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Comment Re:An MBA attempts to think (Score 1) 149

Actually, in followup to my own post, Netflix might not really believe their own story about viewer indifference to movie catalog size. Rather, it is a negotiating tactic: They tell that to the studios when negotiating for streaming rights, "see, we don't really need a deal with you guys to be successful, so you'll have to lower your prices." By that interpretation, the Netflix executives are no dummies, but they assume the studio executives to be.

Comment An MBA attempts to think (Score 1) 149

It's funny to watch executives try to reason from statistical evidence through to a valid interpretation of that evidence. I mean "funny", not in the ironic sense, but in the clownshow sense.

So it has not occurred to any of these bozos that that American viewers who care about the the size of the movie catalog do not use Netflix but choose an alternative, and Canadians who care about the size of the catalog do choose Netflix? American thinks, "Netflix sucks, too small a catalog, I'm renting elsewhere." Canadian thinks: "Hey, Netflix has a good size catalog, I'll go with them". It fits the evidence which Netflix offers perfectly. It's not a proven fact, it is an alternative explanation which must be excluded on the basis of evidence before concluding that the audiences do not care about the catalog. It might be the people who are not your customers who do care.

MBA : noun, A magical power which greatly increases the ratio of income to brains.

Comment demagogic nationalistic mercantilist nonsense (Score 4, Informative) 365

While it's not an exact match, Trump and Bannon are best described as mercantalist. Mercantilism is an antiquated and discredited economic theory and practice largely abandoned in Europe after the 18th century.

Among the flaws in that system is that it trades visible gains for hidden losses. (Over at the National Review, Kevin D. Williamson cites Frédéric Bastiat on that point in a great analysis of Trump's Carrier deal). An interesting thing about China luring away talent is that it draws attention to that loss of talent, making it less hidden.

Comment Re:Fighting nebulous "hate speech" will kill them (Score 2) 354

If these companies even tried to end "hate speech" or whatever nebulous crime where a specific group of pigs are more equal than another group of pigs, we will see the end of these platforms and companies full sail.

Banning trolls will hurt their business, how? As an employer, I'm MORE likely to advertise on a platform that wasn't full of screaming, stupid Trump people. Those are not people that I want to advertise to, anyway.

Comment Re:side effects of truthiness (Score 2, Insightful) 385

Well, as they say, truth has a liberal bias,..

Really, please, keep saying stuff just like that.

It merits the reward of higher social status among your peer group of the neo-progressives perennially oblivious to the midwestern distaste for snotty liberal know-it-alls presuming to be our intellectual betters while demanding ever-more tax dollars, political power and control over our lives.

Win elections much?

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