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Comment Re: I don't want to hear your call (Score 1) 164

In the US at least, in coach, there are always people in the cabin that never shut-up during the entire flight, and have to make sure everyone in the vicinity can hear their conversations as well. You have to get the flight crew to tell them to quiet down and stop making the flight even less awful than it already is.

Comment Case has no bearing to known law (Score 1) 345

This is going to be thrown out if and as soon as this judge doesn't do it herself. They're alleging extremely speculative harm, and the stated harm is extremely tenuously related to its alleged cause. You cannot sue essentially the entire world for something that hasn't happened yet, it is unclear if it will happen, and even if it did, that it would have any bearing on their Constitutional rights. And I can't think of any that would be infringed in any case. Judge has gone off the deep end, and that's not good no matter what their personal ideologies are.

Comment WaPo's PublishPoop (Score 1) 87

I spend most of my time reading a high-quality news-heavy newspaper, and then assorted stories from various online sources. And not by visiting a media frontpage. I don't have time for clickbait, and serious well-researched stories can't be pumped out once a minute. And you're not going to understand much if all you read is news articles.

Comment "Inflammatory" is not equal to "untrue" (Score 1) 657

Just saying.

And you're just asking for retaliation for Hillary's shitposting and inflammatory memes. I don't want to see commerce imploding because no one will work or buy from anyone else. If you're going to try to screw each other over, can't you at least keep it to politics?

Comment Re:We program our ideology into our story titles (Score 1) 367

Always seems more like the anti-SJW crowd trying to stir up the SJWs, as a form of trolling. The title is not supported by the story, the title is a troll, and the anti-SJW crowd fell for it, while the SJW crowd apparently didn't care (or perhaps are literate, and realized the title was a troll).

What are you talking about? Are you asking who trolls the trolls?

Comment Who's being greedy here? (Hint: not Coursera) (Score 1) 119

Coursera offers free course product online to consumers for many years. Coursera decides to no longer offer the free courses many years later. Users, having had free (i.e., unpaid) access to the courses for many years, courtesy of Coursera, become extremely upset when no longer given free stuff by Coursera.

Comment Google harms the most vulnerable (Score 0, Redundant) 134

Even if such loans are "predatory" and "harmful" to consumers, this will just increase the strength of the variables that Google sees as being predatory and harmful in the first place. It's unfortunate that, due to either ignorance or cynicism, Google is the one harming consumers the most.

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