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Comment And then there was Kinect (Score 5, Insightful) 47

If that was their only problem, they could have recovered more easily. But they also had:
- $100 higher price to cover the cost of Kinect -- a device few wanted
- the TV stuff and the Snap interface so you could split-screen TV and gaming -- providing a poor TV-watching experience and a poor gaming experience simultaneously
- a giant box that looked like a VCR with a big external power brick
- somewhat worse performance than the PS4 because of the speed of the RAM interface

It's difficult to dig yourself out of a hole that deep.

Comment Re:Not just Hollywood... (Score 1) 227

OTA has commercials which is why Netflix wins. Commercials don't seem like a big deal until you have gone several years without them. Then it seems like an insane waste to spend 30 minutes watching a 20 minute show while getting pummeled by ads that make you annoyed, hungry, thirsty, etc. Worth $10 a month to skip the ads. If you view paying for Netflix as only to get rid of ads it works out to less than 1 cent a minute of ads to pay Netflix if you watch 2 hours of TV a day.

Totally agree! When I first got a Tivo, I got because I was way too busy to watch shows when they aired. I wasn't that bothered by the commercials. Maybe the ads have gotten worse in the last decade, or maybe I'm just spoiled, but I couldn't stand to go back to commercial TV now. Even a good DVR isn't as good as Netflix which doesn't have them in the first place.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 227

True, Netflix was a game changer there. If I missed an episode, my DVR would probably catch it, but it only had so much space, and if I had a lot of unwatched eps, I'd probably decide to let them get deleted to make room for the stuff I was watching. With NF, I don't have to worry about disk space, as long as NF keeps the shows.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 227

I'd say "Who cares" but obviously you do.

I get a bit upset when they tinker with a classic tale to just be politically correct, or controversial, etc.

The old characters were just fine as they were.

If they want to create new tales and do gay characters...why not?

But there's no need to do what they did to B&B. They didn't need to make a black orphaned Annie. The classics were just fine as they were. If you want to have diversity for the sake of diversity, just make new tales that are inclusive of characters that are written originally as those types of minorities or life choices.

Comment Re:Innovation (Score 1) 227

Normal people use a laptop or tablet these days to watch TV grandad.

That's fine if you're out on the road traveling, or maybe having a meal out by yourself....

But geez, why would anyone watch on a tiny screen when you have a nice HD or now becoming prevalent 4K televisions....60" or so?

I mean, those things are bought by people (usually with real jobs of a few years), and I know that I'd much rather watch a good movie on my large screen TV with a quality surround system I have in my living room.

Not everyone is a college student with no money and can only watch on a tablet or laptop.

Some people work and have disposible cash and actually buy things to enjoy with it....

I find it difficult to get a bunch of friends over for beers and gather 6-8 of us around a tablet or laptop to watch a game or movie....?

Comment Re:Good. (Score 5, Interesting) 227

Per the article:

It is expanding into new genres such as children's fare, reality TV and stand-up comedy specials

PLEASE Netflix, don't go down the route of fscking "reality tv"....please....

If it gets overrun by reality crap, I"ll drop netflix.

Hell, if they ever syndicate something awful like the existing kardashain shit out there, I"ll possibly pull the plug on NF.

I like a lot of what NF is doing, I do wish they'd get back a little more of the commercial movie stuff, but in all I'm fairly happy with their offerings.

But geez, "reality" tv type stuff has ruined what used to be good networks.

DIY...dead to reality stuff, no longer DIY stuff.

Cooking Channel and FoodTV...I rarely see a show on there where someone actually cooks recipes to show and educate the is some fucking contest or reality type cooking thing.

More and more seems to fall to this crap and it makes me sick.

The latest victim I've heard about, is the show I really used to like to watch, Wheeler Dealers on the Velocity channel.

The main part of the show, was with Edd China doing the mechanical work and explaining what was going on.

Well, apparently a US company has bought them off, and was going to cut the actual "meat" of the show drastically....and I envisioned, having Edd and Mike argue like the fucking Tuttle's did on that chopper show...?

I respect Edd...who QUIT the show. I'll not be watching it anymore.

So, Netflix...keep up the good work and leave the CRAP reality/contest shows to the regular networks that are rapidly becoming non-relavent anymore to anyone that wants to view something worth watching.

Comment Re:IN 1...2....3.... (Score 2) 129

What color is the skin on their code? It all looks the same on my IDE.

Well, the original article is alluding to the fact that indians (dot not feather) are so cheap over in India, but that their actual skill, professionalism and all is severely lacking.

In general if you say that about a race of people in general, you'll get immediately attacked.

Sure, one brush doesn't paint everyone, my experience to date, in MANY years in IT...the indians that come to the US, while many can do rote coding, if the requirements are very well and specifically spelled out, they just cannot in general seem to innovate or come up with code or processes that require individual thinking, creation and invention.

I dunno if it is how they are taught over there, or something to do with culture, or what...but that's what I've seen over and over again.

I won't even go into how badly many/most of them I"ve see treat women in the work place. It seems they get away with it too, whereas I'd be canned in a moment if anyone heard me spouting some of the stuff they say not very quietly.

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