it looks like a carving board already. Legally, there isnt much one can do. You ask them to get away from teh car, get responded to with expletives, and go to sleep secure in the knowledge that it will be keyed or otherwise damaged before you wake up in the morning.

God I hate modern society.. blah.

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Journal Journal: Yay, blog! 4

Hmm. First entry. Not sure what to say.. not that anyone gives a rats tucchus anyway, but here goes:

Have been surfing LiveJournal.com a lot.. a lot of inane stuff there.. and here I go adding my own inane chatter to the web. Yippee.

Music sucks lots these days.. harping back to the olden days.. lots of old school punk and 242 and other "true" (my definition, not neccesarily yours) industrial bands.

Anyone know why "excellent karma moderation posting bonus" is suddenly not working? or is it just me?


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY were doooooooooooooomed!

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