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Comment Re:Calling this brexit when it's not even happenin (Score 1) 214

You don't seem to understand how currency is valued.

I do and it has been over valued for a very long time, which Deutsche Bank analysts even confirmed last year. Even now, the IMF has stated repeatedly that the pound is still overvalued despite the fall and has been hurting the export industry for decades now which head lead to a major loss of business, particularly in the services industry.

The UK's prospects looked much better inside the EU

The UK's prospects had a set of certainty for the next few years, they didn't look 'better', the situation is right now unknowable, particularly because politicians are not taking sufficient action to make strides in either direction.

Then the markets noticed that we had thrown most of that away and were in the process of destroying our wealth in an effort to reduce immigration and "get back sovereignty", which they correctly interpreted as making ourselves less able to trade and compete in the world.

Honestly, if that was the case, then we wouldn't still be overvalued (which I think is a significant problem in it self), but we are and the over valuation is overall hurting our exports to the point that our imports are overshadowing them.

Comment Re:Calling this brexit when it's not even happenin (Score 1) 214

In other words the EU was propping us up

That's not how over evaluating a currency works, so in a word, no.

the moment we decided to throw away that crutch the markets started treating us like the sick man of Europe that we are.

Saying that the markets are treating the UK as a "sick man" of Europe when the markets value the GBP value over USD is pure non-sense. I mean, really, if you want to compare a "sick man of Europe" as you put it, the value of BGN is half a USD.

Comment Calling this brexit when it's not even happening.. (Score 3, Funny) 214

I don't know, calling this "brexit" when it's not even happening is ridiculous. The are a couple of issues here. One, the pound has been overvalued for quite a while now, the uncertainty brought about recently has only sought to restore the pound to a more accurate valuation (although some economists feel that the valuation is higher than it should be still).

Unfortunately, the issue with uncertainty isn't brexit, but the result of politicians that aren't actually acting. The government is not doing a good job at showing certainty, article 50 hasn't even been executed by our government, so we and everyone else don't even know if we're even really leaving the EU or not. Brexit is simply leaving the EU and there is no progress since the elections, we're just stuck in limbo while politicians do anything but act. At this point, our politicians need to either start acting and declare we're staying in the EU or leaving, otherwise we're just going to ruin ourselves by staying in this stupid limbo.

Comment Re:Something's fishy (Score 1) 214

I run a small business, but I'm already way worse off because everything I import costs a fuck-ton more and I can't afford to just bump prices up accordingly when my larger competitors already have huge warehouses of stock and have the power of scale to have negotiated pricing agreements.

My business is doing a lot better because we export services rather than import.

All the OMG RED TAPE that supposedly comes from Brussels is a myth

You have absolutely no idea how much crap like the cookie policy cost massive IT projects.

and what few anti-small-business legislation exists is hardly likely to be removed by the prevent government, whose ear is deaf to all but the largest enterprises.

I'm skeptical of claims that the common fisheries policy, the common agriculture policy, the EU Environmental Policies as minor issues which large organisations had methods of working around would be unlikely to be removed considering that they also impact government departments significantly despite the fact the reasoning behind a lot of legislation behind is not beneficial and irregularly changes because of majority voting mechanisms that benefit the majority of countries that wish to exploit resources and enforce specific types of quotas that actually work against the goals of the policy groups.

Comment Re:One reason we need distributed and decentralize (Score 1) 264

but that is not a good reason not to aim for anonymity

You missundertsand me. It's not good to advertise something for anonymity because it leads to a false sense of security which is a bigger issue than anonymity. When people assume they're not anonymouse, they are more cautious and use better obfuscation.

Even if you were to compromise an individual system it won't reveal other people's transactions.

But compromising the vast majority would. If you can watch the vast majority of end points (because you got a worm similar to msblaster's potency out, you've now got massive control over everything which is what I was pointing out).

When you can transfer thousands of dollars to someone without having to ask permission that's revolutionary.

I can do that already.

I can pay my employees without having to deal with the banks whom are tightly controlled by the government.

To be honest, I never really had to 'deal' with the banks, they just 'worked' and I never had to worry too much about the particulars of managing incoming and outgoing because I just set the limits with the bank and 2nd factor authentication, checks etc. that I wanted. I have most of my HR handed off to an external HR company, including managing people's pay and taxes because I have other things to worry about during business.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 524

I supported her for several months on a weekly basis because of her virus woes and constant update and install issues.

I would argue that you didn't seem to know what you were doing either. It takes very little effort to lock down a system sufficiently without hindering the user in Windows. A few security options and GPOs is trivial compared to doing the same in OS X.

I knew she wouldnt get more worms and viruses

All the scummy confusing malware ads for cleaning your mac and crap that is still super common today when you visit websites and you really want to make that claim?

Sorry, I don't believe you. I've seen way too many Mac users with problems you describe to know it.

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