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Journal Journal: Interesting...

Interesting how things can change.

We, brazilians, have a harsh view from our managers. I wonder if our best ones didn't did as our best technicians - fled from the country to pursue a better future.


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Journal Journal: A good post

is always a good post.

This is just to "tag" a really good one (at least, for me). :-)


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Journal Journal: Thoughs about "Mod Trolling" (or not!)

I think I figured out why I was seeing what appeared to be "Mod Trolling" on my posts.

Due my good Karma, my posts are being visualized with a default +2 score points, as someone else had modded me +1 (underrated).

However, I must confess that I know that half my posts doesn't deserve a +1 mod (being it real or just karma biased), and I did noticed that a good part of my modded down posts was being modded as "-1 Overrated".

Well, if I even think that that posts didn't deserve a +2 score, what can be said from some random moderator? :-)

So, the Mod Trolling problem doesn't appears to be so bad as I thought. These "-1 Overrated" mods I was getting are due some mediocre posts being listed with a "+1 Excellent Karma" being added automatically,

(Ok, perhaps this should be obvious and ululant to me - - but I thought a good idea to share anyway)

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Journal Journal: Mod Trolling sucks. Big time.

I'm being repetitive, I know. But the problem is repetitive.

Mod trolling sucks. I wish enough people would agree with me in order to something productive could be worked out to minimize this problem.

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Journal Journal: How to ask for metamoderation? 9

Is there any way I can suggest a post to be metamoderated?

Sometimes the moderation is just plain wrong - and I really would like to tag it to be further evaluated in order to, perhaps, remove the moderation rights from the guy if he/she is too much prone to do that sort of ideological patrolling.

I'm not asking to know who did it - this would lead to a lot of abusive actions against the good moderators. I just want to flag it to be reviewed by the metamoderators.


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Journal Journal: This guy is my hero

I just got into this post, and man... This guy is my hero - I would said it directly, but I used some mod points on the discussion.

I used to work 80 to 90 hours a week - and speaking frankly, it's the kind of thing that you should do only if you have no other choice. I have kids to raise, and I live on a rich-wannabe country where people thinks that scamming employees and customers is a good entrepreneurial tactic, so I do not have the option to always say no to these things.

But sometimes I can such a thing, and in these times I do.

Working is for living, not vice-versa.


Journal Journal: Mod Points 4


I got 15 (YES, FIFTEEN) moderation points today.

Christmas gift? Greek gift? =P

Or just a bug?

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Journal Journal: My first First Post


After 10 years, I finally managed to do it. I GOT A FIRST POST.

Better of all, it's not a flamebait, troll or offtopic. :-)

(but someone found it #overrated! =P)

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