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Comment Re:You just now started worrying? (Score 1) 326

The problem is that the government no longer can be reliably trusted to accurately give you the raw data, that is, the numbers upon which things like the unemployment rate are calculated. It was bad enough when they changed the way in which they calculated unemployment and then compared the rates before and after in order to present the picture they wanted you to see. Now, there are times when they make "adjustments" to the raw numbers before releasing them, sometimes without mentioning that they have done so when they release the data (not sure that this has happened with employment numbers, but I remember seeing it with regard to some other numbers).

Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 2, Informative) 326

More likely the new administration would just stop collecting inconvenient data, or change the metric as described in the summary.

If they did, then they would be merely continuing the SOP for all federal government data collected and reported, as done previously by Obama, and Bush and.....

Nothing new to see here folks.

Comment Re:You just now started worrying? (Score 3, Insightful) 326

You make a good point. However, the inability to trust government data goes back to long before Obama. It did get measurably worse under Obama, but that was only possible because the government had gotten away with being progressively more dishonest with its data. At one time, the government intended to be honest with its data. Unfortunately, to some degree, everyone is somewhat dishonest with their data (leaving out data points which appear to be aberrations because they do not fit the gatherer of data's understanding of what is going on, as one example). However, as the government collected more data by more agencies. people discovered they could shape people's actions by which data they released. From there it was a short step to only releasing the data which caused people to act the way those in power wished them to act. Then, there came "normalizing" the data, and making "seasonal" adjustments to the data. Until finally, they just outright changed it to make it fit what they wanted people to believe. What those doing this failed to realize was that at each step on the way more and more people began to distrust the data, until now, people recognize that data released by the government has been carefully chosen to promote the agenda of those who control the government, even if that means making numbers up.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 657

You have a choice. You can pay a living wage or you can pay for the social safety net that subsidizes those jobs that pay less than a living wage.

Or, yet another choice those folks get other jobs that *DO* pay a living wage, or work two jobs to get by....

They can also try to be somewhat intelligent human beings and see that they need to spend time off work honing skills that get better jobs!!

It simply is NOT that hard to get a job out there. It might not be one you like right off to bat, but there are jobs to be had where you can support yourself. And yes, you might have to struggle and not have luxuries in life, but that's kind of your own fault, for not grabbing that education you were offered as a youngster.

You have to pay the piper at some point, and if you didn't do it early on, well you have to do it later in life, when things are even more difficult, but it can be done.

Society does not owe you a living, it is up to you to fight and do what is necessary to live and succeed in our civilization and economy.

Humans were born to, fucking adapt!!

Comment Re:Overpriced (Score 1) 100

As someone stuck on 4G as my best option for home internet, I would pay $300/month for unlimited (and unthrottled) bandwidth in a frickin' heartbeat, and that even limited to purely domestic use.

As it is, after overage charges, I usually pay half that for 10+10, and that's living about as close to the "digital bohemian" life I can stand.

And FWIW, AT&T currently considers 22GB/month "unlimited", beyond which they "prioritize" your data to a trickle.

Comment Re:People are still struggling with the concept (Score 1) 201

The last time I tried making a phone call in my car, it didn't understand half of what I was trying to say. Luckily, I was still in the driveway, because if I'd been driving, I probably would have crashed into a tree while yelling at my !@#$ phone. For me, at least, it's fine for receiving calls, but terrible at making them.

Comment Re:America! (Score 5, Insightful) 657

Well, to be fair...not every job out there is meant to be a full time, "real" job that you earn your full living from....

I mean, uber is just a side money job, that's it. I mean, should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid, and throw in full blown benefits too?

I know I"m moving closer and closer to the "get off my lawn" crowd, but please tell me, I missed it..when did things change an EVERY job available became one where you were supposed to make a living from and have a career?

I mean, when did burger flipping become a "real job" instead of something teens did in high school?

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