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Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 216

American here. They don't even begin to cover as much material in the public schools here as they could.

It depends where you live. I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, where half the families are Asian. It is surprising how much the schools here cover, and how hard they push the kids. The public schools do what the voters demand, and here the parents are demanding high standards and lots of homework.

Comment Re:Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 1) 226

How about keeping it the same thickness and increasing the battery life?

Because that is not what most people want. It has 10 hours of battery life. That is good enough for most people. How often do you use laptop for 10 hours without access to an electrical outlet? Sure, maybe on a camping trip, but then would an extra 2 or 3 hours really matter?

If you really need extended battery life, then you can buy a separate external USB-C battery pack. There are several available on Amazon, starting under $20.

Comment Re:Least worst (Score 1) 961

I've come to the conclusion that the big two no longer represent my issues on the points that are most important to me. When I agree on a point with one of the major parties, it's typically on some wedge issue which doesn't seem quite as important. Watching them self-destruct has been more fun than anxiety-inducing. At the end of the day, I wouldn't feel good coming out of the voting booth contributing to either Trump or Clinton's vote count.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 4, Insightful) 216

1. The amount of data collected is microscopic and therefore of zero statistical value.

The study included over 400 people. That is more than enough to be statistically valid.

2. There are no controls at all.

They used non-rich people as controls.

3. All the tests are uncorrelated as the situation is different for each.

What? They are testing for the same hypothesis.

4. And most importantly.. Correlation is not causation!

The researchers never claim it is.

discovering something they have preconceived (bad bad rich people!)

They do not put a value on any behaviors. There is nothing inherently "bad" about not looking at other people. In fact, maybe it is the other way around, and excessive attention to other people is holding back the poor. Steve Jobs once remarked that mediocre people focus on other people, while smart people focus on ideas. Of course, smart is not the same as rich, but they are correlated.

Comment Re:Least worst (Score 1) 961

Most states are pretty firmly in one camp or the other, and only in a handful of swing states will such thin margins even be considered.

The flipside to this is that, unless you live in a swing state, your vote doesn't matter. So if you are throwing your vote away anyhow, why not on someone who best aligns with your own interests?

Comment Re:DIY (Score 1) 104

Even the butt ugly ones think they're hot shit. Anywhere else in the world and no one, I mean NO ONE would give them a second glance or the time of day, but because of scarcity they can act like bitchy little children

Hey, that's their loss. They will never know what a big mistake they made by not falling for an obviously great guy like you.

I just hope that someday you find the woman you deserve.

Comment Re:Two candidates (Score 1) 961

I don't think you are giving Johnson a fair shake. Your first objection applies to all four national candidates. Your second criticism, that he's not informed, probably comes from sound bites you saw about his "Allepo moment", and then a few days later when he had a similar episode when asked about a foreign leader. I think you'll find that these two incidents are the exception and not the rule - but he does seem to freeze up when put on the spot at times. Sometimes he is visibly nervous. If he were auditioning for an acting gig, I'd be a lot more worried, but he's running for an administrative position. For that, he has two terms as governor to judge him on his merits.

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