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Comment Who's being greedy here? (Hint: not Coursera) (Score 1) 119

Coursera offers free course product online to consumers for many years. Coursera decides to no longer offer the free courses many years later. Users, having had free (i.e., unpaid) access to the courses for many years, courtesy of Coursera, become extremely upset when no longer given free stuff by Coursera.

Comment Google harms the most vulnerable (Score 0, Redundant) 134

Even if such loans are "predatory" and "harmful" to consumers, this will just increase the strength of the variables that Google sees as being predatory and harmful in the first place. It's unfortunate that, due to either ignorance or cynicism, Google is the one harming consumers the most.

Comment If you care, you can easily find news elsewhere (Score 1) 90

And? Stop using Facebook (FB), at least for your news. FB is not the only place to find news on the internet, and its far easier to find news than bothering with FB's trending news swamp of celebrities. I suspect Gizmondo is allowing its own political biases to override the facts here; thank goodness we have innumerable news sources beyond FB and Gizmondo. Use Google Search.

Comment Clueless millennials, clueless OP and /. Media (Score 1) 1080

First, they don't know what capitalism or socialism means, and prefer capitalism over socialism when explained in basic terms. Second, how can they focus on the flaws of the free-market when there isn't one in the first place? Admittedly, they could have studied economics and be against perceived flaws, but not knowing what capitalism or socialism is, I think almost certainly not.

Comment Guide to Propaganda: How to Use Grammatical Voice (Score 2) 109

'Comcast's actions could result in fewer online video choices for viewers nationwide, while increasing its dominance as a video gatekeeper," Bergmayer says. "If its behavior persists, prices will go up, the number of choices will go down, creators will have a harder time reaching an audience, and viewers will have a harder time accessing diverse and independent programming.' - Note active voice "Comcast's response is that Stream TV doesn't go over the internet, but is delivered over the same closed path as its cable streams, and so is exempt from the rules. It calls Stream TV a cable service, not an OTT service." - Note passive voice

Comment Gov't owns you, and what you could own but don't (Score 1) 218

There was a time when conquests could only be made if you landed on at least a tiny beach, regardless of the size of the landmass, and if anyone's already living there. Now, those grasping for ultimate control, especially so no one can be free if they escape their regimes on earth, claim what they've never touched, might not even have ever seen, and have no plans to ever visit and plant the flag on. A transparent attempt to ensure that only government can own anything at the end of the day, not individuals.

Comment Re:A bad idea for reasons of basic economics (Score 1) 171

The argument is not whether or not the proposal will "work." The issue is that jobs providing products and services that consumers actually want will be reduced to pay for a robotics program that consumers do not want. This proposal evinces an antimarket bias. It also has an antiforeign bias, in that it attempts to increase market share at the expense of foreigners for no apparent reason beyond base protectionism, ignoring the benefits of comparative advantage and the specialization of labor. Instead of Europe producing what it is best position to do so and satisfying consumer demand, it will be wasting jobs and resources in an attempt to "beat" disfavoured foreigners in market share in robotics.

Comment A bad idea for reasons of basic economics (Score 0) 171

This is another example of corporate welfare masquerading as a jobs plan, combined with protectionist sentiment. The central planners will take money out of the productive economy and spend it on a corporate giveaway to favoured interests. Jobs that otherwise would have been created in the productive sector will be lost, while only the 240,000 pork barrel jobs will be noticed by the superficial. Whether Europe is best positioned for the robotic industry will be ignored. Instead of this boondoggle, it would be better to leave well enough alone and let jobs be created where they are most needed, and let comparative advantage and the specialization of labor decide Europe's share of the robotics market.

Comment Cable companies don't compete (Score 1) 424

"The idea is that switching away from cable TV will simple make consumers more beholden to their internet connections, and removing (i.e. acquiring) the competition will let Comcast raise rates without losing customers."

Cable companies don't compete with each other, they have their own territories. There's nothing stopping them from raising rates without hypothetically losing customers now.

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