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Comment Made up misleading def of "consumer surplus" in OP (Score 1) 248

Consumer surplus relates to marginal utility, where the consumer surplus is the difference between the purchase of the product or service and the subjective value, i.e. utility, to the consumer. When consumer surplus reaches zero, i.e. the value of the product or service is equal to the purchase price, the consumer ceases purchasing the product or service. Source: Alfred Marshall.

Comment Unserious ruminations from Woz (Score 1) 198

In 1982, Woz saw the future as having portable laptops; they duly came out several years later. He was deeply involved in the microcomputing field, and the ever constant miniaturization was readily apparent to any observer. Not to mention adults during 1982 would have likely experience the transition from desk calculators to handheld calculators. Woz's prediction may have been a rarer one (I don't know on this), but it was in the very-near-future and rather obvious to anyone with a hint of imagination. Accurately predicting fifty-eight years into the future? Yeah, no, I don't think so.

Comment Where's the risk? (Score 1) 130

The article, accurately summarized and absent any clickbait titles: "They have a faster supercomputer than we do. That means they are ranked higher, and are faster than ours. We want the fastest supercomputers. Whoever has the fastest supercomputer can solve all our problems, but that person only. It should be us, so we need the fastest supercomputer."

Comment Re:Jobs can't hide the resources waste of solar (Score 1) 364

I work with the data that is presented. There are externalities with everything, solar included; I don't have the data or stats training to do my own study on that. Based on the data the OP is presenting, and the conclusions made, I proved that it was sloppy, omitted necessary information, and generally misleading. I did the calculations with the given facts, and pointed out qualifications. If someone can build on that, that's good too.

Comment Jobs can't hide the resources waste of solar (Score 0) 364

In 2016, natural gas alone produced 28,000G GWh. Solar utilities have the *capacity* of 28,081 GWh; how much was actually generated is left unsaid. To be nice, let's also add the 16,974 from non-utility generation; actual amount of energy generated is also left unstated. The natural gas industry employed 392,869 people to generate 28,000 GWh of power. Solar takes 373,807 employees, plus a sketchy 260,077 (this is worse, you'll see why in a sec), for a total of 633,884 employees to produce, with optimal conditions, 28,081 GWh of power. Now, less inputs for greater outputs is the definition of efficiency, and with greater efficiency you consume less resources to produce the same amount of product. This is how wealth is created and waste is minimized. Under an optimal scenario, natural gas production, in terms of employees, is 62% more efficient than solar energy production. Natural gas takes one employee per 14 GWh of energy generated. Solar takes one employee to produce 22.6 GWh of energy; under optimal conditions that *do not exist.* Solar is consuming energy and resources to create unnecessary, make-work jobs, which also removes employees that could be better utilized in productive endeavors. Solar may create jobs, but it's destroying resources to do so. And isn't that counter to what environmentalists claim to want?

Comment Re: I don't want to hear your call (Score 1) 164

In the US at least, in coach, there are always people in the cabin that never shut-up during the entire flight, and have to make sure everyone in the vicinity can hear their conversations as well. You have to get the flight crew to tell them to quiet down and stop making the flight even less awful than it already is.

Comment Case has no bearing to known law (Score 1) 345

This is going to be thrown out if and as soon as this judge doesn't do it herself. They're alleging extremely speculative harm, and the stated harm is extremely tenuously related to its alleged cause. You cannot sue essentially the entire world for something that hasn't happened yet, it is unclear if it will happen, and even if it did, that it would have any bearing on their Constitutional rights. And I can't think of any that would be infringed in any case. Judge has gone off the deep end, and that's not good no matter what their personal ideologies are.

Comment WaPo's PublishPoop (Score 1) 87

I spend most of my time reading a high-quality news-heavy newspaper, and then assorted stories from various online sources. And not by visiting a media frontpage. I don't have time for clickbait, and serious well-researched stories can't be pumped out once a minute. And you're not going to understand much if all you read is news articles.

Comment "Inflammatory" is not equal to "untrue" (Score 1) 657

Just saying.

And you're just asking for retaliation for Hillary's shitposting and inflammatory memes. I don't want to see commerce imploding because no one will work or buy from anyone else. If you're going to try to screw each other over, can't you at least keep it to politics?

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