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Journal Maeryk's Journal: Inconsiderate clods

Hmm. Have been reading the "most electrifying Cell Phones in Sports Entertainment Today" thread and realized something.

People have just plain gotten rude. It used to be if you were heading for a door with your hands full, the guy in front of you would at least hold it open so you can get your foot in it. Now you get it slammed in your face. Or when you _do_ attempt to hold the door open for someone you get a weird look, like "What are you setting me up for?"

I have a tendency to say thank you.. for just about anything.. I was brought up that way. And use Mr, Ms, Ms. at the appropriate times. When I was growing up, you _never_ simply referred to someone as their last name.. now it seems commonplace, especially in the "office environment" which puts so much stress on politeness. Edit that... on political correctness.

Can we take the streets back from rude insensitive clods? The kind of people who think nothing of leaning on your 25K$ new car and scratching the hell out of it, or skateboarding into it? It really pisses me off.. I have had my Vue for less than two months, and it looks like a carving board already. Legally, there isnt much one can do. You ask them to get away from teh car, get responded to with expletives, and go to sleep secure in the knowledge that it will be keyed or otherwise damaged before you wake up in the morning.

God I hate modern society.. blah.

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Inconsiderate clods

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