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Journal Maeryk's Journal: confusion, sadness.. 1

What a way to wake up! Today (2-1) is my wedding anniversary. Got up, to spend the day with my wife.. have some fun.. laze about.. phone rings.. "shuttle blew up! Turn on CNN!"

Watched things on three or four different channels.. saw Howard Stern's pet monkeys make a prank call to Dan Rather.. jackass. (the caller, not Rather) Cant you morons put it on hold for a tragedy?

I've loved the space program since the day I was born.. well.. shortly after.. I distinctly remember watching the last moon landing on television. (I was born in 69, the first landing was pre _my_ landing.). I remember reading the "Spinoff" magazines at my house when I was six or seven.. learning all the neat things that the space program had invented and discovered.

Went to the hobby shop.. picked up a 1:72 scale shuttle model, to build.. I have tons of glossy prints and mission patches that have been kicking around my house in a manila envelope for years.. they are finally getting framed and hung.

This just sucks.. but Bush seems to be interested in the Space Program.. if you can believe CNN, he saw it on Nasa select before he even got the call.

Love that now, at 12:53 am on the 2nd, we already have CNN Vultures at the familys houses and peoples schools and stuff. Are we this dependent on "breaking news" that we have to watch peoples grief disturbed for "the scoop"?

This sucks.

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confusion, sadness..

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  • It's precisely because of the "sensationalist" nature of television that I got rid of mine years ago. Well, that and the fact that it's way too easy to just whittle away hours of time watching nothing in particular.

    But it's time like this, where the media really don't have much to report other than the same 5 basic facts over and over, that I'm really glad that I got rid of the damned thing. The internet and the newspaper are my primary source of news.

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