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Comment Re:"Amazon be ashamed pay their workers so little" (Score 1) 433

In 2015 Amazon had 230,800 employees. CEO pay (Jeff Bezos) was 1.68 M. Other publicly listed officers made 175k, 231k, 73k, 175k, and 7.8M. I dont see how cutting their pay in half and giving each employee an extra $21.77 per year (1.1 cents per hour on 40 hour work weeks) would make any difference.

These numbers include equity (stock options).

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 155

With uber or lyft, you can rate your driver, and the driver can rate the customer. I have never had either service with at least 4 stars out of 5 that dont know exactly where they are going, drive safely, and get me to my destination in a reasonably clean and unsmelly car. Lower stars, not as good service. Pretty simple.

You might once in a blue moon find an anomaly to that, but I haven't experienced it and I don't know anyone else who has.

Comment Re:Pre-emptive stance prior to 4K TV services (Score 2) 341

I have business service from Comcast (there are no reliable alternatives in my city). It is actually $4 per month cheaper, since I use my own modem. Turns out that isn't a problem, and you don't have to rent it. That being said, I have just as many internet outages as when I had Comcast residential internet service, and it certainly isn't any faster. I just don't have data caps anymore.

Comment Re:Canada has the future :) (Score 1) 753

Bullshit on every level.

I have never seen a toll booth where you can't go and hand pennies to the cashier. You may have to wait up to a few minutes in line with other cash customers, but they certainly take them. If you use coinstar like services, they charge a ridiculous fee...unless you exchange for a gift card instead of cash. Amazon, the store where the coinstar is located, a large number of chain restaurants, etc., will let you turn in all your coins and get a giftcard, to the penny, with no fee.

I would hate to have to worry that I am losing or gaining pennies on every transaction that I participate in. If that is only 20 transactions per day, I could be losing over $200 per year; or for most americans, 2 days wages!

You would be hard pressed to find an American who wants to live in Canada. Change isn't normally the reason, but if it was mentioned, it would certainly be a valid one.

Comment Re:Shooting themselves in the foot (Score 4, Interesting) 229

Actually, just like any out of state purchase, just tell the dealer you are going to register in another state, and they will give you a temporary tag instead of making you get one in the state you purchase. Then, you get 30 days to register in your state (and pay the sales taxes and registration fees). This usually helps negotiate a lower price on the car itself (in my experience anyway), because there is much less paperwork for the dealership to bother with.

Comment Not a fanboi, but (Score 1) 511

a ridiculous amount of that is caused by people who don't understand function over form. Every business = windows, every art student = mac, but there really is no explaining college students. You need an excel-like program (and there are great free ones) for math, unless you are an engineer. You need a decent email system, and if your school doesn't default to one, you went to the wrong place. You need a word processor, to fix your many spelling and grammatical errors. That's it. Buy the cheapest one that isn't raspberry pi, since you aren't in CS/CE and don't already have one.

Comment Re:Well yes! Of Course! (Score 1) 363

Obviously, congresscritters have access and power over things that matter in this country (even if recent history says they don't act on it). Your email from your ex claiming you don't know how to emotionally get involved or your daily email from groupon aren't at all interesting, even in the aggregate.

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