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Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 1) 110

Thanks for the heads-up about VUE, but it looks like it's more expensive than DishTV (with a DVR) and has fewer channels.

The VUE package I get, the middle one..has over 70 channels for $35/mo. and it covers what I watch regularly and would miss after cutting the cable cord.

Your mileage may vary.

But it does have DVR...on VUE.

What's the DishTV (I'm guessing you mean regular put up a satellite dish for this ) offering cost you're looking at? Isn't that with a 2 year contract and usually goes up in price after contract is up? Do you get hardware with that for all your rooms? They usually charge fees per outlet, etc.

I've played with satellite, UVerse and cable...I like the combo system I"ve got now with Tivo to capture my local HD OTA channels and the Amazon FireTV unit to stream VUE (cable channels), Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But everyone needs to see what fits their needs.

My total cost for TV now is $35....I don't count the Netflix as that I had that before, and my internet is my business expense, I'd have that no matter what and it isn't tied to any media or phone....its a business ISP connection....so, I went from $113/mo with ATT Uverse U200 package to $35/mo.

The article was talking about this new DirectTV Now service that sounds similar to VUE. I'll see what it looks like....because since I don't have a contract with VUE I can quit at any time for another offering that seems better value.

And I don't have to deal with satellite dishes....right now my OTA antenna is indoors, but I may put up an external one eventually to get one channel a little better.

Comment Re:Comcast (Score 1) 110

Hell, what about the cap on my U-Verse data service? It's the only hard line available, in city limits, yet it's too slow to even support U-Verse TV.

Well, maybe look into a Business ISP? I think Uverse offers it.

I dunno where you live....but in the New Orleans area I've had the basic Cox Cable Business Internet set up, good speeds for $69/mo, even has a low level SLA and really good reliability.

No caps, I can run servers all I want, etc......look for this option in your area.

Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 1) 110

* And the streaming services (apart from Netflix and Amazon) that I've tried have very intrusive, irritating ads, that are frequently broken, so that if you skip to see a part of the show you wanted to recheck, you have to watch minutes of ads. Without DVR features, channel streaming is tedious.

You might look into the Playstation VUE option, that's what I use for my "cable channels" since I cut the cord.

It has DVR capability. Things you add as Favorites you can skip through commercials. If it is an "OnDemand" listing, something maybe you didn't record, or something 1-2 days new, it might be OnDemand, but I find the VAST majority of things I watch on VUE I can readily skip through.

I've just this past weekend breezed through 2 seasons of Fear the Walking Dead.....and skipped commercials. On the last two episodes, VUE gave me the option of OnDemand or DVR and with the DVR I could skip commercials.

Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 2) 110

Just throwing out ideas, but maybe the infrastructure is so shitty it can't maintain a steady connection long enough to watch a full program streamed. "Time shifting" ability might refer to download now/watch later really. In which case the content is already cached in its entirety and even with no service at all you can watch the program.

I'll take a look at this.

I built up a system I'm happy with for "cutting the cord".

I have an AmazonFireTV by each TV, and I pay $35/mo for Playstation VUE, which streams all the "cable channels" I like, and it has a DVR capability in it, that holds your shows for about 28 days....

I paired this with a TIVO Roamio OTA dvr setup that came with lifetime guide service...that with TiVO minis by the office and bedroom tvs, allow me to watch live or DVR content from my Over the AIR HD antenna set up.

I can, of course, also stream Netflix and amazon Prime.

I dropped my bill from $113/mo with Uverse U200 package to $35/mo. This nice thing is, the VUE component, there is no contract, cancel at any time. So, if I find that the ATT DirectTV Now streaming option for $35 is better than VUE and becomes available on my FireTV I can easily switch to it.

I looked at SlingTV, but it didn't have DVR capability, and fewer channels offered for the money.

With VUE, I get TCM, the cooking and food channels, all the ESPN's and the SEC channel, FX, FXX, all the cable news channels (MSNBC, Fox News, CNN..etc)...about the only thing I actually miss from Uverse is AXS and the Velocity channel. I can live without them so far.....

But this is basically what TV is coming to.

I figure I'll recoup my hardware expenditure in about 8 months or so with the savings from cutting the cord.

Comment Re:like in the movie? (Score 2) 218

I also refer this movie as a tutorial for proper use of CB radio. I'm old enough to remember when a license was required to use CB but with the craze during 1970s, the FCC threw in the towel and declared it license free. In fact those that have the FCC paper copy of their CB license is quite exclusive, like being a member of a club no longer able to join. Some predict GMRS may go either license free or the freq allocated to some other use.

Yeah..I put one in my car a few years back..found out a few things have REALLY CHANGED.

Apparently nowadays, if you refer to someone as "good buddy"...it has homosexual connotations..



Comment Re:like in the movie? (Score 1) 218

You know...having the TA be self driving would take 99% of the full out of it....

I'm not sure if you meant fun, fuel, or fdlsadjfaldskfj. Since none of them make sense, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Yep..I mean FUN....damned fumble-fingers....

Yes, fast cars are FUN to drive. Self driving ones will take a lot of the pleasure out the lives of us that buy cars that are meant to be enjoyed any time you take them on the open road....

Comment Global Warming is due to 9th planet!! (Score 0) 182

Ok, I've come up with it...

Global Warming is the fault of the mysterious 9th planet!!!

It is leaning the sun towards the earth on that "wobble"..and hence we're getting warmer!!

Whew...great. Now I can go back to 'normal' life with big gas sucking engine cars, leaving the lights on..WITH nice incandescent bulbs, etc.

Doesn't it feel better with the pressure off us (mankind)??


Comment Simple Solution (Score 1) 125

The Model X needs to have a second version made available. Where everything is the same except that it is "Sans" the gull doors. It would be significantly cheaper and much more trouble free. I expect that it would take off sales wise.

Then eventually when demand drops. Drop the Gull Wing doors from the Model X. Don't discard them, rather migrate them to the new Roadster 2.0.

This is what Tesla needs to do.

Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 0) 342

Under the right conditions, a "major hurricane" isn't required. Have we already forgotten Hurricane Sandy, the disaster which led a respected Republican to embrace a Kenyan?

I still have a problem calling a Cat 1 (did they ever reclassify it as 2?) Hurricane a "Superstorm". I mean, Andrew? Yeah, that was a super storm. Katrina? I suppose it could qualify although it was likely a Cat 3 when it hit....but a Cat 1 barely maybe Cat 2?

Nah..that's not what I'd call a super storm....

I hear "Sandy"...and I keep flashing back to John Travolta in the movie Grease....hehehehe...

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