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Journal Maeryk's Journal: War!?!

Wow. I'm 33 years old. I'm an American. I have never really been through a "war" that I recall. Never had one in my country, in fact. I wonder how people from countries where wars have raged consider this conflict? I have been a student of WW2 and Vietnam, both accounts and films, but "live video" is kinda hard to find.

I think the war is going predictably.. and anyone who thought this would be a three day thing was sorely mislead. Of course I never got that impression from the government either. Somehow the news organizations did.. they keep saying "it may take longer than we first thought!". Who is "we", CNN? When did you decide how long this was going to take?

I have to admit the "embedded journalists" is a really interesting thing. Live, in your face, video.. of Iraqi (I assume) person running out of a bulding on fire, and being put out by american troopers. (As opposed to other wars, where he probably would have been shot several times and left to burn.)

Protesters! Ahh, isnt this fun. Read the signs closely during some of these protests. You will note that this seems to be a protest of everything under the sun.. from Bush's election, to the opressiveness of white-male superiority in the US, the war, US foreign policy, recruitment efforts for the american Marxist, communist, and fascist parties.. I suspect a lot of people need something better to do with their time.

Anyway.. /rant off.


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