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Comment Re: But $90k per year is poor in California (Score 1) 71

Secondly, and most importantly, those companies don't get massive subsidies from taxpayers to provide services to all, not just a privileged few.

And, pray tell...which group of people being considered here are paying the bulk of said taxes that fund said subsidies?

The wealthy neighborhoods or the Section 8 housing part of the city?

Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 1) 305

Yeah, include all the relevant context. People who want to accuse Trump or anyone else of wrongdoing or "hatred" or whatever should be specific and make their case without taking things out of context or exaggerating. Please inform us.

The campaign is over, there's no need for salesmanship. What's the factual story?

Comment Re:No one makes anyone buy anything. (Score 1) 230

Do you actually think that at some point prices were based on maintaining a "moral" 10% profit margin?

This is a product of snowflake think.

Sadly, we've raised a sheltered generation of kids that thing the world is fair, everyone is equal, business and all manner of human interaction is moral, and above all else, protect everyones self esteem.

Yes, for some reason, people are now attaching the word 'moral' to fiscal transactions...job salaries, welfare.....etc. Hell, I've had them talking about morality in taxation...really?

Money has never been about morals. It is there to earn the person/company a profit, to pay its employees and owners. Nothing more.

Taxes are there to fund the govt. services to the populace...nothing morality based at all.

But, you are running more and more into "Snowflake Think" of this type.

Hmm...I may have just coined a phrase here....

Comment Re:No one makes anyone buy anything. (Score 1) 230

There was a time when a selection of merchants decided to sell all of their product at what they felt was a moral profit margin (I do not know what that margin was, it was probably more than 10%). Study the history of markets and you will learn that the reason we had the economic system where just about everything was sold for a flat price was because Quaker merchants felt it was dishonest to haggle over prices. They set their prices at what they considered to be a moral profit margin and that was the price they charged everyone. You either paid their asking price, or you went somewhere else...but, their asking price was the same for every customer. It did not take long before any merchant who did not follow such a strategy was out of business.

Comment Re:Oh noes (Score 1) 230

You mean they want your money and will do anything to get it?

Not "anything". They will sell you an item you want. They will make it easy to buy and deliver it promptly and some of them will make it easy to return if you have a problem.

You don't have to fall for their diabolical schemes though. Don't buy that stuff. Only use items you find in dumpsters or on the side of the road.

Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 1) 305

...this is a large reason ...

The more important reason being that the appeals process takes a while, even in cases like this where a lower court ruling is clearly counter to the established case law. The order was upheld in Virginia on March 24th, so it will probably be headed to the Supreme Court.

Perhaps the Supreme Court will rule that foreign nationals on foreign soil enjoy rights under the US Constitution ... somehow. Or that laws and rulings and precedents that have applied to every other President and Presidential Administration don't apply this time ... for some reason. I'm guessing they won't.

Which of Trump's words express hatred in that statement? Please explain clearly and without exaggeration.

Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 266

I just don't think I would feel aroused while being attacked, even by someone I was attracted to. I think I would probably feel frightened and humiliated.

And that's the point, you would feel frightened, you would feel humiliated, you would not feel aroused - but you can still be made to have an erection. Physical stimulation alone (and no, not just through the back door), without any 'enjoyment' on your part, is enough.

I have been verbally abused by my partner though, and received (comparatively minor, and more veiled) threats. And though I am physically attracted to my partner, I certainly haven't been aroused in these situations.

But I'm presuming that she didn't have her hand down your pants in an effort to get you hard.

That said, I guess the whole rape aspect is perhaps kind of besides the point, and lying about contraception may be a more common way of achieving the same goal.

Yep, but everything else we've pretty much aligned on. So, whether you reply or not, thanks for the conversation.

Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 266

Since you've been so kind as to offer so much free advice, here's some from me to you:

You've got to do a better job trolling. This is so pathetically obvious that it's depressing to watch you struggle. I understand that life can be very lonely, but you have to find a healthier way to fill the void. :(

Best of luck,

Your only friend,


Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 266

It is just as common as men raping women.

I do realize that with saner definitions that almost all the 'gendered' crimes turn out to be surprisingly even-handed or tend to victimize men. But even with that, worrying that a given woman will suddenly 'turn on you' is just as silly as assuming that men or blacks are out to get you.

Basically, I was worried that listing things like that makes it seem like I won't even speak to women lest they call the cops on me.

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