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Comment Not everyone in the third world is poor. (Score 1) 279

It seems to me you should be looking at the commercial viability of particular markets and not the dismal per capita income of the population as a whole. Licensing AutoCAD isn't going to break the budget of a $10 million dollar construction project in Central America.

Comment Re:Fix them ASAP. (Score 0) 128

You've been told to stop involving me and others in your criminal activities. You are in direct violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Slashdot is not a platform for your illegal spam and illegal comments. Your activities have only caused Slashdot to tighten filters to the point that insightful commentary is now difficult to try to deal with you.

You have previously violated on Slashdot privacy rights, promoted offers without the express written consent of Slashdot Media, your content is destructive due to what has happened with Slashdot filters and embedding advertising without the express written consent of Slashdot media. All of these are against the Slashdot's "Terms of Use" and in turn you have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Your criminal activities are unacceptable and your continued persistence after being advised of such means you willfully and intentionally violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Slashdot's "Terms of Use" to further propogate your spam without a care that you are responsibile for further ruining discourse on Slashdot.

You've been asked to stop, you've been told to stop, you've even been banned and you continue. Your persistance in unethical and criminal behaviour is disgusting.

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