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Comment Re:Says a man or woman (Score 2) 411

Supply and demand DOES apply to the labor force. Since tech labor salaries are not rising rapidly it is clear that those who say it is in short supply are LYING (or misinformed, we must remember that not every one who says something that is demonstrably wrong is evil, some of them are just stupid).

Comment Re:Says a man or woman (Score 1) 411

The south did not "abandon real slavery". It was taken from them after they lost a war.

However, the evidence suggests that paid workers are more productive than slaves. For that matter, fairly compensated workers out produce even "wage slaves". Companies which employ people who can better themselves by doing a better job, even if that means they leave the company and move on, produce more profit for their owners than companies which bind their employees to the company and give them no chance to improve their lot (either by advancing in the company or by acquiring skills which allow them to leave the company and become self-employed).

Comment Re:Spinning even now (Score 1) 788

US media never carried the international aspect,

As far as I can tell U.S. media never covered it at all.
As to the evidence of child sexual abuse against Donald Trump, it was the testimony of a single individual who claimed that it happened when Trump spent some time at a facility owned by Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile (I believe the incident was alleged to have occurred on Epstein's plane, but I am not sure. There is only one record of Donald Trump flying on Epstein's plane, as opposed to Bill Clinton's 26 documented flights. I have seen no references to Trump spending any time at Epstein's island resort, while Bill Clinton has been there at least twice. The woman who made the allegations against Donald Trump has now withdrawn them.

Comment Re:Spinning even now (Score 1) 788

So, the link you gave is to a story on slashdot about a story on Reddit about pizzagate. If I saw that story I did not bother to read it because it referenced Reddit, which I did not realize anyone thought was a news site. Next thing you will be telling me I should know all about something because 4chan has stories about it. I mean basically this whole pizzagate thing appears to me to be right up there with the SPLC inspired shooter from a few years ago. No one thought it was necessary to shutdown the SPLC because some guy tried to go on a shooting rampage because they called a group a "hate group".

Comment Re:Spinning even now (Score 1) 788

I am curious because I spend a lot of time on many different news sites (including a significant number which are considered alt-right, and almost as many which are ctrl-left) and had never heard of this "pizza-gate" until the story about the gunman. Where exactly did you see the stories about this?

The only stories I saw connecting Hillary to pedophilia were about Anthony Weiner or about Bill Clinton hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein (or both).

Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 1) 359

OK, so what you are saying is that you will only consider someone as being legitimately the President if you agree with them.

Donald Trump IS legitimately the President-elect. When he takes the oath of office in January, he will be the legitimate President, even if Hillary gets the Electoral College votes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania thrown out so that the House decides who the next President is.

The fact that Trump will be the worst President after Obama has nothing to do with whether or not he is legitimate. The fact that Trump got fewer votes than Hillary is irrelevant, that is not how our system works. If you do not like how the system works, do your best to get the Constitution amended.

Hillary will never be the President of the United States because the American people realized that she would be even worse than Donald Trump.

Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 1) 359

Two points:
First, they predicted that the Electoral College results would be almost the exact opposite of what they turned out to be. Which makes them totally wrong.
Second, that popular vote "winning margin" is almost entirely in California...if you subtract California from both candidates' total votes, trump won the popular vote.

I, also, have a couple of other comments. The popular vote is irrelevant. Both candidates knew this and planned their campaigns accordingly. The recounts are unlikely to change the outcome in any of the states where they are being pushed for. The most likely effect of the recounts is for the Electoral College votes in those states to be invalidated, leading to the election being decided by the House, which is Republican controlled (and for purposes of deciding where the Electoral College did not, Republican dominated). It is improbable that the House Republicans will fail to choose Trump. Which means that the sole purpose of the recounts is to allow Democrats to cast doubt on Trump's legitimacy as President(similar to what they tried to do to George W. Bush).

The majority of Americans have accepted that the election is over and that Donald Trump won. If that were overturned, the next President would be viewed as illegitimate in the eyes of most Americans. It would be a devastating blow for our system of government because it would reveal to many people who are currently not really paying attention that our government does not really follow the laws as written.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1057

The point of the post you replied to is that your side has already set the standard. Except of course that most of them want it both ways. They want people who agree with them to be able to discriminate against people they disagree with and everyone to be forced to provide service with those who agree with them.

Comment No, it is a product of that society (Score 1) 220

Social media merely reflects the society which we have built. Since at least the 1960s our schools have taught (to an ever increasing degree) that all cultures are equal, that we should not consider one social norm as better than another. Western society which developed the idea that every person is equal, even women and people of different races, is no better than a culture which teaches that a man should beat his wife if he doesn't like the food she cooks for him.

It is more complicated than that, but that sums it up. If no culture is better than another, if one set of ideas is equal to another set, if there is no absolute standard of right and wrong, why would we expect people to have common values?

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

Actually, the problems you mentioned were all well on the way to being corrected before Richard Nixon created the EPA. I am agnostic as to whether the EPA was ever necessary (I have seen good arguments on both sides and am not willing to spend the time to research it myself). HOWEVER, the EPA has been guilty of serious overreach in recent years (for example, regulating CO2, but not doing so according to the statute because the economic damage of doing so would result in greater negative environmental consequences than the most optimistic estimate of positive environmental benefits).

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